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Archive for September 10th, 2009


Fans take a guess at Project Needlemouse

The internet truly is awesome sometimes.

This is especially the case on days like yesterday, when we took a look to see what you guys out there thought about the newly-revealed Project Needlemouse. Needlemouse is still just a code name, and even though there’s almost nothing known about the project yet, fans across the web took snapshots of the trailer’s silhoutte and matched it up with what they thought it might be.


That doesn’t look like Sonic“, came a few comments on the SEGA forums and other gaming communities. Even though we hope that the majority of you have seen the actual resemblance to a certain classic game, message boards and blogs across the net decided to have a little fun with it – and they added their own images to see which ones ended up fitting. So, let’s take a look at some of the ones we here at SEGA of America found most hilarious/awesome!

Remember Princess Sally from the original Sonic Saturday morning cartoons? [Edit: And the comics too!] At least some people still do.

Points for creativity on this one! Seems like a little too much hair, though…

We laughed really hard at this one, before this blog author finally consoled himself that this will never be anywhere near Project Needlemouse. Whew.

After all the “that looks like a Sombrero” comments, you know someone was bound to do it…

Have you guys seen any awesome Needlemouse spoofs around? Feel free to share them with us here in the blog comments!