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Archive for September 3rd, 2008


BLEACH: The Final Battle

Sitting back in my chair thinking about what to write for my final Sega blog I was stumped. Then all of sudden it hit me like a critical special combo from Ichigo, with BLEACH: Dark Souls being the theme of this series of blogs I found it naturally fitting to compare my journey down the path of Bleach to my internship odyssey. Initially, they were both foreign tasks that presented somewhat of a challenge, but with practice and a little help from others they turned into similar and memorable experiences.  I arrived at Sega with little knowledge of what exactly my summer internship here entailed. I was wide-eyed and albeit a little confused, but the same situation arose when I was first proposed to write a series of blogs about Dark Souls. I had never played the previous Bleach games, watched the manga series or even had that much hands-on time with a DS. I was a rookie by all means, but my favorite part about my internship and my experience with the game was their ability to draw me in and entice me to learn more. Once I got Dark Souls on my hands I never looked back, this game was so deep and rich that it just begged to be played more and more. The great visuals and fantastic story line hooked me from the start and the only thing that stopped me was tired fingers and project deadlines.  The opportunity to be an intern at Sega has been a great experience; it has been stressful at times but altogether a rewarding and educating experience. I mean where else can you play video games at your desk and not be reprimanded? On the outside, my time here at Sega can actually be compared to my time spent playing Dark Souls. As odd as it sounds to compare a video game to a job they both followed a similar path. In the beginning I started out in training mode, learning the ropes and polishing my skills along the way. After training I ventured onto story mode where I was able to fully develop my skill set and conquer all who came before me, both enemies and projects alike. The culmination of my internship and Dark Souls are oddly similar, they both have been triumphant victories with fun and hard work peppered in along the way.

I have truly enjoyed my experience here at Sega and being able to share my experience on the blogs has been amazing as well. Despite being an intern at a video game company I had no idea that my time here would be so entertaining and rewarding. So there you have it, the end is here, but with Dark Souls in my DS I can only hope there will be a sequel to this adventure.