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Archive for November 18th, 2010


Chu Chu Rocket Update – New Maps! Fixes! Features!

Chu Chu Rocket Logo

Chu Chu Rocket on iPhone and iPad is getting an update tomorrow to add in a few enhancements, update with some awesome free content, and also fix a few pesky problems. The update will go out on 11/19 to the app store, so you’ll want to check back during the day tomorrow to grab it. In the update there a a few things I wanted to highlight as I think they are welcome changes to the ChuChu Experience.

First off, fans of the Chu Chu Rocket series will be happy to know we are giving you 100 new puzzles to play! These puzzles are completely free and pull from the original levels created by fans in the original Dreamcast release. The first update includes a sampling of puzzles created from Europe, Japan, and USA.

The next notable update is the addition of ‘ghost arrows’ in multiplayer. This is a new feature for Chu Chu Rocket, but something we feel makes the game more enjoyable overall. When playing multiplayer, placing arrows will now set a ‘ghost’ arrow that will provide a preview of where your arrow will be placed. This helps immensely in multiplayer when planning out strategies and managing available tiles during the frantic game.

Below are the full patch notes for tomorrow’s update:

• iPad Game Center for OS 4.2 iPads
• 100 Extra levels added to Puzzle mode
• Ghost arrows added to Multiplayer mode
• Arrow placement UI improved
• Multiplayer lobby UI improved

• Rare crash-at-launch bug fixed
• Bug that occasionally caused some achievements not to unlock fixed
• Mouse-entering-rocket audio issue fixed – now all Chu Chus can be heard entering the Rocket in all modes!
• Performance upgrades

We hope you enjoy this new updates and welcome your feedback on all things Chu Chu Rocket. We definitely have more planned for the game, so have fun with the new puzzles and check back for more updates on Chu Chu Rocket!