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Archive for May 7th, 2010


Seattle, Sushi, and Strawberries


It had been a few months since my last visit up north, a land known for PAX,  trees, rain, and really long taxi rides. It’s a nice place though, and the masses of green there make it feel a bit like home.

I’d woken up at 4 AM so I could arrive in time to visit Microsoft’s campus in Redmond for a little something called BlogWell – essentially, BlogWell is a conference where lots of big companies get together and talk about how they use Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. If it’s Social Media, they cover it.

Microsoft played the host, so it was fun to see just how absolutely massive their location is up in Redmond. I sat down for lunch with a number of other companies, and afterward spent the the day in multiple sessions with people from Starbucks, Intel, and others.

Once the day was complete, I met up with SEGA Forum mod S-T-H who lived nearby, and he introduced me to one of the local Sushi places.  It was a conveyor belt restaurant, which means that you grab whichever sushi looks tasty as it goes by on the conveyor line, and at the end they total up your bill based on the color of your plates.

After a lot of great food and fun discussion about Phantasy Star and SEGA in general, we noticed something interesting coming down the line – was that… Strawberry Sushi?!

And so it was.

I snapped this picture just before trying it, and am happy to confirm that it actually tasted quite good. (I believe that’s a sort of vanilla icing on the top there.)

My day in Seattle went by quickly, but it was a lot of fun – thanks to BlogWell for the invite to the conference, and props to S-T-H for helping the trip end on a very sushi-filled note!