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Archive for October 23rd, 2009


Live Near San Fran? Want to visit SEGA and play PSZ before it ships? Check this out.

Hi everyone,

If you happen to live near San Francisco, and would like to see what SEGA’s offices look like – oh, and if you’d like a chance to play Phantasy Star Zero before anyone else, and win some prizes while doing so – then you might find this post to be full of win.

For the first time (ever, I think), SEGA of America is looking to hold a special event here in San Francisco to celebrate the upcoming release of Phantasy Star Zero in the US! We’d like to mix it up from simply press this time, and invite all Phantasy Star fans around the Bay area (or who can make it here) to join us for an early taste of PSZ, free swag, and a chance at winning some even bigger prizes! Everyone who attends goes home with a free Inflatable Rappy.

When everyone goes home with a Rappy, you know it’s a good event.

Right now we’re looking to get estimates on how many people think they can attend. The event would be in the evening and is tentatively planned for November 4th, so that you guys have some time to take off work or plan a day trip down.

So, we’d like to hear – are any of you guys interested or able to attend? We are going to limit this event to the first 20 or so people on the list, so even though we haven’t revealed all the details yet, you can post on this thread and reserve your spot ahead of time.

Thanks everyone – we hope you guys enjoy this special chance to check out both PSZ and SEGA! We’ll be posting full details about the event soon.