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Archive for December 21st, 2010


GUARDIANS Express – December 2010

Welcome to the Holiday edition of the GUARDIANS Express Newsletter!

Absolute Zero – Event Update

Phantasy Star

We are still in the middle of the Absolute Zero event and GUARDIANS have put up an impressive tally so far — more than 25 million kills have been registered, and both bonus routes in the main mission have now been unlocked. Here’s the special event website:

Absolute Zero will continue well into January, and intrepid GUARDIANS now have a chance to do something that has rarely been achieved before — unlocking all reward panels for an event! This would be an excellent time to do so: getting to the end of the rewards panels will unlock an unprecedented +20% success rate for weapons and armor synthesis, a PA boost, and the unique Sacred Dusters weapon.

Additionally, the event has received an update — new items are now available for trade at the special event counter. Check out the Ice Crystal Exchange mission on the 5th floor of the GUARDIANS colony to see everything you can get with your collected Ice Crystals!

Phantasy Star Universe

The event itself offers a very unique playstyle. You can charge through the main mission, which still requires a full group of players in order to unlock all the available rewards — there needs to be some clever positioning with your photon reflectors in order to defrost the different mission targets, and this is mixed up with killing the mission’s mobs. The real fun and challenge comes after clearing this first part of the mission, though, when you can go on to the bonus mission: here, you face a special time challenge to rush back and forth between a special combat area and a “staging block”, with the goal to defeat as many monsters as possible before time expires.

It’s a unique challenge that requires skill and experience — each member of the party must learn where best to position themselves on the map as monsters spawn, and you have to co-ordinate your efforts to clear the maximum number of monsters.

Christmas Lobbies

Winter Holidays abound, and in PSU the GUARDIANS celebrate with traditional decorated trees. Come see the festive holiday lobbies while they last — lobbies are available on Parum, Moatoob, and Neudaiz!

Phantasy Star Universe


Vote for SEGA Games in 1UP’s Reader’s Choice Awards

Get your votes in now for the 1UP Reader’s Choice Awards! SEGA games are nominated in several categories, including Best 360 Game and Best PS3 game. Show some love for favorites like Bayonetta, Vanquish, Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Napoleon: Total War by voting now!


1UP have also just unlocked the voting for Game of the Year, and both Napoleon: Total War and Bayonetta are nominated! Vote for your favorite SEGA game and help us bring home the win.

British Officer

Spread the word… vote SEGA!