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Archive for November 24th, 2010


Conduit 2 Intro Trailer Revealed

Conduit 2 fans rejoice, today we reveal new video footage of High Voltage Software’s Wii FPS! The video, which features a cinematic look at Conduit details the ending from Conduit 1 and the intro for Conduit 2. Along the way, you’ll be treated to some things to come … I’m trying my best not to spoil the video, which you can see in full below:

YouTube Preview Image

In addition, we have some new screens for you! See some below, and the rest on our Flickr set.

Conduit 2

Conduit 2

Conduit 2


Autumn iPhone Sale Starts Today – up to 80% Off Select Titles!

Attention, SEGA Fans! We have a special Fall sale for the Apple iPhone. Lots of great games are getting discounts up to 80% off, so from now until November 30th is your chance to save on this iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad titles.

Here’s the low-down:

Super Monkey Ball 2 $5.99 $1.99
Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition $7.99 $2.99
Phantasy Star II $4.99 $0.99
Golden Axe $2.99 $0.99
ChuChu Rocket! $2.99 $0.99
ChuChu Rocket! HD $4.99 $2.99
Sonic 4, Episode 1 $6.99 $4.99

Chu Chu Rocket

There you go — this sale is just a limited time to kick off the holiday season so check it out while you can, because on December 1st prices will be back to normal!


Crazy Taxi Launches on Xbox Live Arcade!

The craziness comes to a peak today as Crazy Taxi — the Dreamcast classic, a blisteringly fun driving game through the streets of a faux-San Francisco — releases on Xbox Live Arcade!

Already out for PlayStation Network, Crazy Taxi continues the Dreamcast console’s digital rebirth. What started with Sonic Adventure continues with one of the most purely fun games to appear on the system — even if I wanted to say something bad about Crazy Taxi, I don’t think I’d be able to. The game is both immediately fun and seriously challenging: ripping around the crazy streets is easy to do and the learning curve is such that you can get satisfactorily better just with some simple practice.

Crazy Taxi (XBLA/PSN)

But to really master the game you need to learn the, ahem, Crazy Techniques. Thus we present a special video for Axel’s Crazy Taxi Instructional Video! Featuring a quick tour of the many difficult maneuvers you can pull off in your nigh-indestructible cab, this is a great place to get started on your road to crazy money.

YouTube Preview Image

In case the video moves too fast for you and you want a quick reference guide, here are the moves listed, and how to perform them:

Crazy Dash: While accelerator and brake are not in use, shift into Drive while quickly accelerating.

Quick Turn: Brake, press accelerator and turn at the same time.

Limiter Cut: Execute the Crazy Dash maneuver, then let go of the accelerator and shift into Reverse, then execute the Crazy Dash again.

Crazy Drift: Shift into reverse during driving; quickly shift into Drive and then make a tight turn.

Crazy Back Drift: Shift into Drive and accelerate, then quickly switch into Reverse while making a tight turn.

Crazy Stop: Quickly switch into Reverse.

Some of these are rather complex but with practice, they become second nature. The Crazy Dash is perhaps the most useful to pick up early on, and is quick & easy to learn — master that and your performance will improve dramatically.

Crazy Taxi (XBLA/PSN)

Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are now out and about — stay tuned for more news on Space Channel 5: Part 2, and SEGA Bass Fishing!