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SEGA Halloween

SEGA Halloween 2009

It’s Halloween day at SEGA, and some of our employees came dressed in their best costumes! Since they went to all that work, I wanted to showcase their efforts here on the blog.

We’ve got some more photos on our Flickr feed, so you can see the rest of them there.

SEGA Halloween 2009

SEGA Halloween 2009

SEGA Halloween 2009

SEGA Halloween 2009

SEGA Halloween 2009

SEGA Halloween 2009


Bayonetta Release Date Confirmed and Famitsu Platinum Award!

Bayonetta Logo

Just on the heels of the Japanese release this week, new information is now out about Bayonetta‘s US and EU release dates. Gamers around the world will soon taste the non-stop action from acclaimed PlatinumGames in their U.S. living rooms on January 5th and European January 8th!

In Japan, Bayonetta is just now reaching the hands of the Japanese gamers and we’re seeing some initial reviews from Japanese gaming press. One very huge review came out this last week from Famitsu, arguably the biggest and most well known gaming publication in Japan. What was the score and reaction? A perfect 40/40 for Xbox 360 and 38/40 for Playstation 3. That is huge and confirms what we’ve been saying inside the office – Bayonetta is one of the best action games we’ve ever played, just look to our CEO’s quote from the official press release:

“Traditionally high scoring games in Famitsu go on to perform very well at retail in both Japan and the rest of the world. PlatinumGames set out to deliver a game that redefines the 3D action genre, and we feel that they have set a benchmark for future games in the genre to aspire to,” said Mike Hayes, CEO of SEGA America & SEGA Europe. “We chose a January ship date for BAYONETTA as we firmly believe that it is the best time for SEGA and our retail partners to launch this exciting new IP in the West, and push for a number #1 retail slot. BAYONETTA is a huge title for us and the perfect start for the New Year, both for SEGA and gamers across the West.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the Japanese community’s response to the game and are especially looking forward to delivering it to both US and Europe this January. Congratulations Bayonetta!


New Airplane Commercial for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

When we last left Mario & Sonic in TV commercial land, they were trying to get through the airport security line. You’ll be pleased to know that they made it on to the plane with a bunch of other athletes. Wouldn’t you know it… people started playing some Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games to help the flight go faster!

Flickr Video

Happy Halloween from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing!

Happy Halloween! Well, almost. To help get you in the mood, we’ve got a brand-new trailer featuring characters from House of the Dead. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Golden Axe comes to Virtual Console!

The original Golden Axe — available now on Nintendo Wii Virtual Console — sums up SEGA’s arcade lineage as much as anything from that era. It’s a classic side-scrolling hack-and-slash brawler with astonishing graphics and sound. It looked absolutely terrific in the arcades — one of those games where, walking by it when I was young, I just had to play — and the dark fantasy theme was unique and well-executed.

Golden Axe (arcade) - Virtual Console

Plus the game has great hooks–in addition to typical hack-and-slashery, the game has a unique magic and, of course, beast riding system. Punting gnomes and stealing their potions is a time-honored Golden Axe tradition, and the game saved its flashiest graphics for casting the magic spells that were powered by the gnome potions: massive dragons appearing onscreen to breathe fire on enemies and twisting columns of earth and lightning were the kind of eye-catcher in the arcades that demanded your quarters.

Golden Axe (arcade) - Virtual Console
Golden Axe (arcade) - Virtual Console

Of course, dragon riding was the most widely-toted aspect of the game. I always thought that the most interesting part of this was that enemy AI was programmed to prioritize the dragons, as well — that is, they weren’t just player “vehicles”, but rather, enemies would always try to knock you off a dragon you were riding, steal it, and use it against you. Dragons run away after taking too much damage, meaning you had to strategize how to use (or not use) them. This spiced up battles considerably.

Golden Axe (arcade) - Virtual Console

The game looked awesome, with vivid, fantasy-inspired backgrounds and parallax scrolling. Even the character selection is a fine touch: There’s Ax Battler, a Conan-inspired sword wielding barbarian; Tyris Flare, a bikini-clad Red Sonja-esque fighter (who would return for Golden Axe: Beast Rider); and the lovable axe-wielding dwarf Gilius (who returned for Golden Axe sequels).

