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Archive for July 14th, 2010


Sonic 4 Contest Finalists go live tomorrow!

Hey there Sonic fans,

Starting tomorrow, the voting for the Final top 10 entries in Sonic’s 19th Birthday Contest will begin! Our teams have spent the last few days judging, narrowing down, and selecting only the ten best. From America to Europe to Japan, SEGA staff worldwide have been watching what you guys sent us with excitement and amazement.

To say that we’re impressed would be an understatement. Picking only ten was harder than we could have imagined, and there were hundreds of fantastic entries, all of which we wish we could pick to put among the ten finalists. We watched, scored, and finally completed the list.

Tomorrow, when the finalists go live on the Sonic 4 website, everyone will be able to watch and vote for the one you want to support. You’ll also be able to vote once per day, so you can choose to spread your votes out around multiple entries you enjoyed, or funnel them all behind a single person.

When the deadline hits and the voting comes to an end later this month, the entries with the most votes will be our winners! Oh, and every single person who sent us something has a chance to score a prize too, thanks to our 100 random-draw swag prizes. We hope you guys enjoy the goodies!

To all of you who sent us videos: thank you, and awesome work. Even if you’re not in the top ten, we’re going to spotlight some of our additional favorites right here on the blog, which also feeds straight into the Sonic 4 website. There are a ton of entries we loved that didn’t make top ten, and we’ll be showing them off to the world soon.

Finally, to those who will face off tomorrow in the Finals: Good luck!

As we wait for the voting page to go live tomorrow morning, a question for everyone: what were some of your favorite videos?