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Archive for May 27th, 2010


Community Contest: Get your art in Phantasy Star Portable 2! [Update: Time extended!]

Following on the heels of our recent announcement that Phantasy Star Portable 2 is coming west, we’ve got another exciting piece of news for everyone: one lucky fan is going to get their own fan art included as an in-game item!

The item itself is a wall scroll that players will be able to hang up in your My Room area. This means that you can design pretty much whatever you’d like for your wall scroll art as long as it’s Phantasy Star related! If your pencils, pens, and photoshop shortcuts (we can’t all be Monet when we grow up) are all set to get going, here are the details:

Update: Based on the short time initially provided, and thanks to Sonic Team being very flexible, we’ve been able to extend the time to get entries in by almost seven days! We hope everyone enjoys the added time and that it allows even more fantastic submissions to be created!

Submitting your entry

How to Enter: Create your own piece of Phantasy Star themed Fan Art! The art can be from any game in the series. Check to make sure your dimensions are correct, that you’ve read over all the other details and legal rules, and then submit it to us via e-mail at!

Please Note: All entries need to include the full name and phone number of the person submitting!

Dimensions: The image should be 374 x 561 pixels (or multiples of this size) so it can be scaled properly. If your image doesn’t fit these dimensions, it’ll end up looking sort of like this, only with more colors and the people screaming will be our judges. So just make sure you double check that your size is correct, please!

The Prizes:

  • One Grand Prize Winner receive their art included as a wall-scroll in Phantasy Star Portable 2, and a free copy of the game!
  • Two First Place Winners winners will each receive a free copy of the game, and their submissions featured on the SEGA Blogs!
  • Seven Runner-up Winners will each receive a Phantasy Star T-shirt, and an inflatable Rappy!

The contest is set to end next week on June 8th! Spread the word quickly if you’ve got friends who might want to enter, as we need to get our winners picked soon so we can get their art inside the game!

Example of Dimensions

For example purposes, we put together the following picture to show you guys the right size. Here’s a 374 x 561 image to show the dimensions your finished product should be:

Now granted, the actual entries should be Fan Art and completely original, but this is the size we’re looking for. Also, since the image is smaller in the game, you’ll want to create designs that aren’t too incredibly detailed, so that you can see them well in the game itself.

Good luck!

Once your entry is complete and you’ve sent it to us via e-mail at, you’re all set! Kick back on your Green-Green-branded lawn chair, enjoy the summer evenings with some Koltova Lemonade, and check back after June 2nd to see which entries make the top ten!

Below, you’ll find the official contest rules.

That’s it for now – good luck everyone! Hit us up in the comments section if you have any questions, or just want to express some love for Sakai-san.

Massive Wall of Official Rules

SEGA® of America

Phantasy Star Portable 2™ Fan Art Contest”

Official Contest Rules

This is a skill contest and there is no purchase

necessary to enter the contest or to win a prize.

1) Contest Description: SEGA® of America, Inc. (the “Sponsor”) is offering the “Phantasy Star Portable 2™Fan Art Contest”, (the “Contest”) and will award prizes based on the results of judging all eligible entries against the criteria established in these Official Contest Rules. The Contest begins 6:00:00 AM US Pacific Time May 26, 2010 and the deadline for submission of Contest entries is 12:00:00 PM midnight PT June 8, 2010, (“Entry Period”).

2) Eligibility: Contest is open to all legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 13 years of age or older. Employees, officers and representatives (and members of their immediate families and those living in the same household of each) of SEGA® of America, Inc., its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, advertising and promotion agencies and any company involved in the design, execution, production or judging of this promotion (collectively “Contest Entities”) are ineligible. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

3) Creating your Contest Entry: Create an original piece of art based on a scene or character from Phantasy Star Portabale, (your “Fan Art Submission”). Your Fan Art Submission must be: (a) totally original, created by you, cannot be previously published or appear anywhere else and CANNOT contain any third party copyrighted material or otherwise infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of a third party; (b) suitable for general audiences (i.e., may not be obscene or indecent, including but not limited to nudity, pornography, profanity or gratuitous violence); it must not contain defamatory statements (including, but not limited to, words or symbols that are widely considered offensive to individuals of a certain race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic group), it must not include threats to any person, place, business, group or nation, it must not invade privacy or other rights of any person, firm or entity, and it must not in any other way violate any law or regulation and (d) submitted in either a .jpg or .png file format no larger than 1 MB and cannot be smaller for electronic display than 374 x 561 pixels or larger than 748 x 1122 pixels.

