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Archive for February 24th, 2011


Total War: Shogun 2 Developer Diaries

Today we’re proud to bring you a new developer diary from The Creative Assembly’s upcoming PC strategy title Total War: Shogun 2. 2010 was the tenth anniversary of Total War and this video is an opportunity to explore the origins of each major release, from the original Shogun to Empire: Total War. This dev diary features seven members of the studio from different departments – Art (Pawel Wojs, Kevin McDowell), Production (Ross Manton), Programming (Guy Davidson), Communication (Kieran Brigden), Writing (Mike Brunton) and Creative Direction (Mike Simpson) – all of whom give their opinions and discuss the Total War series to date.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Total War: Shogun 2 pushes forward the hugely successful Total War series by perfecting the features from previous games such as full 3D land and naval battles and a detailed campaign map, whilst adding an exciting new multiplayer experience. Total War: Shogun 2 will be available for PC on March 15, 2011.


Super Monkey Ball 3D Launching March 27, 2011

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Today we’re proud to confirm that Super Monkey Ball™ 3D is launching alongside the Nintendo 3DS™ on March 27, 2011. In celebration of this news, we have new screens from the game! Join AiAi and friends as they monkey around in classic puzzle levels and new gameplay modes.

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Super Monkey Ball 3D for Nintendo 3DS lets players lose themselves in new vibrant worlds as they twist and turn while aiming to collect every banana in the fastest time possible. The game contains three new gameplay choices including single-player puzzle levels, Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. These modes also give players the chance to compete via wireless connection with up to four players!

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Super Monkey Ball 3D is coming exclusively to Nintendo 3DS and launches alongside the new handheld on March 27, 2011.  For more information please visit

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Super Monkey Ball 3D


Sonic Colors Guide: Asteroid Coaster, Act 2

Sonic Colors Logo

So far, we’ve covered acts in Tropical Resort , Starlight Carnival, Sweet Mountain, Planet Wisp, and Aquarium Park. This week, we’re moving on to Asteroid Coaster, Act 2. As with the other blogs, we’re following the Sonic Colors Strategy Guide. If you want more hints, tips, tricks, and walkthroughs of other acts, that’s the place to get them!

Level Details

You’ll start off with 685,000 points. To get a C rank on this level, you need a score of 950,000. To get a B rank, you need 1,100,000. For an A rank, you need 1,300,000 and to get the much-coveted S rank, you need 1,500,000 points. This is a long act, with time over at 8:09.

As with the other acts, if you play well you will get a no-miss bonus. If you have no lost tries, you’ll get 650,000 bonus points. For 1 lost try you get 487,500 points, for 2 lost tries you get 422,500 points, for 3 lost tries you get 130,000 and for 4 lost tries you get 65,000. If you have 5 or more lost tries, you don’t get any bonus points.

There are two Wisp powers available in this act. The White Wisp is your boost. You also have the Purple Frenzy in this act, available at all times.

There is only one type of  enemy  in this act: Egg Pawns (1,000 points).

Level Map

Asteroid Coaster, Act 2
See a full-size map here.


Sprint up the opening ramp and through the regenerating Purple Wisp capsule. Activate Purple Frenzy and chomp through blocks and Egg Pawns to the spring at the walkway’s end. Bounce up the shaft and grab the wall, then wall jump up to the next walkway.

Asteroid Coaster, Act 2

Proceed to the series of three jump platforms. These are hazardous because each one has a moving crate behind it. The moment Sonic lands on a platform, the crate senses him and starts flashing red. Seconds later it shoots out, pushing across the entire platform and knocking Sonic to oblivion if he’s still there. So jump quickly across the gap. Nail the egg pawns on the platforms that follow.

Now it gets tricky again. Two more moving crates are behind the next platforms. Jump past the first one and onto the small platform just beyond it. But instead of jumping to the next blue-lit platform, hop down to the yellow platform.

Asteroid Coaster, Act 2

You may recall from earlier acts that most yellow platforms evaporate a few sends after Sonic lands on them, so after landing on it, jump to activate a lock-on cursor on the spring just ahead. Then press the jump button again for a homing attack on the spring. This propels Sonic into a wild ricochet through a series of more springs and a special ring hovering amongst them. Sonic automatically bounces through some dash rings and a rainbow ring up onto the platform above. Run through its checkpoint and nail the egg pawn guards for good measure.

Asteroid Coaster, Act 2

Now head right, jumping across two more moving platforms to a solid ledge underneath a staircase of yellow platforms. Remember, these evaporate soon after Sonic lands on them, then reappear seconds later. Hop over to get the white wisp capsule and hurry back. Then hop up the yellow stairs to the next walkway.

Dash up the ramp to the checkpoint at the top and hit the spring to bounce into the asteroid field beyond. The route goes around a small ringed planetoid and back out into the field. Start attacking brown asteroids and springs to bounce across the astral gap. Keep bouncing across the field until Sonic reaches a ramp that leads into a big asteroid oozing with green lava.

