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Archive for September 16th, 2009


BLEACH: The 3rd Phantom Ships & Contest Complete!

BLEACH: The 3rd Phantom is Available Now!

BLEACH: The 3rd Phantom is now out and available in stores and available for everyone to pick up and play. As you might not know, our newest BLEACH game contains an original storyline created specifically for the Nintendo DS, and follows two playable unique Soul Reapers in a turn based adventure. Why unique? You’ll have to play and see for yourself!

BLEACH: The 3rd PhantomBLEACH: The 3rd Phantom

Along the way, you’ll encounter over 50 characters that can assist you in your travels, which covers both single and multiplayer modes. There is a lot in store for BLEACH fans and fans of the tactical turn based genre, one that we think everyone will enjoy.

BLEACH: The 3rd PhantomBLEACH: The 3rd Phantom

Our BLEACH Contest is Complete!

BLEACH: The Third Phantom Limited Edition Guitar

Today is also the end of our Ready to Rock with BLEACH Contest to award one lucky entrant a very special Guitar! Over the past two weeks we’ve had well over 900 submissions, which is more than any contest we’ve run to date! We’re really excited to award the guitar and will be posting an update in the weeks to come. Thanks to everyone who submitted for the contest and best up luck in winning our big prize!


Valkyria Chronicles II announced for the US!

YouTube Preview Image

Listen as the drums of battle echo once more. Stand up, Gallia – defend all that you hold dear.

The year is 1937 EC.

Two years later, the ashes of the Second Europan war still glow in Gallia’s history. But even peace is a fragile happiness – and hearts that once fought side by side are not forever friends.

In the midst of this peace appears a group known as the Gallian Revolutionary Army, swearing to topple the current government – in a lightning fast coup, they arm themselves with the best of both Gallian technology and soldiers.

What was once a small but strong unified country is instantly plunged back onto the battlefield. But the day and age of the last war’s heros is already fading out – with families to protect and children to raise, they are the ones who must now be protected. While numbers split and tensions rise, the spotlight shines to a handful of up-and-coming students at a Gallian Military Academy.

As civil war begins to rage across the country, morality and war clash with passion and ideals. But this time the distinction between blue and red is not so simple – nor will it ever be. Gallia once stood as a defiant beacon of hope against a giant empire… but can the country now defend against it’s own?

As of today, SEGA is proud to announce Valkyria Chronicles II – the sequel to the legendary PS3 epic – is coming to the west exclusively on the PSP! Join the battle once more in the next addition to the Valkyria franchise – created by the same team behind the original.

Valkyria Chronicles II will be arriving Summer 2010 – until then, you can follow all news Valkyria on the official Facebook and Twitter pages!

Finally, we’d like to give a special shout out to all the fans – those who put a fantastic game back into the spotlight, and continue to show their dedication and support for the series. This one goes out to all of you.