4) How to Enter the Contest: Send an e-mail, as directed by site instructions and attach your Fan Art Submission as a file to the e-mail; in the body of the e-mail include your first and last name, your age, your date of birth and your telephone number including area code. There is no limit to the number of different times you can enter the Contest, however, each Fan Art Submission must be new and completely different from any previous Entry you have submitted and each must be submitted as a separate e-mail entry. There is a limit of one (1) prize per person.

5) Judging and Winner Determination:  Contest Entries will be judged by a panel of graphic designers and marketers from SEGA of America, Inc., and will be judged and weighted equally on the following points:  (a) creative, fresh, engaging and innovative design; (b) best interpretation of a scene or character; and (c) degree of design intricacy and/or design “finish”. The decisions of the judging panel in all matters relating to this Contest are final. The judging panel will determine one (1) Grand Prize Winner, two (2) First Place Winners and seven (7) Runner-up Winners. Judging will be completed on or about June 9, 2010 and the potential Grand Prize Winner will be notified by phone and email within one (1) day of the conclusion of all judging. Potential Grand Prize Winner will be required to complete the Affidavit process (as described below) in order to be named a valid Grand Prize winner. In Sponsor’s sole determination if an inadequate number of entries or entries of inadequate quality are received, it reserves the right NOT to determine any entries as winners or to determine any number winners fewer than ten (10).

6) Prizes: One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a copy of the game, Phantasy Star Portable 2™and will have his/her Fan Art Submission featured in the game, Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) $54. Two (2) First Place Winners will each receive a copy of the game, Phantasy Star Portable 2™and will have his/her Fan Art Submission featured in the SEGA blog, ARV $54. Seven (7) Runner-up Winners will each receive one (1) Phantasy Star Portable 2™ T-shirt and one (1) inflatable toy, ARV $25. There are a total of ten (10) prizes with a combined ARV of $337.

7) General: If, during either the entry period, for reasons beyond the Sponsor’s control (including, but not limited to, tampering or computer virus infection), the Contest is not capable of running as originally planned, the Sponsor, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel or modify the Contest, without liability and to the extent feasible, will determine winners and award prizes among entries received prior to cancellation or modification. Sponsor is not responsible for Internet, computer hardware and software, phone, and other technical errors, malfunctions, and delays. Entries, which are incomplete, inaccurate, irregular, or otherwise not in compliance with these Official Rules, are void.

The potential Grand Prize Winner will be contacted by phone the same day judging is finalized and will be required to complete an Affidavit of Eligibility and a Liability/Publicity Release (unless prohibited by law). The Affidavit and Liability/Publicity Release must be returned within two (2) days of Sponsor’s provision of these documents. Potential Grand Prize Winners will also be required to send a copy of their passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, or other appropriate documentation (acceptable to Sponsor) as proof of age and residency. Non-compliance with any of these requirements may result in disqualification, in which case an alternate Grand Prize winner may be named. Return of Affidavit/Release as undeliverable will result in disqualification and an alternate Grand Prize winner may be selected. All other winners will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail (“Prize Notification”) to confirm acceptance of the prize and determine a mailing address for fulfillment purposes. Potential winners must respond within seven (7) days of Prize Notification with the requested information. Failure to respond in this period of time will result is disqualification and forfeiture of the prize. All entrants agree to comply fully with each provision in these Official Rules. Any person attempting to defraud or in any way tamper with this Contest and any person who does not comply w. th these Official Rules, will be ineligible for any prize(s) and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Without in any way limiting, expanding or amending the Terms of Service at which Terms of Service policy shall remain in full force and effect, if Sponsor is duly notified that any element of an entrant’s Fan Art Submission infringes upon the rights of another person and/or receives a legally valid request to remove the affected Fan Art Submission because of such infringement, such Fan Art Submission may be removed and disqualified from the Contest, as Sponsor may determine in its sole discretion. Further, no entrant will be eligible to receive a prize unless Sponsor determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that such entrant’s Fan Art Submission has been or can be sufficiently cleared for legal purposes and such entrant has complied with the terms of these Official Rules.

