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Archive for January 19th, 2010


The Sands of Destruction Website is now live! New Info, Character Bio’s, and Anime Ep #3!

Howdy SEGA fans and Sands of Destruction afficionados,

Today the official website for Sands of Destruction has gone live! On it, you can find character Bio’s for the remaining cast, info on the battle system, pictures and you can even watch the third episode of the anime series – in English! (Just click the box with three white lines at the bottom right of the video player to select other episodes.) Click here, or on the picture below, to visit the website.

You can also hear some of the awesome game music in the background there. (You can turn it off, but personally, we think you probably won’t want to.)

Finally today, we’re giving a spotlight to everyone’s favorite bear with an attitude: Taupy! Those of you with the game already know how awesome this little guy is, so here’s some more info for all those Taupy fans out there.

Morte: “The name from the posters… You a bounty hunter?”

Taupy: “A lucky one, apparently. A fat bounty just dropped in my lap. Didn’t even have to spill any blood. I’ve outdone myself.”

Meet Taupy

Likes: Adventures, and people with the guts to act upon their word

Dislikes: People who make fun of his height

His name’s Taupy – and he’s the baddest bear this side of the Sand Sea. Nothing says “I could mess you up in two seconds” like a bear with an eyepatch and bandana, but this little guy also has a cuddly side hidden behind his spiked collar.

Though a beastman, Taupy encounters Kyrie and Morte while serving under one of the Beastlords. An adventurer that craves his own dreams more than money, Taupy soon realizes that Kyrie and Morte have quite exciting ambitions of their own – and an alliance is quickly formed.

There are two kinds of bears, as a certain saying goes – little ones and big ones, respectively. Taupy may be among the little ones when it comes to size, but when it comes to teamwork, strength, and an all-around ability to charm the ladies (bear ladies, that is) Taupy has heart bigger than almost anyone around.

You can check out all of the Bio’s, as well as everything else Sands related, here on the website!

Let us know what you think – and if you have the game in-hand, feel free to comment with your thoughts so far!


SEGA Partners with Chiquita for Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll


If the first thing you think about when you think of Super Monkey Ball is bananas, you’re not alone! We’re excited to be partnering with Chiquita on Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll. Starting early February, you’ll see Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll stickers on Chiquita bananas in your supermarkets. You’ll also see some Chiquita bananas in the game!

In addition, you have a chance to win a family gaming room makeover and other great prizes in Chiquita’s “Super Bananza Sweepstakes”! The sweepstakes will be on Chiquita’s website.

The full press release is below.

Press Release


Over 180 million Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll-Branded Chiquita Bananas to Be Sold in Grocery Stores Nationwide

SAN FRANCISCO (January 19, 2010) – SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that they will be partnering with Chiquita Fresh North America for a nationwide promotion with Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll™ for Wii™.

Beginning in February, supermarkets across the country will feature special stickers to promote Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll on over 180 million Chiquita bananas. Heart-healthy, nutrient-dense Chiquita bananas will also appear in select sequences in the game itself, promoting healthy snacking for the whole family. In addition, SEGA and Chiquita are announcing a “Super Bananza Sweepstakes” to support the partnership. Consumers will be able to enter online at to win prizes, including the grand prize of a family gaming room makeover. One lucky family will receive a 50” HDTV, a sofa and four gaming chairs, a copy of Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll, a Wii console, Wii Balance Board™ (includes Wii Fit Plus™) and other great prizes from Chiquita.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Chiquita,” says Sean Ratcliffe, Vice President of Marketing for SEGA of America. “This is a fun way to get the whole family together and we are proud to have AiAi and MeeMee featured on clusters of Chiquita Bananas.”

“Chiquita is excited to partner with Sega to help families play together and support healthy living. We’re thrilled to have AiAi and MeeMee on our bananas to encourage nutritious eating and a fit lifestyle among kids and families,” said Craig Stephen, Vice President and General Manager, North America Bananas.

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll, the latest game in the fan favorite Super Monkey Ball franchise, will offer a whole new way for people to play using the Wii Balance Board. Players will feel like they are the monkey in the ball as their movements on the Wii Balance Board move their favorite characters through more than 70 brand new stages in the main game and 21 multiplayer mini-games. Players who do not own a Wii Balance Board will still be able to play through the entire game using their Wii Remote™ and Nunchuck™ controllers. The game also features the all-new two-player co-op mode where friends work together to blast away obstacles using the Wii Remote to clear a path for their monkey-rolling teammate on the Wii Balance Board. The game is perfect for people of all ages providing incredible entertainment and promoting active movement and a great way for the family to bond—all together.

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll™ will be available for the Wii February 9, 2010. For more information about Chiquita visit For more game information please visit For assets from Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll, please visit the SEGA Press FTP site at:

About SEGA® of America, Inc.:
SEGA® of America, Inc. is the American arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA® Corporation, a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. SEGA of America’s Web site is located at

About Chiquita Fresh North America, L.L.C:
Chiquita Fresh North America L.L.C. is a subsidiary of Chiquita Brands International, Inc., which is a leading international marketer and distributor of high-quality fresh and value-added food products from energy-rich bananas and other fruits to nutritious blends of convenient green salads. The company markets its healthy, fresh products under the Chiquita® and Fresh Express® premium brands and other related trademarks. With annual revenues of nearly $4 billion, Chiquita employs approximately 23,000 people and has operations in more than 80 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit our web site at
# # #


Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi, now on Wii Virtual Console

Continuing the esteemed ninja legacy of Shinobi, the side-scrolling Genesis classic Shadow Dancer is now available on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console! First released in the arcade as a sequel to the original Shinobi in 1989, Shadow Dancer made its way as a high-quality port to the Genesis in 1991.

Shadow Dancer (Wii Virtual Console)
Shadow Dancer (Wii Virtual Console)

The game takes the same style as the previous Shinobi and adds a new wrinkle, an attack dog who follows the player and can be commanded to attack and distract enemies. This ends up being a fairly clever mechanic, and adds a layer of strategy, along with the mainstay Shinobi weapons of throwing stars, Ninjato sword, and magic spells. The other hallmark of the Shinobi series is here as well — the easy-to-jump-in-and-play feel of being a deadly ninja, combined with a ferociously difficult gameplay that demands careful attention to enemy attack patterns, and steely ninja wits.

Shadow Dancer (Wii Virtual Console)
Shadow Dancer (Wii Virtual Console)

It’s a pleasure to see some of these Genesis gems, and in particular to find out that 16 bits could crank out some very excellent backgrounds and scenery, combined with the unique, dark, look & feel of the Shinobi series. Also, the Genesis version may actually have a leg up on the Arcade version, at least for playing at home — while the arcade version was designed to eat your quarters with its insane difficulty, the difficulty of the Genesis version, while still extremely high, is more balanced around actually playing a game at home, where you want to have the time to learn & master its nuances.

Shinobi is one of the longest running SEGA characters, and Shadow Dancer is one of the most unique entries in the series; check out this game on the Wii Virtual Console!