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Archive for November 12th, 2010


The SEGA Community Event starts tonight!

Hey everyone!

We hope you’re all excited for tonight’s big event! From Valkyria Chronicles to Phantasy Star to Sonic 4, we’ve got cool things in store – including food (and chocolate)!

Because demand for space was big really big astronomically high, we’ve also booked a fourth room to help accommodate more guests. First things first – here’s the final guest list!

  1. Eric (Giolon)
  2. Mike S.
  3. Montes
  4. Austin M.
  5. Casde (needs confirmation)
  6. Daniela T.
  7. Bao
  8. Sam
  9. William
  10. John M.
  11. Yoko
  12. Tom F.
  13. Matt
  14. Matt’s guest (needs name confirmation)
  15. Daniel Hong
  16. Ryan Cameron
  17. Steven Regalo
  18. Steven’s guest (needs name confirmation)
  19. Karl Stenerud
  20. Victor S.
  21. Victor’s guest (needs name confirmation)
  22. Paul Tidd
  23. Ron Z.
  24. John Gillis
  25. Keith Tidd
  26. Audrey Spoor
  27. Audrey’s Guest (needs name confirmation)
  28. K.C.L.
  29. Nilknarf C.
  30. Michael S.
  31. Garret C.
  32. Maegan C.
  33. Skyler K.
  34. Skyler K’s Guest (needs name confirmation)
  35. Skyler K’s second Guest (needs name confirmation)
  36. Michael T.
  37. Gabriel P.
  38. Gabriel P.’s Guest (needs name confirmation)
  39. Gabriel P.’s Guest (needs name confirmation)
  40. Gabriel P.’s Guest (needs name confirmation)
  41. Michael V.
  42. Chris Yelton
  43. Ellis K.
  44. Max V.
  45. Carl B.
  46. Robert W.
  47. Robert W’s guest (needs name confirmation)
  48. Karlan Harris
  49. Michael L.
  50. Stephan C.
  51. Johnnie M.
  52. Paul W.
  53. John S.
  54. Hector L.
  55. Frank C.
  56. Matt L.
  57. Randall Miyashiro
  58. Travis Girard
  59. Drew Girard
  60. Michael T.
  61. Farris D.
  62. Owen S.
  63. Jason L.
  64. Jonathan Lee
  65. Frank Du
  66. Oliver W.
  67. Selena
  68. Anthony C.
  69. Sandra S.
  70. Joel P.
  71. Joel P’s brother (needs name confirmation)

Finding SEGA

There are two entrances to SEGA: one on Kansas street and one on Rhode Island street. For this event, please make sure to use the Kansas entrance, as it’s the one we’ve secured for the evening so that the doors don’t lock you or your family out, etc.

Once you come in from the Kansas side, you’ll see a number of Rappies guiding your way. They’ll lead you to the doors, then to the elevators, and from there you’ll want to head up to the Fourth floor. We’ll be there ready to check people in starting at 5:00 PM!

What kind of food will there be?

We’ve ordered some very yummy sandwiches and some even more yummy dessert to feed you guys with. We’ve also picked up a fairly wide variety of soda (super healthy!), so whether you’re a Coke, Pepsi, or even a Mountain Dew person, your drink of choice will be there!

Is there parking nearby?

The best spots to park will be in the blocks nearby – De Haro and Carolina, which are only a couple blocks away, may also have parking. If you go up the hill a little on either Rhode Island or Kansas streets, you may also find some parking spots to use!

What kind of prizes are you giving away?

That’s a secret! You’ll have to wait and see what we’ve got in store. 😉

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you guys tonight – and sorry that we couldn’t fit in everyone who wanted to come! The high demand for this event is a great sign for the future, though – if you guys want more, we’ll make them happen.

See you tonight!


Sonic Colors European Launch Trailer

Sonic Colors (or Colours, depending on where you live) is out today across Europe! To celebrate, we’ve got a new trailer for you.

YouTube Preview Image

If you are in Europe, go pick up the game and tell us what you think in the forums. If you’re in North America, you only have a few more days to wait, as Sonic Colors will be out on Tuesday, November 16th.