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Archive for April 20th, 2010


Alpha Protocol at Destructoid- Day 2 – Henry Leland


Today is day two of Alpha Protocol videos on Destructoid featuring new information on Henry Leland. Trust him and make an ally, or burn him and be on his bad side, you decide. Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s videos featuring Sie and Grigori! More to come, check back every day for more videos and more characters!


Day 3: Iron Man 2 at C2E2


C2E2 2010 is in the bag, and we all made it back to San Francisco safely. Before we left, the SEGA crew posed in front of the huge Iron Man banner in the Marvel booth. Above, L-R, is Mike (our booth manager and all around awesome guy), myself, Derrek (brand manager and my partner in poster rolling), Beejey (producer and expert demoer), and David (brand manager and expert demoer).

Sunday was kids’ day, and it was fun to see all the costumes that the little kids came in. There were a few Spider Man costumes, a few Superman (and Supergirl) costumes, and many more. Even though you’re tired from standing up all day, you can’t help but smile when these small and enthusiastic comic fans come running up asking to play the game or have a poster.

Iron Man 3 stage demo

In the afternoon, we did another game demo to a big crowd. We passed out some limited edition Iron Man 2 flash drives with game assets on them, some limited edition character renders, as well as some Iron Man 2 game posters.

As the conference ended, people got their last plays of the game in. Overall, the response was very positive, with lots of people remarking that the graphics looked great and that it was much improved over the last game. That’s always great for us to hear, as we’ve been working really hard to make it as good as it can be.

We had a (thankfully) uneventful flight home to San Francisco, and we’re in full swing for the release if Iron Man 2 on May 4th. We’ve got some great stuff still to come about this game, so keep your eyes on the blog for all the latest!