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Archive for November 29th, 2010


Earn some rings in new fan-created Sonic 4 challenges!

Good news for all of us who have completed Sonic 4 100%, or at least with all seven emeralds: one fan from Sweden has come up with his own list of challenges, and if you’re looking for something to keep that Sonic 4 experience fresh and fun, these are pretty awesome.

(Click the image to view the challenges!)

User Gubbyman from the SEGA forums has created a to-do list, complete with rankings for how close you get, that should keep any avid Sonic player on their toes. For starters, did you know that it’s possible to collect every single ring in Splash Hill Zone Act 1? (And that there are 336 of them!)

The better you do, the more rings you’ll get in the thread, which will also move you up higher on the top ten scoreboard. You can use pictures and videos to prove you pulled it off, but really, half the fun is just seeing if you can complete these with an A rank.

Check them out and click here to visit the Sonic 4 challenges thread!

Finally, props to Gubbyman himself for putting this all together. Cheers to you, Gubby!


Exclusive Sonic Colors and Cash Cash Videos at Metacafe

Metacafe is releasing a series of videos with Cash Cash, who performs the theme song to Sonic Colors. The videos include some footage from our Bryant Park event in New York City as well as footage shot at their home studio in New Jersey. Here are the first 3 videos, and more will be posted on the Metacafe site over the next few weeks.

Get to know Cash Cash:

Cash Cash talk about their favorite games:

Cash Cash talk about playing Sonic on the Genesis:

See more on the Metacafe site soon!


Destructoid visits SEGA

Last week, a couple fine folks from the gaming community Destructoid came by the SEGA offices. We all joined in to celebrate the two-week anniversary of their review for what critics are hailing as one of the best Sonic games ever – Sonic Colors. And, as we all learned with one very special cake, sometimes you never know how good something is until you try it!

YouTube Preview Image

Thankfully, Ai Ai was there to make it all better. Also, please note that nobody is to ever speak of the DreamCat again. (Codename: ‘Kitten’).

As a little shout out to our awesome licensing team, yes – those Sonic pillows, the pinata, and all the party supplies are real and are actually coming out next year – a few may already be showing up in the US. Sweet.

Hope you guys enjoy the video, and thanks to Carnage and Venom of Destructoid for coming by and enjoying a little 4.5 with us!