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Archive for January 7th, 2010


Create your own Custom Twin Sticks – with cookingware.

Now and then our fans will send us something that makes us all stop for a moment, stare at the screen in disbelief, and then finally mutter out a soft: “… wow.” Right now, It’s time for another one of those moments.

Behold what may very well be some of the most low budget Custom Twin Sticks we have ever seen in our lives – and they’re made using cookingware.

Aaron C. sent us these pictures and some short details about how he crafted his very own set of Twin Sticks with only his knowledge and a whole lot of passion. You can try this at home if you want – just don’t blame us if Mom gets mad at you for using her finest baking pan. Here’s what he sent us:

How to make your own Custom Virtual On Twin Sticks with cookingware

Here is a few pics of the contruction of the sticks.

I made them using a cake pan, two old NES Quick Shots controllers, and Old Performance Sega Saturn pad.

Step 1: Get a pan

Step 2: Destroy all commercial value

Step 3: Pick up two of these

Step 4: Find yourself a Saturn Controller

Aaron C.’s Note: I chose Sega saturn because I would be able to use the sticks for both Saturn and Dreamcast through the use of an adapter.

Step 5: (The hard part) Figure out which wire does what

Step 6: It should look something like this…

Step 7: WIN! Play Virtual On in style.

Finally, writes Aaron:

I was thinking about making an saturn to xbox 360 adapter so I could use the stick with the xbla game.

If you need/want to know anything else just ask!”

Awesome job Aaron – we think some custom sticks for the XBOX 360 version would be pretty awesome, too!

If you guys have created or seen some awesome SEGA related items lately, be sure to send them our way and we’ll feature the best here on the Blog. Until next time – let the pan destruction begin!

Special thanks to Tim E. for the tip!


Penny Arcade Bayonetta Contest- 500 Shirts Up for Grabs

So you are playing Bayonetta, doing well, already out of Normal and heading into Hard. You are probably thinking, “I should get a reward for all this hard work.” Well, Penny Arcade seems to agree as well and they flashing back to an old school ‘submit-a-photo’ style contest to award you with one snazzy (not to mention exclusive and limited edition!) Bayonetta T-shirt.

Penny Arcade T-Shirt

Pretty sweet, yea? To win, all you need to do is complete Bayonetta on Hard, take a picture of the end screen and send it in to along with your PSN ID or Xbox 360 Gamertag. Oh, but faking images won’t get you a T-Shirt faster, as you’ll have to have the ‘Umbra Elder’ achievement/trophy on your account to secure the shirt. Here’s the TL;DR version for those that like to skim:

– Open Only To Those In The Continental US
– Defeat Bayonetta On Hard, Earning The “Umbra Elder” Achievement/Trophy
– Entries Must be Sent To
– Entry Must Include Your Gamertag/PSN ID, Photo Of Final Credits, And A Current Address
– First Five Hundred Valid Entries Will Win A Rad Shirt
– The Shirt Is Size Large

So clock is ticking, 500 Penny Arcade-exclusive shirts are up for grabs and all you have to do is be awesome at Bayonetta. What are you waiting for? When the shirts are gone, they are gone for good.


Sands of Destruction Character Spotlight #3: Naja Gref

Rajiv:Hah! What have we to fear from this child?”

Naja:Put him down! Look around you! This is no common destruction, Rajiv. Until we learn what happened here, we had best tread lightly.”

Meet Naja

Likes: Reading, games of wit, and planning one step ahead.

Dislikes: Rushing headfirst, hubris, and slander towards his heritage.

Naja is a member of the World Salvation Committee – a group built to defend the world and society as ruled by the ferals from those who would seek to do it harm. (Namely, Morte, Kyrie, and the World Annihilation Front).

A brilliant thinker and just as skilled in combat, Naja is actually a half-breed – born to a feral father – the late Lupus Rex – and a human mother. Even though the stereotypes that divide the ferals from the humans run deep, Naja held a strong love for his mother, even in the midst of constant insults about his impure blood or his “mutt” status in society. While other ferals often view him as a lesser of their kin, his prowess in battle and his father’s old rank have earned him a fair bit of respect.

That respect has come at a cost, however. Rajiv, the son of the current Lupus Rex, silently sees Naja as a potential threat. Though the two are old friends, Rajiv never misses a chance to remind Naja of the weak human blood that is mixed within his veins. Beyond their differences, Naja and Rajiv are still a team, setting off to stop Morte, the Scarlet Plague – and anyone else who would join her cause to destroy the world.

Calm and almost always in control of the situation, Naja will soon be forced to think about the hybrid human and feral blood that flows within him – and make a difficult decision to find his own true answers.

Next time on our Sands of Destruction Character Spotlight: He may be small, but he packs a massive punch – and an eyepatch, to boot. The little bear Taupy is up next!


Mega64 Bayonetta Video

Check out this funny video from Mega64 about Bayonetta. Excellent work!

My favorite part: “… but my hair is a demon!”

YouTube Preview Image

Vancouver 2010 Gameplay Trailer 5

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Vancouver 2010! The game will be available January 12th for 360 and PS3.

YouTube Preview Image

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Dev Diary #2

We’ve got another dev diary from Steve Lycett, who chronicles his trip to Japan and SEGA HQ in Tokyo. Take it away, Steve!

Hello again, it’s me, yes me, Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital, working my way from your computer screen into your head via the medium of your eyes.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - Dev Diary 2

So last time I talked a bit about the background of the game and the things we’d tried and cruelly binned. This time I shall relate to you about how I got to go to Japan and spend time with some of the people behind every SEGA franchise you’ve ever played. Yes, lucky me!

