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Archive for January 5th, 2010


Play Aliens vs Predator in Orlando this Weekend and Win Astro Gaming Headphones!

avp logo

We are out this week to sunny Orlando, FL to show of Aliens vs Predator at the upcoming Major League Gaming finals and want to get you in on the action if you can attend. AVP will be playable in full multiplayer form and we’ll be running a bit of a tournament to find the best Alien, Predator, or Marine and award them with some Astro 5.1 Gaming Headphones. Much like AvP, these headphones are serious business and a welcome addition to anyone’s multiplayer kit. We’ll have three pairs to giveaway during the event, so don’t hesitate to jump and show us how good you are! And of course, if competition isn’t your thing, we’ll have some free multi-play available to get some extended hands on with some different modes and play styles.

Aliens vs. Predator

The event is running this weekend from January 8th to the 10th and tickets can be picked up across the MLG website. The event is in Orlando Florida at the Gaylord Palms Resort, more info can be found across the MLG website! We’d love to see you at the event and give you a chance to get a leg up on the competition when the game launches this February.


Bayonetta at New Year’s Eve and UFC 108!

So Bayonetta was at two key events over the break, maybe you caught site of them and maybe you didn’t. In either event, we had some Sega spies on hand to grab some photos of the festivities and get you in closer to the action. Where were we? Well, read on!

Bayonetta on New Year’s Eve with Playboy!

Bayonetta & Playboy at New Year's Eve in Chicago

Bayonetta was on hand to kick off 2010 in Chicago this year at the Playboy New Year’s Eve party in Chicago! The event, which you might have heard of from our recent blog and sweepstakes, was centered in the lovely (though pretty chilly) Chicago at the Hilton, smack dab in the heart of the windy city. I had the good fortune to attend myself and see first hand what it was like to live it up with the Playmates VIP style (you can see me grinning in a shot below) and get in on some Bayonetta fun before the year was done.

Bayonetta & Playboy at New Year's Eve in ChicagoBayonetta & Playboy at New Year's Eve in Chicago

Bayonetta & Playboy at New Year's Eve in ChicagoBayonetta & Playboy at New Year's Eve in Chicago

Bayonetta was all over the show, particularly in two gaming lounges where Playmates were playing the game along attendees of the party. We had our internal producer on hand to help them get familiar with the game and before long they were kicking and punching with the best of them.

The party was a ton of fun and I also really enjoyed my time in Chicago, which has some amazing food; I rekindled my love for Chicago pizza and found a new love in Chicago style hot dogs (thanks for your twitter suggestions!) I’ll definitely be back to see more of the city, perhaps in a season that’s a bit warmer – as a California kid, the 3 degree weather was a bit much.

Bayonetta at Ultimate Fighting Championship

Bayonetta & UFC

What better way to show of the brutal fighting styles of our own Bayonetta, then to be in the same company as one of the more brutal fighting tournaments, UFC. While I couldn’t be at the event myself, I do take a certain amount of pride in knowing that the contenders were face to face with the Bayonetta logo when while grappling on the floor. Seems all too perfect for Bayonetta.

UFC 108 & Bayonetta

If you missed the event, have no fear, the full UFC 108 is available for viewing across Yahoo (for a small fee) or you can catch the wrap ups in text across many, many links. There are some really great photos of Bayonetta front and center across the event, so do take a look (beyond the ones in the blog) to see the full experience.

We hope you enjoy the pictures and our stories, we’re looking forward to your stories from Bayonetta, so don’t forget to come back and let us know what you think of the game!


Now Available: Bayonetta!


Today is Bayonetta day, or Bayonetta week (if you live in the UK, that’s technically Bayonetta Friday), and potentially, Bayonetta year. Well, it’s a bit early to claim a best of rank, but I’m fully confident in the experience Bayonetta offers and think everyone who plays it will have a good time and enjoy the ride. Best Action game on Xbox 360 or PS3? Maybe, but that’s for you to decide.

As noted before the break, the reviews have been coming in strong and Bayonetta is continuing to dazzle gaming press across print and online, with a recent review from Gamespot coming in with a 9 out of 10 for Xbox 360 and an 8 out of 10 for PS3. GameLife even posted a quick note about the use of Keys in Bayonetta, of which ends with a nice endorsement for the game, do check it out.


Press are excited for Bayonetta and the excitement is coming in all different ways from fans. Take, for example, the Bayonetta Rap. Yes, that’s a full on rap and choreographed music video to match, excellent. We’re sure to see more excited Bayonetta fans, and if you are one of them, let us know and we’ll gladly post about it!

A great way to start the new year (more on that later), check out Bayonetta and enjoy the climax action. You know we love it, but we want to hear what you think too, so drop us a comment!


Sands of Destruction Character Spotlight #2: Morte Asherah

“Your friendly neighborhood World Annihilation Front agent, at your service! The end of the world is long overdue, but it might as well go out in style.”

Naja: “Morte – the Scarlet Plague!”

Morte: “The only and only! Give the boy his prize!”

Meet Morte

Likes: Destroying the world, killing those who oppose her, and chaos in general.

Dislikes: Beastmen, human oppression, and long-winded people.

Morte Asherah is the figurehead of the movement known as the World Annihilation Front. An organization bent solely on the destruction of all life on the planet, she seeks out Kyrie in an attempt to unlock the secret of Destruct – the key to her plans for extermination.

Growing up as a member of the desert Sand Tribe, Morte is far from a quiet, prissy, dainty heroine – she is brash, rude, violent, and often deadly – cross her, and there’s a good chance her massive double edged weapon will be coming for your head. With the strength she built during her childhood, and with the oppression of humans across the world driving her motivation, Morte will stop at nothing until her goals of complete annihilation are complete.

One small tip, from us: Don’t make her mad.

Check back on the blogs soon for our next Sands of Destruction character spotlight – Naja!