Past experience has shown that contests and promotions generate similar submissions which closely resemble concepts and ideas developed by the Contest Entities whether before, during or after the Contest. Entrants may see a presentation, which seemingly incorporates an idea or concept or includes materials similar to that contained in their entry (e.g., Fan Art Submission). Any similarity may be purely coincidental and is always unavoidable in light of the volume of ideas, which the Contest Entities routinely consider in the course of their content development. Consequently, the Contest Entities must, and have adopted policies and procedures to protect themselves from potential liability and claims and as part of these Official Rules requires all entrants (and, if eligible minors, their parents or legal guardians) to agree that: (a) the Contest Entities may use any and all ideas, concepts, material and expression, in whole or in part, submitted or contained in a Contest Entry, or other material you submit; and (bi) all entries and entry materials become the property of Sponsor and will not be returned.

8 ) Right to Use Your Work and Information About You: By submitting an Entry, you: (a) represent and warrant that your Contest Entry is wholly original, not previously published, and does not incorporate or include anything that is owned by any third party or would require the consent of any third party and your Entry does not violate any copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right or any other right of any third party; (b) automatically grant to SEGA of America, Inc. a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty free, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, create derivative works from, modify, publish, edit, translate, distribute and display your Contest Entry; (c) agree that upon selection as a winner of any prize, you agree that your Contest Entry shall legally be considered a “work made for hire,” with all rights therein, including, without limitation, the exclusive copyright, transferred to and being the property of SEGA of America, Inc.; (d) agree that upon selection as a winner of any prize, in the event your Entry is considered not to be a “work made for hire,” you irrevocably assign to SEGA of America, Inc., all right, title, and interest in and to your Entry (including, without limitation, the copyright) in any and all media whether now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity, anywhere in the world, with the right to make any and all uses thereof, including, without limitation, for purposes of advertising or trade; and (e) agree that by submitting an entry,  you grant to SEGA of America, Inc. the right to sell and otherwise distribute your Contest Entry on any of its websites or in any of its products without any compensation. The rights granted under this paragraph shall extend to SEGA of America, Inc., its parent and affiliated companies with respect to all entries and all other submitted materials related to the Contest, including those submitted by non-winners and winners.

By submitting an Entry, you grant to SEGA of America, Inc., its parent and affiliated companies the right, except where prohibited by law, to use your name, likeness, picture, address (city and state), voice, biographical information, the Fan Art Submission in your entry and written or oral statements, for advertising and promotional purposes in promoting or publicizing SEGA of America, Inc., its products or services, without compensation unless required by law. You shall have no right of approval, no claim to compensation, and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based on invasion of privacy, defamation, or right of publicity) arising out of any use, blurring, alteration, or use in composite form of your name, picture, likeness, address (city and state), e‑mail address, biographical information, or entry. The rights granted under this paragraph shall extend to SEGA of America, Inc., its parent, and affiliated companies with respect to all entrants in the Contest, including non-winners and winners. SEGA of America, Inc., however, does not have any obligation to use the winning or non-winning Entries for any purpose.

9) Release of Liability and Issues of Law: By participating all entrants release SEGA of America, Inc., its parent, affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and all entities associated with the development and execution of this Contest from any and all liability with respect to and in any way arising from participating in this Contest, acceptance or use of prizes. Entrants also agree that SEGA of America, Inc. its parent, affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and all entities associated with the development and execution of this promotion are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage to an entrant’s or third person’s computer related to or resulting from the Contest, the Entries and/or its prizes. SEGA of America, Inc., its parent, affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and all entities associated with the development and execution of this promotion are not liable for damage to a user’s computer system (including, without limitation, any server failure or lost, delayed or corrupted data or other malfunction) due, either directly or indirectly, to an entrant’s participation in the Contest or downloading of information in connection with the Contest. The Sponsor reserves the right to modify or cancel the Contest in the event that any portion of any website used to administer any aspect of the Contest becomes technically corrupted.


11) Winners List: For a list of the winners send a self addressed stamped envelope postmarked no later than June 16, 2010 to: Phantasy Fan Art Contest, PO Box 12055, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2487.

12) Sponsor: SEGA of America, Inc., 350 Rhode Island Street, STE 400, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Contest Administrator:  Extra Mile Marketing, 16611 N. 91st Street, STE 106, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-1523.


Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition SALE!

SMB2 iPhone AiAi Road On Sale

If you’re thinking about buying Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition for the iPad, you should go do something else until tomorrow. Because that’s when the game will receive a temporary sale price! Save yourself some money and your patience will be rewarded. We’ll let you know when the sale is on!


Iron Man 2 – Behind the Scenes of the Music Score

Ever wonder what goes into making music for a video game? Go behind the scenes of Iron Man 2 to see how the music was conceived and recorded for the game, and how rock elements were blended with a full orchestra to get the final effect.

YouTube Preview Image