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Archive for March 23rd, 2009


Satisfy Your Bloodlust: 26 Goriest Kills in MADWORLD


Even if you’ve played MADWORLD all the way through, chances are you haven’t discovered all of the different ways to kill someone in the game. In case you missed it, GamePro has you covered with their story “26 Most Insanely Gory Kills in MADWORLD”.

Some are kills you probably discovered already — how to snap someone in half, impale them on spikes, or smash them in the death press. But did you know you could flush enemies down the toilet, skin them with bullets, or deep fry them? Here’s an excerpt from the article to whet your appetite.

#4: Deep Fry

One of the most satisfying methods of extinguishing the lives of your enemies in MadWorld is by dunking their carcasses in Asia Town’s giant Tempura-frying vat. Throw an enemy in the pot of flesh-boiling oil and they’ll rise to the surface once they’re extra crispy. You can even pick up their deep-fried corpse and chuck it at other bad guys if you’re feeling extra evil.

When the urge for new and creative kills strike, try one of these.