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Archive for October 14th, 2009


SEGA Office Pranks


We work hard here at SEGA, but we also like to have a bit of fun at the office. (That’s our office building in that photo. Before anyone asks, no it’s not abandoned. One of the floors in the building is available for rent.) But for those times when someone goes away on an extended or especially fun vacation and we’re all left here to keep working… well, we like to have more than a bit of fun.

Let’s set the scene. It’s Friday afternoon after a long work week. I’m sitting at my desk typing away, when I hear some loud voices behind me. We have a pretty open work environment of half-wall cubicles, and we can be a boisterous bunch, so it’s not all that unusual to hear people talking loudly or laughing about something. But this kept going on. And on. So I went to investigate.

Turns out that Jen was going to return from a 2-week vacation on the following Monday. And some people had gotten… restless. You might even say rowdy. And decided to fill her cubicle with crunched up magazine pages. A lot of them. We had lots of fun and laughs in the hour it took us to get it done. How did Jen react? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m not sure any of us are planning an extended vacation any time soon!


Unlockables and Dream Events in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Wii Alpine Skiing

We’re continuing on with our week-long celebration of all things Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games! Today I wanted to cover some stuff about unlockables and the dream events!


* As you advance in the each mode on the DS, archive a new record within the events or meet certain conditions, you will unlock emblems. Try to collect all of the emblems!

* If you win the battle with developer’s ghost on the Ghost Match on DS, there will be an even stronger ghost for you to challenge!

* In the Dream Events for the Wii, you will come across some special guests.

* There may even be the Secret Shop in the shopping village in the Wii version!

Dream Events
* Some Dream Events are available from the start, but there are plenty more to unlock!

* Ski, skate and more in worlds inspired by the Mario & Sonic universes!

* Collect items and avoid obstacles in a bid to become the winner!

* You can even have a Snowball fight with your friends for Wii™!