When I was young I was thrilled to have a port of the game for the SEGA Master System. It was actually pretty surprising how well the graphics were translated — squeezed into those 8 Bits not unlike the Amazonian Tyris Flare was squeezed into her battle-bikini. What the game lacked, however — aside from the smoothness of this arcade version — was the ending of the arcade version. I’m not going to spoil it here, but it is easily one of the coolest endings to an old school game, ever. It was a fine reward for having hacked and slashed your way through a pile of quarters at the arcade — although of course, if you have it on virtual console, you can play through to this classic ending any time you wish.

This is as classic an arcade game as you’ll find — check it out if you get the chance, available now for Wii Virtual Console!


The PSZ Community Day event is finalized! Confirm your reservation here!

Hey there Phantasy Star fans,

The PSZ Community Day Event is almost here! As promised, we’ve now got full details including time, what to bring, and what you can expect from our first event where fans like yourselves get to visit SEGA! Please note that due to the overwhelming response last weekend, we have upped the reservation list from to thirty people. This means that there are still a few spots left!

Who: You! If you’re on the reservation list below, you can attend!

When: Wendesday, November 4th from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

Where: SEGA of America, 350 Rhode Island Street, Suite 400, San Francisco. Come up to the 4th floor and check in with our receptionist!

What to bring: Your Nintendo DS or DSi !

Details: For the first time ever, SEGA is hosting a special event that is open to both press and our fanbase! Phantasy Star fans are to invited visit our office for a special three-hour multiplayer session with Phantasy Star Zero!  Fans will need to bring their own DS or DSi – we’ll provide the rest, including snacks and drinks! Space is limited, so make sure you’re on the reserve list below. Those on this list need to post here or contact RubyEclipse on the SEGA forums to confirm their reservation.

The Reservation List:

  1. DaniellaConfirmed!
  2. RonConfirmed!
  3. PantsConfirmed!
  4. Allan & his brotherConfirmed!
  5. Andrew R.Confirmed!
  6. Anthony Carreon Confirmed!
  7. William C.Confirmed!
  8. Paul TiddConfirmed!
  9. Paul’s Brother – Confirmed!
  10. Travis G. Confirmed!
  11. Andrew G.Confirmed!
  12. Krupp’s FriendConfirmed!
  13. DeVeAnConfirmed!
  14. Ryan Cameron Confirmed!
  15. Steve CameronConfirmed!
  16. Jason – Confirmed!
  17. Nai_CalusConfirmed!
  18. JuanConfirmed!
  19. JonathanConfirmed!
  20. Robert W. – Confirmed!
  21. Robert’s FriendConfirmed!
  22. Jonathan’s FriendConfirmed!
  23. Mario – Confirmed!
  24. SkubatorConfirmed!
  25. Gabe Ponce – Confirmed!
  26. Peter – Confirmed!
  27. Tami – Confirmed!
  28. Sarah R. – Confirmed!
  29. Oscar – Confirmed!
  30. Eliwood – Confirmed!

The Waiting List

  1. Tenshinoneko
  2. Tenshinoneko’s Friend

How to confirm your reservation

If your name is on this list, all you need to do is post here on the Blog or send me (RubyEclipse) a Private Message on the forums to confirm your reservation. Once your reservation above has “Confirmed!” next to it, your name is on the final guest list and you’re all prepared for the visit!

How to get here:

Need directions on how to get to us here at SEGA? Not sure which map result is really the right one? Look no further – our address is:

350 Rhode Island Street
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

MapQuest Link

Final Details

As mentioned on the PSU Forums, we will also be holding a special 30 minute Q & A Session with the Phantasy Star Universe Game Masters from 8:00-8:30 PM, just after the PSZ event finishes.

And that’s that! Cameras are welcome, and while we obviously can’t show off too much of the office (secrets, secrets!), you guys will get to take pictures in the event room we have set up, of our lobby, and with all of the SEGA staff that will be there.

If you’re on the list, please get your confirmations in as soon as possible here on the blog or on the forum! There are also a few spots left open, so if you’ve got a friend with a DS/i who also wants to come along, you can hurry and reserve them a space. Anyone who is reserved (name in bold) needs to respond by this coming Monday, Nov 2nd, or that spot will be going out to the next person in line on the waiting list.

