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Archive for June 17th, 2010


E3 2010: Awards & Nominations

E3 Logo 2010

As the E3 2010 show comes to a close, I’m happy to report the nominations and awards that SEGA games have received this year. It’s been a great gear for SEGA and SEGA games. If these awards and nominations are any indication, it’s going to be a great year for SEGA fans.

If you have seen any E3 nominations or awards that are not on this list, or if your site has given us an award or nomination that is not on this list, please let us know in the comments. We’ll keep updating this list as the show wraps.

Shogun 2: Total War

Best Strategy Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best PC Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Strategy Game (nominee) – 1up

Best Strategy Game (nominee) –

Best PC Game (nominee) – IGN

Best Strategy Game (nominee) – IGN

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I

Best iPhone Game (nominee) – IGN

Best Platforming Game (nominee) – IGN

Reason to Live Award – Gamesradar

Best Downloadable Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Sonic Colors

Best DS game (nominee) – 1up

Best of E3 Award (DS version) – Pure Nintendo

Best DS game (nominee) – IGN

Best Wii game (nominee) – IGN

Best Platformer (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Conduit 2

Best of E3 Award – Pure Nintendo

Yakuza 4

Reason to Live award – Gamesradar

Best Action Game (nominee) – IGN


Best of E3 award – The Bit Bag

Game of the Show (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Shooter (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Multiplatform Console Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Graphics (technical) (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Reason to Live award – Gamesradar

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Best Strategy Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best PSP Game (nominee) – Gaming Excellence

Best Handheld Game (nominee) –


E3 2010: Guinness World Records

E3 2010: Guinness World Record

The nice folks from Guinness World Records just stopped by to give SEGA 2 world records! Pictured with the awards above are (L-R) Darren Williams, Mike Hayes, and Haruki Satomi.

E3 2010: Guinness World Record

The first award (pardon the glare) is for Valkyria Chronicles. The award is for best strategy RPG for the PS3! Valkyria Chronicles won Game of the Year, Strategy Game of the Year, and achieved average review scores of 86% and 86.38% in 2008.

E3 2010: Guinness World Record

The second award is for Virtua Fighter. We received it for being the first fully 3D fighting game to employ polygon graphics as opposed to animated sprites in 1993.

E3 2010: Guinness World Record

Here are Darren, Mike and Haruki with the people from Guinness World Records.

Speaking of awards, I’ve just been told that a few more E3 nominations and awards have come in. We’ll have a full update on all the nominations and awards in a future blog post. It’s been a great E3 for SEGA games!