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Archive for September 25th, 2008


Empire: Total War Preview at is running an indepth Empire: Total War Preview here

As the team at Creative Assembly hits the final stretch this game is looking really sharp. The preview details the changes made to campaign mode, empire building will be quite interesting allowing you to focus your development on governmental, trade, educational or of course military technologies. The AI generals marshaling you and your opponents forces will help alleviate micromanagement and as enemies, will keep you on your toes with many unique strategies. The addition of gunpowder and cover are a big new addition to land battles, while the earlier total war games were great battle simulators, Empire really is a Napoleonic miniature war game come to life. And as we have been seeing for months, the naval warfare is truly a sight, there is nothing like watching a ship burning at dusk.

Also if you have not seen the Empire: Total War developer diary from earlier this summer, check out The Art of Dueling video, the fourth video on the page. For a strategy game, the use of motion capture of dueling stuntmen was a cool surprise to me, it will be great to see the bayonet stabbing soldiers clashing on the battlefield next spring.