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Archive for November 16th, 2010


Super Monkey Ball Thanksgiving Wallpapers

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we have new festive Super Monkey Ball 3DS wallpapers to replace our last batch from Halloween (we know you kept them up, that’s 100% ok!). We’ve also got a larger wider screen version for those that were requesting them, enjoy!

HALLOWEEN Version A 1600x1200
Download Version A Here:
1920×1600 | 1600×1200 | 1280×1024 | 1024×768 | 800×600

HALLOWEEN Version B 1600x1200
Download Version B Here:
1920×1600| 1600×1200 | 1280×1024 | 1024×768 | 800×600


Crazy Taxi Out Now on PSN!

Attention Crazy Drivers everywhere — it’s time to make some Crazy Money on the Crazy Streets, because the Dreamcast’s own Crazy Taxi is out now for (Crazy) PlayStation Network!

Not enough Crazy for you yet? Then you might just be crazy enough for this game, which has some of the most infectiously fun driving of any game for any console. That it represents the Dreamcast’s continued return to digital space via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network is just a nice bonus for fans of the system.

Crazy Taxi

The real goodness of Crazy Taxi comes from the fact that, while incredibly easy to jump in and have fun with, it is actually an incredibly challenging game to master — this is especially true for the various challenge modes the game has. Careening around the streets like a madman (or madwoman) is both easy to do and deliciously destructive fun: huge jumps off tall hills net you bonus points as you slam wildly (and harmlessly) into semi-trucks while terrified pedestrians dive out of your way. It is, in fact, a great deal like actually driving in San Francisco (something I can readily attest to).

Crazy Taxi

To actually master the game — meaning turning in top times (and there will be online leaderboards for this) and completing the challenges — requires both skill and strategy. You need to learn the twists and turns of the wonderfully realized in-game city and become an expert at the game’s difficult special maneuvers. I’ve become good — reasonably good — at the standard arcade mode of the game, simply racing from one passenger to the next. This version of the game is endlessly satisfying but it’s the various challenges (see the screenshot of using your car as a bowling ball, below) which keep you perfecting your skills.

Crazy Taxi (XBLA/PSN)

You can get Crazy Taxi right now on PlayStation Network, and it will hit Xbox Live Arcade on the 24th. Additionally, PlayStation Plus members get a 20% discount on the game until November 30th. That is, as they say, some crazy savings.

There’s more Dreamcast news coming, and of course Space Channel 5 part II and SEGA Bass Fishing on the way!


Behold the greatest Yakuza Wallpaper ever created

When Yakuza 4’s box art was first revealed for the west, fans across the US and Europe were shocked.

“It’s… good,” they said. “… really good.”

Traditionally speaking, it’s pretty rare that Japanese RPGs or adventure games get cooler box art in the US than they do in Japan. There are a few exceptions though – and you can add Yakuza 4 to that list, with both fans and our teams here at SEGA stoked at how awesome the box art came out.

Fans asked us for high res art, and even a wallpaper in the forums, and today we’re happy to give out both in one! Presenting our first community exclusive Yakuza 4 wallpaper:

(Click here or on the image for full size)

Glorious. Red. Big.

We love it – and we hope you guys do too.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, or in the official Yakuza forum!


Kingdom Conquest Available Now!

Kingdom Conquest is here — Click here to go to the iTunes store and download the game now, for FREE!

Kingdom Conquest is a free-to-play MMO built exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch that puts players in the shoes of an adventurer aspiring to become the new king of Magna, the land of monsters. Chaos has spread like wildfire following the disappearance of the former ruler, El Dor, and his empty throne lies open for the taking . . .

Kingdom Conquest

That’s the premise behind this unique game — manage your city, crawl through dungeons, and build alliances with friends as you build your army into an empire. The game is a free download and free to play, and while you will be able to microtransact a wide variety of options to strengthen your armies, anyone can get involved and see what the game has to offer without spending a dime.

Kingdom Conquest
Kingdom Conquest

What the game has to offer is quite a bit, and there’s a lot of depth behind the game’s different modes. The game’s tutorial guides you nicely through the complex systems and teaches you how to build up your city and develop an army, and this is combined with classic dungeon crawling sensibilities. Dungeons in the game are filled with what dungeons everywhere are filled with — loot & monsters — and these in turn can be used to not just strengthen your character for higher-level dungeon crawling, but to help strengthen your city and your alliance.

Kingdom Conquest
Kingdom Conquest

The game is easy to get into but there are countless aspects to master, and in my opinion, what makes it interesting is that most of the strategy has yet to be defined: Right now the game’s worlds are open & untouched, and it’s going to be entirely up the players who download this to decide how best to set about conquering them. Ultimately, the game is about taking control of the most number of towers, and forming an alliance powerful enough to hold these.

Last thing — check out the new trailer for the game:

YouTube Preview Image

This is your chance to get in on an adventure that’s just beginning. Stay tuned for updates and more information about this exciting MMO for the iPhone and iPod Touch!


Sonic Colors Release Day

Sonic Colors is now available worldwide! To celebrate the launch, I have two videos for you. First, our launch trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

The second is something that we put up on Facebook and YouTube yesterday as a sneak peek — the new Sonic Colors TV commercial!

YouTube Preview Image

We’re eager to hear what you think of the game! Visit the Sonic Colors forum to interact with other fans and share your strategies and secrets.