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Archive for April 16th, 2010


Day 1: Iron Man 2 at C2E2

Welcome to C2E2

Today marked the opening of the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (better known as C2E2). We’re here showing off the Iron Man 2 game in Marvel’s booth, as well as one stage demo per day. There’s tons of comic stuff around, and lots of Iron Man goodies.

The day started out light, as the show was only open to professionals from 10am – 1pm. I took the opportunity to check out some of the other Iron Man 2 stuff at the show.

Iron Man Miniature Figurines

I found these adorable Iron Man Minimates that are exclusive to the C2E2 show. They include Racer Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Battle Damaged Iron Man, and Battle Damaged War Machine.

Iron Man Pinball

Next, I was back in the Marvel booth to check out the Iron Man pinball machine. It seems like a lot of fun, although I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I’m hoping I’ll get a chance tomorrow!

Iron Man Prop Auction

I was also eager to check out the Iron Man prop auction. Above is the newspaper from the movie, asking who Iron Man is.

Iron Man Prop Auction

Here are some of the costumes from the movie that are up for auction.

Iron Man Prop Auction

This is the Apogee award that Tony Stark gets at the beginning of the first movie.

Marvel Stage

Back in the Marvel booth, I passed by the Marvel Stage. This is where we are doing our daily game demos and there is other Marvel programming throughout the show.

Iron Man 2 Booth

Back to the space we’re showing the game in. The DS version is on the left, and the X360 version on the right. To the right of the 360, directly opposite the DS version, is the Wii version. We’re happy to have Chicago locals High Voltage Software here to talk about and help people with the Wii version, which they developed.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow should be pretty exciting & crowded. See all the photos on our Flickr feed and check our Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates.


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