Run through one of the purple wisp capsules and nail the Egg Pawn guard. Continue to the glowing blue columns, unleash Purple Frenzy, and chomp your way forward. Be sure to devour the arrow-shaped cluster of blue columns at the walkway’s end to reveal a spring. Use the spring to reach the special ring hovering above the ledge.

Proceed through the next checkpoint and dash through the loop that follows. Sonic drops down into the entry passage to a factory inside the asteroid. Get ready for some gravity reversal fun!

This place is filled with deadly moving crates, so the key is to make well-timed jumps and runs to get past these obstacles. Start by hopping over the spike panel and dropping down the shaft. As Sonic falls, gravity shifts and he reverses direction! Walk upside down to the right and wait until the moving crate turns blue and retracts. Work along the “ceiling” (which acts as a floor now), nailing the two Egg Pawn shooters before they can blast Sonic, and jump past the rightmost moving crate to get on “top” (actually the bottom from your perspective) of the platform on the far right.

Asteroid Coaster, Act 2

Sonic is still upside down at this point. Ride the platform down and jump across to another platform to the left. This platform lowers when Sonic lands on it, and gravity shifts again as it lowers. Sonic turns right-side up and falls onto a platform below. Now it’s time for some special instructions, so read carefully!

When the crates directly to the left retract, jump down to the platform below. When the next set of crates to the left retract, quickly jump across their face to the left onto the platform beyond. Hop up the small yellow panels to the blue platform, which starts to rise. As it does, guess what happens? Yep, gravity shifts again and Sonic falls upward. Nail the Egg Pawn gunners, hopping from platform to platform up the shaft until you reach the special ring. It’s on the yellow floor, so immediately jump back to the previous platform to avoid falling through. Return down the shaft — again, Sonic is upside down, so you must hop downward from panel to panel to get to the spot where gravity shifts back and Sonic is right side up.

Now work your way across the floor to the right, timing your runs to get through the moving crates. Hop on the lift platform and ride until gravity shifts again and Sonic falls up the shaft. You have to jump from the ceiling to reach the checkpoint. Then use the nearby spring to bounce downward to the next platform.

Now comes a tricky series of moves. When the single crate just to the right retracts, head right and leap across onto the extended double crate. Let it retract and drop on to the platforms above it, then step off to the right to drop again, nailing the Egg Pawn waiting for you. Hop over to the right when the two vertically stacked crates retract, then quickly hop rightward again onto the solid platform.

Asteroid Coaster, Act 2

When Sonic lands here, gravity shifts again and he drops to a lower platform to stand right side up. The special ring to Sonic’s left is tantalizingly close, but stepping toward it reverses gravity again and Sonic falls upward! Instead, walk to the right when the crates retract, wait until the next crates retract, then drop doan.

Now walk leftward toward the special ring but wait until the moving crates extend above before collecting it — you want something to land on because gravity reverses again as Sonic approaches the red ring. Grab the ring and hop back to the right before the crates retract!

Asteroid Coaster, Act 2

Now it’s time to head for the goal ring to the right. More gravity changes make the last few meters quite hazardous. You must work your way to the right with perfect timing, one vertical row of crates at a time. If you wait too long in front of any moving crates, Sonic is toast. here are the four steps to success:

1. When the first stack of three crates retracts, move rightward to the row of two. When it retracts, step into its path; gravity reverses and Sonic falls upward onto a platform.

2. When the next stack of three crates to the right retracts, step off the platform; Sonic again falls upward, this time to the ceiling.

3. When the next stack of two crates to the right retracts, step into its path; gravity corrects itself and Sonic falls fownward to the platform below.

4. Step to the last moving stack of two blocks, wait for it to retract, then step off the platform and nail the Egg Pawn below. Now Sonic is safe and he can hop up on the last platform and ride up to the goal ring.


Virtua Tennis 4 in Stores May 10, 2011

Virtua Tennis 4 - New Trailer
Virtua Tennis™ 4 for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and Wii™ will hit stores across North America on May 10, 2011!

As spring hits and tennis fever takes over the world, top tennis stars warm up and head for the courts to battle it out and be crowned No 1. Relive the tension and excitement with Virtua Tennis 4 by taking on the likes of tennis heroes Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Porto and Caroline Wozniacki. Experience the same intense drama as you build up your Match Momentum gauge, and revel in your form as your player grows in confidence.

Virtua Tennis 4 takes the series to a higher level of realism with the PlayStation®Move, MotionPlus and Kinect™ compatibility, pushing the tennis genre forward yet again. Exciting new features such as a refreshing World Tour experience means every decision you make both on and off the court will affect your path. You’ll never experience the same career twice!

You can go here for more information on the game.