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Archive for June 1st, 2010


Joe Amaro from Jazwares Answers Your Questions

Our last Q&A with Joe Amaro from Jazwares was so popular, that Joe agreed to do another! We recently took your questions, and we’re back with answers straight from Joe.

Phantom: Does Jazwares work from original concept art or does Sega provide the concepts? Does Sega have an approval process before the toys are shipped?

Joe: All of the Sonic characters are form the SEGA universe. SEGA approves everything.

Crystal: How do you decide which characters you put out on the lines?

Joe: I usually ask the fans, but we also try to make new figures for every new game coming out. Sometimes we talk to SEGA about it.


Eggman from the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing line

Sapphire: I really love all these figures. I usually get most of them when they come out. Will we be seeing more of some minor characters like Blaze, the Chaotix, Tikal, or others?

Joe: Yes, Blaze is on the way!

Jonathan Pattison: Hello there, I just wanted to ask you if you guys at Jazwares are planning to do a special set of Sonic and SEGA All-Star characters like Bonanza Bros, Nights, Samba Di Amigo? Cause that would be EX-CELLENTE!

Joe: Yes, AiAi, Amigo, and Beat are all going to join the small racers line.


Amigo from the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing line

Tenks: ARCHIE LICENSING FOR FIGURES. Be honest, what is the possibility here? I would think characters like Sally Acorn and co. could merit better sales then lesser known gaming characters.

Joe: Not now, but you never know!

SonicSpeed: Have you guys ever thought about ever creating Sonic Playsets of Green Hill Zone Like what you did with the Megaman series or even a cast of characters in a 5 inch line?

Joe: Playsets might be cool, but they are not in our plans right now.

Sonic the hedgehog: Ever consider making sonic toys that came with collectibles, like say, chaos emeralds? Maybe have Sonic, tails, knuckles, shadow, amy, rouge, and silver and have each come with a chaos emerald of a different color!

Joe: Yes, we are working on a Super Pack with all 7 Chaos Emeralds. Check out ToyFare # 156 in stores 6/9 for images of 3in Super Sonic and Super Shadow! Super Silver is still being worked on.

Matt (the Ultimate Sonic Fan): Ever consider making a line of super form toys that light up? Like a luminescent Super Sonic?

Joe: Great idea! That sounds cool.

Tenks: ARE ALL TWO-PACKS GOING TO INCLUDE A VARIANT OF SONIC? From what I heard the original Metal Sonic 3-inch was supposedly going to be packaged with Amy. Now instead Amy, like Metal Sonic, is going to be released with the THIRD Sonic toss-in to occur in the line. How many Sonics are we going to be getting here? I can understand stretching the line but this is getting a little silly.

Joe: Agreed, no more Sonics for a while now. Unless he is from a new game and has something new to him.

JShedgehog: Can you tell us any other characters that will be made in the 3 inch scale?

Joe: Vector, Espio, Blaze, and Charmy Bee, Eggman and Big with Froggy are next.

Lee: I know you love you’re see through/clear figures IS CHAOS 0 IN YOUR MINDS?? HE’D BE AWESOME!

Joe: I do love me some clear figures, no doubt!…You know so well :)

Hypersonic1112: Maybe you should consider a dark super sonic action figure, I know I’d enjoy it!

Joe: Woo, that would be cool, especially because we have sculpt now for Super Sonic!

Metal Sonic v.1

Metal Sonic Concept Art

Aquaslash: Is there any chance we’ll see some of the more obscure classic characters like Metal Knuckles and Fang?

Joe: I want to, but some Sonic characters were not developed by SEGA of Japan, and those we do not have the rights to. I asked already about Metal Knuckles.

And you know who else I wanted to make but was told no? Metal Sonic 3.0.

Metal Sonic v.3

Metal Sonic 3.0 Concept Art

Gamerman: Ever tried making bendable Sonic characters so they don’t break.

Joe: We have not done bendy figures, yet.

kid craft24: I was just curious as to how many 3.75 inch figures you guys are going to make? Are you planning on creating your own version of the sonic and shadow super posers like you did for knuckles? And lastly is a 10 inch sonic going to be created to go alongside the metal sonic figure or was that just an exclusive?

Joe: I want to make hundreds of 3.75 inch figures! We do have a 10” Sonic coming, as well as a Super Poser Tails.

Golfguy: Dear Mr. Amaro, I am 14 years old and I love your sonic the hedgehog figures, my favorites are silver, metal sonic, and shadow, and I can’t wait for Espio, Vector, and Super Sonic! I have a request: could you please make 3 inch figures of Chaos zero, Jet the hawk, and Omega? I am sure kids would like them, also these would be good for collectors. I also have a question will Espio, Vector, and Super Sonic be in 3 inch scale?

Joe: Yes, they will be in 3in scale. You will see Jet soon!

JShedgehog: Are there any more 5 inch figures planned?

Joe: Yes!


AiAi from the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing line

Aquaslash: It’s great that you guys are fixing all the figure errors, but why are they going out with errors in the first place? Why aren’t they being thoroughly tested for things like that?

Joe: Every item is independently safety tested and inspected, you can even find the reports on our website. If you ever have an issue please contact our customer service center and we will do everything to make it right!

Aquaslash: Any time frame on when the figures will hit stores like Wal Mart?

Joe: We keep asking Wal-Mart the same question…start a petition :)!

Lee: Ever a chance customers from all over the world can order directly from you guys on your site?

Joe: Not right now, we are not set up for that, sorry. But soon you will be able to find them on most on-line stores.

JShedgehog: What stores (OTHER THAN TOYS R US) are the figures sold in?

Joe: Transworld, Amazon, Hot Topic, specialty shops and local Comic Book stores.

Thanks to Joe for taking the time to answer questions!