I should start with some background. Everyone else flew to Japan two days before me, so they could get into town, catch up with their sleep and arrive at the office rested and ready for business.

Me on the other hand, well I had booked time off for my annual holiday the week before. I’d actually decided to ride my motorbike to John O’Groats – which for those outside of the UK, is the most northerly point, a round trip of some 1800 miles from sunny Sheffield. Cue day before flying to Japan, me desperately riding back from Glasgow, in pouring, pouring rain. My wife was not impressed, especially as she was sat on the back.

So I wasn’t entirely rested when I had to jump on the plane, having had to get up at something like 3am. Still, catch the plane I did, no way was I missing this trip, especially as it had been something of a personal dream of mine to go!

I arrived in Tokyo some 12 hours later, not having slept on the plane due to the excitement! I then promptly realised that getting to SEGA was going to be somewhat of a challenge. Since I don’t speak much Japanese outside of ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘I’d like a beer please’.

Luckily – I’d been briefed before to jump on a particular bus – which would take me to the other side of town. I stopped briefly to grab a coke – simply as it was in the coolest metal bottle I’d ever seen – then got on said bus.

This took about an hour to drop me closer to town, where I next picked up a cab to go to SEGA. With the aid of a map and some hand gestures, the cabbie then dutifully took me to SEGA HQ. I should mention at this point that visiting Japan is somewhat like visiting the future. Of everywhere else I’ve ever been, I’ve never got into a cab with hydraulically activated doors that open for you…!

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - Dev Diary 2

Anyway… we arrived in my future cab outside SEGA HQ. I go into the main lobby, where I spy Sonic is idly spinning in a fountain, he looks to be watching me approach reception… Here I explain that I’m here to meet up with the rest of the group – to two very polite young Japanese ladies, who aren’t expecting this big Yorkshire lad at all – and promptly decide to start ringing everyone in the building.

It’s at this point I decided to sit down and wait – opening my aforementioned ‘cool’ bottle of coke. Which has decided it didn’t like being shaken so violently from airport to bus to taxi, and explodes all down my front.

Well… The SEGA girls are working the phones very hard, I’m dripping in coke, and well, let’s say it’s not a good scene. I somehow regain my composure to think of plan B. I’ll ring one of my guys and tell him I’m here. Except my office regulation Blackberry can’t deal with the 3G network of the future. So I can’t call. I’m beginning to have visions of being ejected by SEGA security, when plan C comes to mind. I’ll try my own phone (thankfully 3G happy) and then mortgage the house when I get back to pay for the phone bill!

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - Dev Diary 2

I get through to the group – who, it turns out are visiting with AM3, the guys we did Virtua Tennis 3 for, except they’re right across the block in a different office. I try to explain this to the SEGA girls, but they’re still insisting on ringing all depts, I think they had got to about C in the alphabet . Finally our Japanese producer Sakae rescues me and puts it all straight. Phew.

I arrive hot, sweaty, covered in coke, and not exactly clean shaven in AM3’s offices. Lucky for me this is not the first time they’ve seen me and I get to say hello to some of the friends we made back then.

We run through the plans with the game, talked a little about SEGA Superstars Tennis (which was based on the Virtua Tennis game system) and then ask the ‘Can we have…’ question.

You see the purpose of this trip was to talk to each of the SEGA game directors in person to make sure they were happy for us to use their characters. We ask nicely, the question was translated, there was a laugh and a smile and….

The answer was…. you’ll just have to read the next diary to find out ! And then would we also like to go for dinner? Well it would be rude to say no wouldn’t it!

So we agreed to meet up later. We dropped back first to the overseas business dept, who were our very gracious hosts. We even bumped into a familiar face there of Minato-san – who looked after us during OutRun2.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - Dev Diary 2

Then finally time to drop our kit – especially my bag full of demo disks and concept art – back at the hotel. When we got there, I couldn’t believe it. They’d booked us into the Strings International. You’re going ‘Where?’  – I can hear you from here. It’s bang next door to Shinagawa Railway Station – and at 50 storeys up you get a pretty impressive view of Tokyo. I’m only telling you this to make you jealous!

The restaurant we’re meeting in is next door too, the whole area is all metal platforms above some really impressive gardens. I remember taking AM3 out to the restaurant here in Sheffield, there they either had Fish and Chips, or Steak.

I on the other hand was treated to some new and unusual tastes. Fried octopus tenticles in batter anyone? Actually – I will – they’re really nice. I’m sat with a chap who speaks about as much English as I do Japanese, and he’s busy filling my plate with all manner of new foods. Every time I sip my beer, he fills it up. I’ll tell you this – you can’t fault Japanese hospitality.

Again we talk about the game. They’re surprised we want to include certain SEGA IPi. Why? Well why not! It’s a classic SEGA game, of course we want to include it!. Who else have we seen so far? Well – we explain, you’re the first! At this of course we’re asked which other characters we’ll be hoping to include so we say tell them, and this causes a lot of laughs, clearly we’ve got some enthusiasm around the table. Either that or they think we’re quite insane!

By the end of the meal, we’ve all enjoyed ourselves, and it’s been good to talk to the AM3 team again. We end the day on a high with one character approved – and I finally drop into bed in the hotel after nearly 24 hours of travel, thinking 1 down… 19 to go…

Who else did I get to meet? Did we get any turned down/ What exactly is it like in Sonic Teams offices… I’ve got to keep you waiting as I’m out of space till next time!