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Archive for December 13th, 2010


Little Wing License update coming to PSP:2

Good news for Phantasy Star fans – starting soon, the online servers for PSP:2 will be updating to help us keep the game more cheat-free and ensure that only players who actually bought the game are granted access to the free servers.

Amidst the sound of weeping pirates everywhere, here’s all the info you’ll need to make sure you can get back online smoothly once the update hits!

  • US players will soon need the code granted within the retail copy of the game or which was automatically awarded when purchased digitally to access the online servers. This code is being updated, so you will need to download it once more. (Your download history should work.)
  • This update is now live in the UK. The US update will be coming soon, pending a couple quick updates from Sony and our dev team.
  • New users to the online servers from the update forward should be able to login after using their original code, meaning they won’t have to download twice. (We’ll be testing this once it goes live in the US!)

As with any patch or update that affects connectivity, we’re sure there may be some people who have trouble getting online – so if that’s you, please also feel free to contact us at for customer service if you’re having any trouble with your code.

For those playing on used copies, there is currently no additional method to purchase a code individually, though we did try to explore this possibility as much as we could for you guys. We know this was covered off back at launch, but just wanted to mention it once more as the question has come up before.

Thanks to everyone for their patience as we worked to get these codes up and running as intended – as we hear more news from the dev team, including the final date that this will go live in the US, we’ll post a new blog here. Until then, please feel free to post here or to with any questions or concerns!


Sonic & SEGA Fan Holidays

Earlier this month, we asked for photos of your SEGA and Sonic-themed holiday decorations. You guys answered the call with some amazing stuff!


Via Twitter, we received this photo from @alandria7 featuring her Chaos Christmas tree! She made it with a mixture of cold china modeling/painting and papercraft. You can check it out on her Deviant Art gallery, and if you want more detail on how she made it (as well as a work-in-progress photo), you can see that in her preview.

Sonic Tree

We got this photo of Maurice’s tree via our Facebook page. Simple and awesome!


From our forums, we received this NiGHTS-themed Chanukah fan art from viperxmns.

Sonic Tree Topper

Dee sent us a photo of Sonic on top of her tree, and said that he’s been there for at least 16 years. Cool!

Tree Toppers

Here are more figurines gracing the top of a tree! This photo is from Tim via Facebook.

Dear Santa

Jonny found some of his childhood letters to Santa asking for Sonic games, and sent us photos. This one is my favorite of the group. It’s cool that he wanted Sonic Spinball and games for his Genesis, but what made me laugh was the second sentence about his sister. (Jonny also mentioned that he got the games he wanted!)

Sonic Ornament
Here’s a Sonic figurine turned ornament from Kris via Facebook.

Handmade Ornaments

Jonna in Finland sent this photo with a note: “This is my mini-christmas tree, where is Sonic-decorations, that I personally hand-made. Is it that pretty? I REALLY love Sonic! Hope he’ll live in game world more couple ten years :). I wish you SEGA people HYVÄÄ JOULUA! In english= MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Sonic Lights

Check out these cool Sonic tree lights! Pasquale from Facebook sent this photo to us.

Sonic Holiday Plushes

Also from Pasquale… check out these Sonic and Tails holiday plushes!

Sonic Holiday Shirt

Scarlet Crystal the Hedgehog sent us a photo of a t-shirt she made featuring Sonic.


From Jim on Facebook, we received this photo of his Sonic and Game Gear ornament.

Around the Web

We got some great stuff from our fans, but just to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything else, I took a look around the web.

Sonic Stocking

I found some Sonic stockings on Etsy, in blue, green, and red.

Sonic Ornaments by tierafoxglove

Lastly, I found these ornaments from tierafoxglove on Deviant Art.

What did we miss?

I’m sure there’s more out there! If you have photos of SEGA or Sonic themed holiday ornaments, decorations, or artwork, please send them our way! You can send us a message on Twitter, post them to our forums, or email them to us at

I looked pretty hard for a Sonic or SEGA themed menorah, but couldn’t find one. (I did find this awesome Star Trek one and the hilarious Mel Gibson one, though). If you have one or find one, please send a photo?