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Archive for January 15th, 2010


Project Needlemouse Character Countdown – Finale and Concept Art!

Happy Friday everyone!

The big day is finally here. After a week of blog comments, facebook posts, forum threads, and twitter updates, we have arrived at the end of the Needlemouse Character Countdown – and we think many of you are going to be pleased with the results.

First off, some well deserved kudos to all of you out there in the Sonic community! Together, you broke the records for most/fastest comments on any SEGA Blog entry, ever. On Tuesday, you did the same for Facebook statuses. On Wednesday, you guys set a new record for the most amount of users ever logged into our forums. And yesterday, on Twitter, all of us – with some help from Segata Sanshiro – created the biggest push to get SEGA on the trending topics list in history.

What you all have accomplished in these last five days is something you should be proud of. It speaks to the passion that drives many of us who still have so much hope for Sonic, and for the games he stars in.

Today, we are about to break the trend that has continued on for many years. To the thousands of you out there asking for a game where Sonic is the only playable character – rejoice. As of today, your wish has been granted.

In Project Needlemouse, there will be no new characters – playable or otherwise. The focus will remain solely on one blue hedgehog. If you’re now the most overjoyed person in the world, or even if you’re still curious about more, let us know in the comments below!

In addition, we’re pleased to also present the first piece of Project Needlemouse Concept Art as a bonus – a special thank you to everyone who took the goals we’d set and then raised the bar even higher!

This art reveals an enemy from the game – but at the same time, it also reveals much more about the spirit, and direction, that Project Needlemouse is taking. For all of you older fans who were stoked by the news above, this should be the icing on the cake. Take a look, and click to see the full-sized image.

There’s much more in store for Project Needlemouse – including lots more info on the game that is soon to come!

And so, after five days of awesome interaction and thousands upon thousands of correct trivia responses, you all can now take a well deserved break – even if your anticipation levels for this game may have just increased tenfold! We hope you guys are as excited for this game as we are.

From all of us here at SEGA – well done!