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Archive for February 4th, 2011


ANARCHY REIGNS – Character Profile – Jack

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Sonic Colors Guide: Sweet Mountain, Act 2

Sonic Colors Logo

So far, we’ve covered acts in Tropical Resort and Starlight Carnival. This week, we’re moving on to Sweet Mountain, Act 2. Sweet Mountain is one of my favorite zones in the game because of the food theme. It’s not all sweets (giant cheeseburgers, anyone?) but it’s sure creative! As with the other blogs, we’re following the Sonic Colors Strategy Guide. If you want more hints, tips, tricks, and walkthroughs of other acts, that’s the place to get them!

Level Details

You’ll start off with 320,000 points. To get a C rank on this level, you need a score of 500,000. To get a B rank, you need 750,000. For an A rank, you need 950,000 and to get the much-coveted S rank, you need 1,250,000 points. This is a shorter act, with time over at 4:51.

As with the other acts, if you play well you will get a no-miss bonus. If you have no lost tries, you’ll get 280,000 bonus points. For 1 lost try you get 210,000 points, for 2 lost tries you get 182,000 points, for 3 lost tries you get 56,000 and for 4 lost tries you get 28,000. If you have 5 or more lost tries, you don’t get any bonus points.

Green Wisp Bauble

There are three Wisp powers available in this act. The White Wisp is your boost. You also have the Yellow Drill in this act, available at all times. If you’ve completed Starlight Carnival, Act 5 then you have the green Hover in this act as well.

There are three enemy types in this act: Egg Pawns, Mole, and Buzzer. The Egg Pawns are 1,000 points, the Buzzer are 1,500, and the Mole are 5,000.

Level Map

sweet mountain map

See a full-size map here.


Begin by sprinting up a set of pipes, turning sideways around a curve, and using quick step to side as you go. Scoop up rings and Wisp capsules, then get centered on the path after the quick sharp turns to hit the series of five rainbow rings that propel Sonic far across the gap.

01 Sweet Mountain

Sprint the next stretch while using your drift control to stay on the track. A ramp at the track’s end flings Sonic across the gap to the imposing hamburger tower. Keep punching the jump button to complete the five-part trick jump and land on the grind rail that leads to some rainbow rings. These, in turn, fling Sonic through the first checkpoint.

Follow the path until ducking under the low wall. On the other side, you see three platforms with a Green Wisp capsule on the center one. If you’ve already unlocked the Green Wisp, go on. If not, skip ahead.

Get the Green Wisp and then activate the Green Hover. Hover upward, using the ring dash to zip upward faster through two sets of three rings. Float through the Green Wisp capsule at the top of the tower to refill the Green Hover gauge, then carefully descend through the gaps in the spiky platforms until you drop onto the special ring. The platform beneath the special ring collapses, and Sonic drops to the path below. Duck underneath the low wall again and proceed up the slope to the right.

02 Sweet Mountain

Jump onto the blue button to trigger an Egg Pawn drop. Nail all five pawns to lower a winch handle. Grab it and ride up, but get ready to hit the brakes. Bounce across springs to an inner track with a dashboard that shoots Sonic toward a grind rail — but skid to a halt before reaching that rail! Run back to the left, and you’ll find a special ring buried in a mound of popcorn near two large lollipops. If you can’t halt in time and end up on the grind rail, don’t worry. You can still claim this special ring later by using the Yellow Drill to dig to the spot.) Now go back to the grind rail, and ride it down to the next small section of path.

If you’ve got the green power unlocked, follow on. If not, continue to the winch, ride it to the top, nail the Egg Pawn armed with a lance, and bounce up to the next level — icing on a diggable ground of cake.

