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Archive for December 10th, 2010


Sonic Sackboy – The Unboxing

When we first saw the adorable creation from @fullmetalpiglet, we were smitten. We made the rounds on the internet, gathered up the links and information about this amazing creation and we made sure fans everywhere had a chance to see the creation of the Sonic Sackboy.

YouTube Preview Image

But oh, it gets better – @fullmetalpiglet is equally awesome and agreed to send the one, the only, the Sonic Sackboy to us in exchange for some goodies. We offered to buy one from her, but she said she doesn’t make them for money, just the fun and challenge of the project. We can absolutely respect that and were thrilled to set up the exchange.

Sonic SackboySonic Sackboy

This week, Sonic Sackboy arrived in the office and we’ve been gushing about it ever since. We made the rounds in the office, we made everyone extremely jealous, and we then gave it to our friend coworker Fabian. See me fumble with the box, say ‘uh’ alot and present this trophy to one of the biggest Sonic fans in the office below:

YouTube Preview Image

Huge thanks to @fullmetalpiglet for making this amazing Sonic tribute and sending it our way.  We love it!  Head over to her page for more Sackboys and instructions on crafting them!