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Archive for March 30th, 2009


SEGA Merch Week: The Box of Awesome, Day 1

It’s an odd line to start a blog with, but I’m doing it anyway: Earlier this afternoon, I came into possession of… a box.

Now normally, I wouldn’t really blog about getting my hands on a dimensional piece of cardboard – but what matters, as everyone knows, is what’s inside the box. This time around, we totally hit the jackpot – and, just like with those MadWorld hoodies, I feel I owe it to you guys to show you the awesome goodies that I have discovered. Let’s take a look…

Behold: The Box.

As I soon found out, the Box contains exclusive merchandise from the SEGA days of years past – it was filled with stuff from the old SEGA building before the move, and has apparently just now seen the light of day once again. You can tell it’s going to be awesome just from the Dreamcast Bag on the top – which you can see in more detail here:

*Cue Dreamcast Startup Intro*

This, Dreamcast fans, is the one piece of merchandise that everyone with a fifty-pound laptop (or small child) truly needs. It’s huge, emblazoned with the Dreamcast logo on the front, and could probably fit my Dreamcast and my entire collection of games inside – which is saying a lot; I’ve got stacks of games at home.

The back has four straps – two if you want to try wearing it backpack style (might look a little odd), a large strap for carrying it over your shoulder, and a smaller strap with a grip for your hand. The inside has a laptop pocket and four – yes, four – mesh pockets for holding whatever you want to hold, but I think they’d make a fine place for a VMU, some extra controllers, and a few games. 8)

Join us tomorrow as our adventures into the box of awesome continue. (If you guys want to see any more pictures of the merch we show, just comment with a request and I’ll add more shots to Flickr.) We’ll see you guys again tomorrow!