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Archive for July 21st, 2010


GUARDIANS Advanced Content and Free AOTI Expansion!

We’ve got some great news for Phantasy Star Universe!

First, the long-awaited GUARDIANS Advanced Content update — known previously as the Supplemental Update in Japan — is now available for PSU! To help usher in this jam-packed new update — and the many other additions of content to follow it — we have also made the Ambition of the Illuminus expansion totally free over Xbox Live, now and forever.

Phantasy Star Universe

The GUARDIANS Advanced Content represents the most important (and largest) update to the game since the launch of the Ambition of the Illuminus expansion: There are tons of new customization options and upgrades to abilities and classes, as well as tons of new items of all ranks to collect (some of which are being added right away, and more of which are being rolled out over time), new missions to try, and tons of refinements and adjustments to gameplay.

The gameplay updates — detailed here, in one of our previews — are essentially all improvements to existing classes: the game has a total of 15 different classes, and this update gives some of the underpowered classes (especially the Techer classes) some nice boosts, giving everyone a lot more versatility in group and solo play.

Phantasy Star Universe

More than just gameplay updates though, GUARDIANS Advanced Content now adds the ability to earn AEXP, or “Advanced Experience Points”. This special type of experience can be collected by players of all levels and used at the level cap to customize abilities and powers, giving an unprecedented control over your character’s abilities. You can, for example, add damage to certain types of weapons, and become a specialist with your favorite gear, or you can add unique defensive abilities and give yourself more utility on the battlefield.

There are also new missions added, with the “/R” designation after their title, which are unique group-oriented missions. These missions have special rules designed for greater challenge and group play, and help players earn more of the “AEXP” for customizing their characters.

There’s a lot to see & explore with this Update, with a lot more on the way. It’s a great time to start playing — or to come back. Stay tuned — there’s a lot more news on the way for PSU!

Phantasy Star Universe