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Archive for December 23rd, 2010


MasterTweet Theatre – Holiday Edition

The community team is very happy to present to you an insight into our wacky and crazy minds – this week before the break – we give you — MasterTweet Theatre

See Santa Aaron read from his tome of tweets – have they been naughty? Have they been Nice? View on to see a few of our favorite tweets from the past year, presented from the comfort of the SEGA living room.

MasterTweet Theatre Part 1

YouTube Preview Image

MasterTweet Theatre Part 2

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Holidays everyone!


ChuChu Rocket Update! Retina Support! Online Multiplayer!

While our Super Amazing SEGA MEGA Sale is kicking off – we have some good news for fans of ChuChu Rocket who might have been on the fence for some key feature updates. Well well – there’s not much reason to not buy my personal favorite Dreamcast game, we’ve now added Retina Support and Online Multiplayer! Huge news for every ChuChu fan everywhere.

Chu Chu Rocket Buy Now

Don’t forget that we’ve had two updates previous to this adding in 200 new levels, new features, and updates. If you are a ChuChu Rocket fan – this is easily the best version we’ve ever released and it just keeps getting better!