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Archive for November, 2008


New Sonic Unleashed Video — Night/Day

We’ve released another Sonic Unleashed video today, called Night/Day.

YouTube Preview Image

New Screenshots & Cover Art for Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

We’ve just released 5 screenshots from Altered Beast (one of the many games in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection) as well as the US cover art for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

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Samba Contest- Enter to win an iPod Nano and some Samba Maracas!

Looking for something fun to do on your Thanksgiving break? Starting today, we have a special contest for all the Samba fans out there with some masterful poses!

Exclusive Samba Ipod

We’ve got a bunch of prizes to give away and a total of eleven winners to give them to, all you have to do is send us a picture of your best pose and you could win. Grand Prize walks away with an iPod Nano skinned in an exclusive Samba De Amigo theme, as well as two Samba De Amigo Wii Remote Maracas peripherals so you can shake it with a friend!

How to Enter?
To enter the contest, all you have to do is head to the Samba Contest Page send us a picture of yourself performing what you feel is the best Samba Pose! The judges are looking for the most creative, funny, entertaining or wacky poses. Have style, shake your Wii Remotes, and have fun!

What can you win?
We’ve secured a great group of prizes and are offering them to eleven big winners, detailed below:

One Grand Prize winner will receive:
– One custom SAMBA DE AMIGO™ 8 GB iPod® nano
– One SAMBA DE AMIGO™ game
– Two SAMBA DE AMIGO™ Maraca peripherals

Each of the four First Place winners will receive:
– One SAMBA DE AMIGO™ game
– One SAMBA DE AMIGO™ Maracas peripheral

Each of the six Second Place winners will receive:
– One SAMBA DE AMIGO™ Maracas peripheral

So remember to have fun and go big, we’re excited to see what everyone comes up with! Head on over to the Official contest page and sign up!


First Gameplay Footage of Alpha Protocol – Obsidian Dev Diary #1

Today we have special treat, the first in our Alpha Protocol dev diaries. The video answers the question, “What is Alpha Protocol” and shows off what could be the first in-game video. Take a look, meet the team, and enjoy the first Dev Diary.


Nintendo Speaks on Hardcore Games: Madworld and The Conduit

Cammie Dunaway, executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo was recently interviewed by MTV Multiplayer and had some nice things to say about both The Conduit and Madworld.  When speaking on games for the Wii that would appeal to the ‘Halo’ gamer, she said the following:

Well, certainly, I feel there are titles that should make that group stand up and pay attention next year. If you look at something like [Sega-published first-person shooter] “The Conduit,” that’s really pushing the edge of graphic capabilities on the Wii and doing things that people didn’t think were possible. And I think, one, that makes other developers stand up and take notice. And two, that makes consumers say, “Huh. Maybe there’s something to this.” Or if you look at [Sega-published brawler] “Madworld“[you can see] just the sheer creativity of that graphic style and the impact of the black and the white and the red.

I think that next year you’re going to see the tide turn a little bit, in terms of people realizing that the Wii can have something of interest for everybody.”

The article is a bit short (only a question more) and can be read in full here.


SEGA Podcast Premier: Sonic Unleashed Audio Interview!

The SEGA of America and SEGA Europe community teams have a special surprise for all you Sonic fans –  an exclusive audio podcast with the SOA producer for Sonic Unleashed, Patrick Riley!

We sat down with Patrick to talk about Unleashed, a look at his job as the producer, and his favorite – and likewise the most challenging – parts of his job producing the game. We’ve also included a number of the awesome music tracks from Unleashed, which you can listen to in the background! Check it out here, and let us know what you thought!

( There are a couple parts where we refer to the game as ‘upcoming’ – this was all recorded before Wii/PS2 launch, but for clarity’s sake, we’re also talking about the 360 and PS3 versions. :) )

We’ll soon have an official SEGA Podcast feed live through Itunes, so keep your eyes peeled for even more SEGA goodness coming your way in the near future. All feedback is appreciated, and we’d love to hear what you guys want to hear and see in future episodes!


Sonic Unleashed Launch Trailers!

Two new Sonic Unleashed trailers are coming out today in time for the game’s release! Both videos can be viewed below, so check em out!  Be sure to head to our SEGA YouTube page for all our videos, including the last few weeks of Sonic Unleashed trailers!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Both Wii and PS2 versions of Sonic Unleashed are out and available in stores today, so go out and grab your copies! Next Gen versions are coming out very soon as well, so hold on for their release in the coming weeks.


Valkyria Chronicles Anime Announced!

One of our SEGA forum posters today picked up on a new announcement from SEGA of Japan:  Valkyria Chronicles, which launched recently to some absolutely stellar reviews, will next be seeing it’s very own animated series in Japan next spring. The anime is being created by A-1 pictures – anime fanatics should spot a few of their titles they recognize with a google search.

It’s certainly not a far cry considering the feel and style of the game itself. Personally, I can’t wait to hear – and see – more about this as it draws nearer.


PlaySEGA Thoughts: Brain Assist

I used to think counting from one to fifty was easy.

Then, a few weeks ago, I got my hands on PlaySEGA and was testing out some of the games – and suddenly, the concept of counting took on a whole new meaning.

Meet Brain Assist. If you’re one of those people that has an awesome memory, a great eye, or fast reflexes, (or even if you’ve still got a ways to go, like me) – you’ll probably get a kick out of this game. The idea behind Brain Assist is pretty simple, and is based off of the original DS game of the same name. There are three different ways to play:

1: Numbers and Letters

Of all the times you’ll be glad you memorized that cheesy ABC song in the first years of your life, this may well be the pinnacle.

In the first mode, you get a task – for example, “One to five”. Then the screen changes to show five different circles with the numbers inside them, and you have to click them in the right order. You wouldn’t think that having some circles a little smaller and some larger would make a difference, but in the later stages I was surprised just how much it did – check out the picture for an example. Just try jumping in order from B on down the alphabet with your eyes in the example above.

2: Matching Pictures

Another fun mode – this one goes by fast, and all you have to do is spot the two matching pictures and click on them within the time limit. At first it’s pretty easy, like this:

“Hey, this is cake! I could do this all day!”

And then you get to one like this:

“Wait – I – no, er – agh! It’s – aw, man.”

I’ve got a long ways to go on this one… anyone out there find it to be the easiest?

3: Colored Hexagons

I love memory games, so this was one of my favorites. You get a few seconds to look at the hexagons and memorize the location and colors, and then you have to fill them in – correctly, of course – within ten seconds. Like the above, this one is also a lot more challenging as you progress. You could also get your friends over and assign a color for each person to memorize, like my friends and I used to do back with the old VMU Chao Adventure matching mini-game in Sonic Adventure. It’s not cheating – it’s teamwork!

Two colors like this isn’t that hard, but things really get fun when you start advancing to four.

So, if you’re a fan of mind games that can be both fun and challenging, I’d definitely recommend trying out Brain Assist. Or, if you’re really feeling up to it, see if you can take one of the high score spots. :)

Good luck, and to the all the readers who have tried it – of these three, which is your personal favorite?


New Sonic Unleashed Videos!

Happy Friday! To help celebrate the incoming wekend, we have two new movies to show for Sonic Unleashed!  The two videos feature footage of Sonic and the Werehog in the Holoska and Adabat locations in both Next Gen and Wii flavors.  Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image