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Archive for July 1st, 2010


Check out these new Nintendo DS Sonic Wallets

Ever so often we get a fun surprise from a group in our office that is all about the fun – our Licensing Department. If you follow the blogs, you’ve seen some quality gear go out, anything from plushies, limited edition vinyl figurines, comics, and some of the most adorable slippers ever.

Sonic DS Wallet

Just this week, we got another gem – a Nintendo DS wallet! If you are a DS owner like me, you have too many games, a ds, and a distinct lack of cases available to hold them both. The Sonic DS wallet solves both, stylishly, covering both the DS from harm and housing your games in a handy pouch.

We’re happy to let you know that the wallet is available for purchase and if you’d like to try your luck, we’ll have one available for a Free Stuff Friday giveaway next week. Big thanks to our Licensing Group for being awesome.


Alpha Protocol PlayStation Home Gear Now Available

Alpha Protocol

Extending your role play from our recent Alpha Protocol into the real world might cause some resistance from local authorities, international spy organizations, global arms merchants, etc. Instead, we recommend heading into PlayStation Home and picking up some of the new outfits available now (North American Home only).

Quite a few options have been digitally crafted into the PlayStation Home universe, allowing you to mix and match, or go for your favorite character. Be it one of the ladies of Alpha Protocol; Sie or Scarlett – or the commanding Michael Thorton himself – even take on one of the G22 with your own signature nightvision goggles. Without fear, you can bring your love for Alpha Protocol into a world that will be far more accepting of your passion.

Alpha Protocol Gear for Male or Female Avatars

Alpha Protocol Home Gear

Alpha Protocol Baseball Cap (headgear) – A classic choice in headwear. Show your support for Obsidian’s Modern Espionage RPG!

Alpha Protocol Tactical Vest (torso) – The perfect companion every good spy needs to have all their gadgets and tactical tools ready at a moment’s notice.

Alpha Protocol SWAT Utilities (Legs) – Serious utility pants for serious tactical situations.

Alpha Protocol Helmet (headgear) – Every good spy knows that when the bullets start flying you’ll need a helmet to make sure you don’t lose your head.

Sie’s Beret (headgear) – Need something sexy, dangerous and of course stylish? Try this beret worn by the fierce and unpredictable ex-Stasi operative.

Alpha Protocol Night Vision Goggles (headgear) – The elite G22 demand only the best in enhanced optics for their top secret incursions. Now these custom goggles can be yours.

Alpha Protocol Tactical Vest with Grenades (torso) – Fitted tactical vest equipped with incendiary grenades, just in case things get out of hand.

Alpha Protocol Logo T-Shirt (torso) – A very stylish choice in t-shirts. Show your support for Sega’s Modern Espionage RPG!

Alpha Protocol Tactical Vest with Knife in Shoulder Holster (torso) – Fitted tactical vest, with a stealthy knife that is always within reach. Additional vest options for pistol, rifle, knife, pistol & knife, pistol & knife & grenades, pistol & rifle, and shotgun options available. Pick the option that best suits your playstyle!

Alpha Protocol SWAT Utilities with Pistol on Leg Holster (legs) – SWAT utility pants with pistol, the cornerstone for any tactically minded agent. Additional leg option with only a knife or knife & pistol available for when you want to get in close.

Male Avatars Only

Alpha Protocol Home Gear

Michael Thorton Suit – Get decked out head to toe in the gear worn by Michael Thorton himself.

Female Avatars Only

Alpha Protocol Home Gear
Sie Costume – Sie puts bullets in faces. Lots of bullets. Lots of faces. This female predator has a tough look to match her hunting habits.

Scarlet Lake Costume – Get the look of one of the award-winning and multifaceted photojournalist from Sega’s Modern Espionage RPG.

Free Stuff & Blog Reader Appreciation!

Readers of the Sega blog and quick redeemers can pick up a few freebies from within the blog. Take the codes below (first come first served) and enter into PlayStation Home redeem field to take a bit of Alpha Protocol with you – this is a thank you to all the readers who read and support us!

Sie’s Outfit (Female avatars only)

Michael Thorton’s Combat Gear (Male avatars only)