Here’s a tricky but fun secret. If you’ve unlocked the Green Hover, hit the Green Wisp capsule and move underneath the opening in the platform above. Activate the Green Hover and steer up through the platforms, which sprout spikes and start moving as you go — the route is treacherous. Float up to another Green Wisp capsule near the top to refill the Green Hover gauge. This automatically opens a passage to the left and spawns a curving line of rings. Hold down the ring dash button so that you follow the rings. Keep ring dashing through the three struts sticking out of the wall, then upward to the next level until you see the 1-UP spinning on a single strut above the iced path. This is *very* tricky navigating, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t make it on the first few tries. After you grab the 1-UP, drop to the path and continue on.

03 Sweet Mountain

Drop into the popcorn trough to trigger the attack of two Buzzers — nail them both. Now you have a choice — you can continue on to the right, or get the Yellow Wisp capsule and activate the Yellow Drill. You won’t find anything here but Moles.

If you decide to drill, nail a few Moles for hefty bonus points. Note that three pipe openings are tucked into the lower left corner of the digabble area. The alcove with the special ring mentioned earlier is directly above the three pipe openings, so if you missed it earlier, you can drill to it now. The top pipe leads back to the start of the tower, and the bottom pipe shoots Sonic back into the dirt. But beware the center pipe! It drops Sonic right into the middle of four nasty Egg Pawns, three with lances and one with a blaster, ready to strike quickly. This is also the platform with the goal ring, and you can’t get off. If you take the center pipe, start your homing attacks before Sonic even emerges from the pipe.

Proceed on to the red-striped (candy cane!) grind rail and ride through its loop. A spring at the rail’s end bounces Sonic over to another short grind rail; ride that one to the next section. Bounce up and use homing attack to grab the winch handle and ride it up to the first platform. Hop up the next two platforms, but be quick! Each one collapses after a few seconds and results in a fall onto the spikes below.

04 Sweet Mountain

At the top, nail the three Egg Pawns lined up atop boxes to the left. Note how the middle box is white — that means it’s a breakable box. Stomp on it to reveal a blue button. Stepping on the button lowers a winch handle to the left that you can ride up to the Green Wisp capsule at the top of the column. (This is only useful if you’ve unlocked the Green Wisp, though.)

First, though, grab the special ring. It’s on the third of three small platforms. Those platforms are sturdy, but the floor panels beneath them are collapsible, so be careful. Hop to the special ring.

If you’ve unlocked the Green Hover, hop back to the winch handle you just lowered by breaking the white box and stepping on the blue button. Ride the winch up to the Green Wisp capsule. Activate the Green Hover and fly upward to the right until you reach the first of three short lines of rings. Use ring dash to zip up each line, then keep floating upward to the right to find and follow the long strand that leads all the way up to a special ring floating at the top. Keep ring dash going down the line of rings that descends on the other side, if you can. Sonic drops onto the orange platform with two Egg Pawns.

If you don’t have the Green Hover, continue to the right, following the track through the tunnel. You’ll find the orange platforms with Egg Pawns there.

05 Sweet Mountain

After eliminating the Egg Pawns, cross the bridge lined with rings. Unfortunately, these bridge sections are collapsible, so hustle across. At the cross-beam, you can jump and grab the winch handle, which slings Sonic onto a dash panel that propels him across the last gap onto a grind rail. But using this winch method means that you miss the last special ring floating on the other side. So instead, duck under the cross beam to accelerate through a trio of rainbow rings. This drops Sonic onto the same grind rail, but he still bounces through the special ring.

Ride the long, winding grind rail all the way down to the goal ring at the bottom of the tower.

Upcoming Walkthroughs

As I mentioned last week, we’ll be posting a walkthrough from each act in the coming weeks. I try to pick acts that I think will have the most value for new players as well as people who have already finished the game. If you have a particular zone/act combo you’d like to see a walkthrough for, please leave it in the comments! I can’t promise that I’ll fulfill everyone’s wish (remember, we’re only doing one act per zone, and I don’t want to give the *whole* thing away!)  but if there’s a lot of people requesting one particular act/zone, then I’ll do my best!