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Archive for July 26th, 2010


San Diego Comic Con 2010

Thor The Video Game Logo

I just got back from San Diego Comic Con 2010, and it’s no joke that my feet are tired! Although SEGA did not have its own booth at the show this year, there were some SEGA folks in attendance. The team working on the upcoming Thor game was in the Marvel booth during the con to show off a teaser trailer for the game as well as some concept art from the game.

Surtur Forge

This is one piece of concept art that we showed, from Muspelheim. Other pieces showed Asgard, Vanaheim, and Niflheim.


The Marvel booth was topped by this huge sign, with Spiderman peering down on the people in the booth.

Marcella on Odin's Throne

The can’t-miss centerpiece of the booth was Odin’s throne. This is straight from the movie set! Marcella, the SEGA Brand Manager for the Thor game, is doing a lovely job of showing off the throne. You can see in the photo from IMDB that it’s the same as the throne from the movie, although with fewer stairs. Many people stood in line to get their photos taken on the throne.

The Destroyer

Behind the throne was the Destroyer, who was not on display the entire time, but drew intense crowd reaction when it was revealed.

Game Environment Demo

Our friends from Liquid Entertainment, who are developing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the Thor game, did a couple on-stage demos about how the environments of the game are created — from concept art, to grey block, to textures, and finishing touches. The crowd response was great, and many people came to ask questions and give the concept art a closer look.

Lil' Thor

We also saw some great Thor cosplayers, including this adorable kid. It wasn’t just kids showing their Thor love, though — we saw someone else in our booth on Sunday giving our concept art a close inspection.

Thor Cosplayer

We also had some celebrities in the Marvel booth, including Kenneth Branagh, who is the director of the upcoming Thor movie.

Kenneth Branagh

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, who play Thor and Loki in the upcoming movie, also game to the booth for a signing session.

Thor Signing

All in all, it was a fun weekend! Thanks to everyone who came by to meet us and see what we’re up to with the Thor game. We’ll have a lot more in the coming months!


Shogun 2 – New Screens & Concept Art

What a great way to start the week, we have a big drop of new screenshots and concept art for the upcoming Creative Assembly game, Shogun 2.  Take a look at the newest screens accompanied by information straight from the development team, be sure to click in on each image for a higher resolution version:

Concept Art

Fiery Castle

An early concept of a castle on fire. Sieging castles in Shogun 2 is a brand new experience. Multiple types of castle with multiple levels of walling mean you must break every ring and assail every redoubt. AI defense and attack mechanics have been reworked to be much more competent in offering resistance. Higher level palace structures will differ depending on where they are built and how heavily defended.

Date Masamune

Date Masamune

The famous Date Masamune. A one eyed warrior, the famous leader of the Date Clan who cared so much for his men’s welfare he personally bought them the best armour money could buy. His famous victories include defeating an army of 30,000 men with 7000 warriors. He features as a potential member of the Date clan family tree and a commander on the battlefield.

Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga.

One of the three truly great leaders of the sengoku-jedi. The first leader who truly held the potential to unify Japan. A member of the Oda clan family tree and a general on the battlefield, famous for his early adoption of the western musket and gunpowder. Also a famous opponent of Japan’s warrior monks.



A member of the Takeda dynasty and a general on the battlefield. Takeda Shingen famously had a loyal corps of twenty four generals, who won many victories under his military rule. A great strategist with some long term enemies in Japan.


Nightly Clash

Two large forces of the Takeda and Chosokabe clans rush forward to destroy one another and hold the field. Both are Samurai units, meaning this will be a bloody and skilful match of swords.

Soldiers on a beach

Having beached these Samurai and Ashigaru are now ready to take the fight to the enemy during the gentle and spectacular Japanese spring blossom season.

Horses vs Samurai

Here we see a heavy horse charge with Chosokabe mounted Katana Samurai smashing into a line of foot Takeda Katana Samurai. Brand new physics systems allow for realistic charges with horses slamming into the throng of soldiers, scattering them and throwing the unit into disarray.