Until next week – we’ll see you guys at 5 PM on November 4th!


Bayonetta Dev Diary- The Devil’s in the Details


Kicking off today is the first in a series of Developer Diaries for Bayonetta. In the first video, we hear from Director Hideki Kamiya in discussing the overall design of Bayonetta and Producer Yusuke Hashimoto speaking on the enemy design. The video is a really intriguing look at Bayonetta and features some new visual footage of our favorite witch in action.

The video speaks for itself, but we want to hear from you! Let us know what you are most excited about from the video!


More Super Monkey Ball Halloween Wallpapers!

Super Monkey Ball Halloween Wallpaper

Halloween is just a few days away, and we’ve got some new Super Monkey Ball themed wallpapers to help get you in the mood! AiAi and his friends are all dressed in costumes, with their pumpkins and candy ready. Pick your favorite character, or download them all!

They are all available in different sizes on our flickr account so get to downloading. Happy (almost) Halloween!


Free Stuff Friday 10/30/09

Whether you want to cover up in a new t-shirt or chill out with some ice cream, we’ve got some great stuff for you this week.

YouTube Preview Image

On the Block

Item 1: House of the Dead Overkill T-Shirt (size L)

Congrats to our winner @dashrollrush!

Item 2: Bleach: Sonic Beach Towel

Congrats to our winner @aznxchunky!

Item 3:  Sonic T-Shirt (size M)

Congrats to our winner @guahanweb!

Item 4: Sonic Hat

Congrats to our winner @dawidhun!

Item 5: Planet 51 Art Book & Dippin’ Dots Gift Certificate

Congrats to our winner @KirbyGCN17!

Item 6: Bleach T-Shirt (size M) with wristband and keychain

Congrats to our winner @JustinMurphy!

How it Works

1. You must be following us on Twitter to be eligible. (If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can create one by going to and click the green “get started — join!” button in the center of the page.)
2. At random times on Friday, we will announce the prize we are giving away, and what number of response you need to be to win. Send us a direct message (DM) via Twitter and be that number to win the prize. (@ replies do not count as entries!)
3. All followers are eligible to win all prizes, unless a restriction is noted. Restrictions are usually due to the prize being region-locked. For example, US games that won’t work on UK gaming systems. There may also be age restrictions due to the rating of the game.
4. We will announce the winner on our Twitter feed once eligibility is confirmed.

Make Sure We’re Following You on Twitter

If you are currently following us on Twitter, please be sure that we are following you as well. You can do this by making sure that SEGA is in your “followers” list, or by going to DoesFollow and typing SEGA in the first blank, your Twitter username in the second, and pressing the “check” button. You can reverse this to be sure that you are following us. If you are following us, but we’re not following you, please send a message to @SEGA and we will follow you. This is important, because only people we follow can send us direct messages (DMs), and DMs are the only way to enter the giveaways.

How to Send Direct Messages on Twitter

There are a few ways to send us a Direct Message on Twitter. The easiest way is to go to our Twitter page and select “message” under the “Actions” heading in the side bar. If you do not see “message”, this means that we are not following you. Please send a message to @sega to let us know, and we will follow you. When you click “message” you will be taken to a window where you can type a message and press send.

You may also select the “direct messages” tab from your Twitter homepage, and select SEGA from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Again, if you don’t see our name there, it’s probably because we’re not following you. Let us know, and we’ll follow you.

There are also many Twitter clients that you can use instead of using the website. These include TweetDeck, Twitteriffic, Tweetie, and Twhirl. Each of these programs works differently, so you’ll want to figure out how to send a direct message on the program you use. If you want to send us a test message, we’ll let you know if we received it or not.


Enter to win a Panasonic HDTV in the Nothing’s Cooler Sweepstakes!


We’ve just launched a new sweepstakes to celebrate the launch of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games! To enter, you just need to correctly answer 10 trivia questions about the game and the characters! If you’re not great at trivia, don’t worry… the information you need to answer the questions can be found throughout the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games website !

If you answer our trivia questions correctly, you’ll be entered to win our grand prize – a Panasonic HDTV. 10 runners up will receive a Vancouver 2010 Coast Messenger bag.

Make sure you read the official rules before entering, and then get to the sweepstakes page to get started!