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Archive for August 6th, 2009


Ruby makes a cameo appearance in new PS0 screenshots

“So, we need to get some screenshots for Phantasy Star Zero.”

This was the way it all began. Suddenly, I had a shiny blue box in front of me, a DS system, and a build of Phantasy Star Zero. I’d be playing and taking pictures at the same time (not as easy as it sounds), and some would be going out exclusively in the September issue of Nintendo Power, with the rest going wide across the net.

I was told we needed something like 10 good shots.

So I took 40.

Everyone knows that Newmans rock the party.

All of those screenshots are now live across the net, including right here on our Flickr page. Enjoy Phantasy Star phans – the game is coming out near the end of this year, and very soon you’ll be hearing  more news about some special PSZ specific goodies we have in the works. If these screenshots don’t get you more excited for the US release, you’ll be seeing some things soon that definitely will.

Until then!


Alpha Protocol – Chris Avellone Interview on Destructoid

Destructoid interview with Chris Avellone recently had a chance to sit down with Creative Director Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment to discuss our upcoming espionage RPG, Alpha Protocol. Here’s a snippet:

Destructoid: How important is the story to Alpha Protocol? Is the writing particularly involved, or does gameplay come first?

Chris Avellone: The story is gameplay — the alliances/enemies you make in the game effect missions, respect, endgame choices, reactivity, and also special perks for your character as well. Interaction with a character in the game is a game system and gameplay in itself, which was our goal. We didn’t want the story or dialog to be divorced from the missions or gameplay. The debriefing screens alone are pretty amazing for tracking reactivity, and people tend to pour over them to see all the consequences of their actions — both immediate and long-term.

The interview covers a lot of topics, including more detail on player choice, consequence, morality, and how important story is in current RPG games. Very interesting and well worthy of a read, head on over to, get the full scoop, and head to our forums to discuss!