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Archive for February 10th, 2011


Sonic Colors Guide: Planet Wisp, Act 1

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So far, we’ve covered acts in Tropical Resort , Starlight Carnival, and Sweet Mountain.  This week, we’re moving on to Planet Wisp, Act 1. When we were demoing Sonic Colors at E3 and PAX, this was one of the levels that made people exclaim “oohhh!” As with the other blogs, we’re following the Sonic Colors Strategy Guide. If you want more hints, tips, tricks, and walkthroughs of other acts, that’s the place to get them!

Level Details

You’ll start off with 685,000 points. To get a C rank on this level, you need a score of 800,000. To get a B rank, you need 1,100,000. For an A rank, you need 1,140,000 and to get the much-coveted S rank, you need 1,700,000 points. This is a long act, with time over at 8:09.

As with the other acts, if you play well you will get a no-miss bonus. If you have no lost tries, you’ll get 650,000 bonus points. For 1 lost try you get 487,500 points, for 2 lost tries you get 422,500 points, for 3 lost tries you get 130,000 and for 4 lost tries you get 65,000. If you have 5 or more lost tries, you don’t get any bonus points.

Pink Wisp

There are three Wisp powers available in this act. The White Wisp is your boost. You also have the Orange Rocket in this act, available at all times. This act also introduces the Pink Spikes. After completing this act, Pink Wisps will show in all Pink capsules, including those found in replays of earlier stages.

There are two enemy types in this act: Egg Pawns and Spinners. The Egg Pawns are 1,000 points, and the Spinners are 500 points.

Level Map

Planet Wisp Act 1

See a full-size map here.


This is a long mission that offers multiple path levels through the area. You finally get the Pink Spikes, which allows Sonic to roll up walls, along ceilings, and into tight areas. You can also use the Orange Rocket to claim a couple of high-floating Special Rings. The act ends with a wild sprint along a multi-level bridge.

An opening sprint to a banked track features a nifty trick right away. On the second bank, get up high to reach the dash panels that shoot Sonic right into the White Wisp capsule. Go through the loop that follows and press the boost button before hitting the ramp. This propels Sonic high enough to hit the dash rings and the rainbow ring. These, in turn, bounce Sonic onto a collapsing bridge, so keep running! As you approach the far side, jump and attack the spring to bounce over to a sideways track on the right side of the canyon.

Don’t stop running or Sonic will slide off the track into the river and you’ll lose a try! The sideways track features some spiky obstacles. Quick step to the far left (lowest lane) to avoid two spike rollers blocking the center and right lanes. Immediately quick step twice to the far right (highest lane) to miss another spike roller in the center lane. The moment Sonic collects the special ring in the rightmost lane, quick step left to avoid the last spiky roller.

Springs kick Sonic onto a grind rail. Quickly grind step to the left or Sonic drops into the river below and  you lose a try. Keep watching ahead as you grind, and be prepared to grinds step to a new rail if the one Sonic is on ends. If you make it to the end of the grind rail, Sonic ends up at the bottom of a huge structure. Proceed to the Pink Wisp capsule on a low platform — this is the first time you find one filled with Pink Wisps! If you want to use the Pink color power to pick up a hefty color bonus and spend some extra time collecting rings, read on. But if you’re looking for a faster time with detours only for special items, skip ahead.

Planet Wisp Act 1

Collect the Pink Wisp capsule and activate Pink Spikes, and jump to the ceiling. Then simply hold the movement controller to the right and let the spikes roll until the form expires! The Pink Spikes pick up rings lining the ceilings and walls as they climb to the top of the structure.

When Sonic returns to his regular form, walk onto the glass bridge and use stomp to smash through that top bridge, plus six more beneath it. Sonic ends up next to an Orange Wisp capsule. Tag it and move to the center of the bridge to activate the Orange Rocket for another Color Bonus of 27,000 per second in rocket form.

Planet Wisp Act 1

Float to a landing atop the structure; look for a pair of super rings on the way down. After Sonic lands, run to the right and take a small step off the curving ramp. Let Sonic fall all the way to the ground level of the structure.

Work your way rightward to the Orange Wisp capsule at the bottom of the structure. Position Sonic directly underneath the capsule and jump straight up to hit it. Launch the Orange Rocket from this exact spot so that it slams through all of the Spinners hovering up the shaft. But don’t hit the moving platform above! Wait until the platform moves to its leftmost position before activating the Orange Rocket. As Sonic floats back down, descend through the special ring that hovers above the structure. Land on the grind rail and ride over to the next big structure.

Planet Wisp Act 1

There are a number of ways to make  your way through the second structure. Grind/hop across the top, or run (with a boost) through the loop in the middle. You can also roll as Pink Spikes across the bottom via shafts and ceilings; use the blue button to extend a staircase to the wall. Whatever route you choose, Sonic ends up at a checkpoint and a ramp that propels him into a bonus trick jump across a canyon to a towering third structure. You must complete all five parts of the trick jump or Sonic falls into the canyon and you lose a try.

Planet Wisp Act 1

Get the Pink Wisp capsule and roll as Pink Spikes over to the Orange Wisp capsule atop the circular fan housing. Attach to the wall and simply roll to the right (smashing through a block stack) until you return to the Pink Wisp capsule where Sonic started. Don’t roll through the capsule, though! Let the Pink Spikes expire. Now stand at the leftmost edge of the walkway and activate the Orange Rocket. The shot shatters four glass bridges as it propels Sonic into the sky. Float back down so that Sonic lands in one of the rainbow rings. This propels him to a room with a 1-UP!

Exit by ducking under the low wall to the right and slide down the slope. Turn around and hop back across onto a very narrow ledge, then crouch to proceed down the narrow horizontal shaft to the special ring.

Drop down the vertical shaft, duck under the low wall to the right, and work your way up the Pawn-patrolled platforms back here. Now you can target the zip line wire handle, ride it to the grind rail, and ride that across the canyon to a track where Sonic keeps running until he crosses the last checkpoint. Get ready for a fast and furious dash across a long, multi-level bridge.

The bridge’s multiple levels provide many options as you follow it down the long canyon. But if you want to collect the next special ring, stay on the top level until Sonic reaches the shortest tunnel. Upon entering the tunnel, immediately quick step to the leftmost track to  hit the ramp that propels Sonic through the special ring. Stay on the top track to hit a pair of rainbow rings that bounce Sonic onto a shortcut route. Follow that to the dash panels that send Sonic to the right toward one final structure.

One last special ring remains. After sprinting up the steep slope and using the device to shoot across the gap, cross the platform and hop onto the fan housing with two destructible barrels. Hop over to the platform housing, center Sonic under the vertical line of rings, and activate the Orange Rocket. It hits a ceiling and drops Sonic right on top of a Pink Wisp capsule.

Planet Wisp Act 1

Activate the Pink Spikes, jump up to attach to the ceiling, and roll to the right. Keep rolling all the way up to the tower! Sonic eventually rolls through another Pink Wisp capsule on a high platform to refill the power gauge. Roll on up over the special ring and drop through it. Land on the platform with the Pink Wisp capsule and bounce into the goal ring to end this challenging act.

Upcoming Walkthroughs

As I mentioned last week, we’ll be posting a walkthrough from each act in the coming weeks. I try to pick acts that I think will have the most value for new players as well as people who have already finished the game. If you have a particular zone/act combo you’d like to see a walkthrough for, please leave it in the comments! I can’t promise that I’ll fulfill everyone’s wish (remember, we’re only doing one act per zone, and I don’t want to give the *whole* thing away!)  but if there’s a lot of people requesting one particular act/zone, then I’ll do my best!