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Archive for March, 2011


Virtua Tennis 4 PS3 exclusives hit the net!

Check it out, Virtua Tennis fans:

Today SEGA is proud to announce a number of exclusives for the PS3 version of Virtua Tennis 4. We’ve got a shiny new trailer, which you can watch below, and some info about the new players, mini-games, and more that you’ll get when you pick the game up on PS3.

PS3 Exclusives Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

More info on the exclusives

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (March 31, 2011) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. are pleased to confirm new and exclusive content for Virtua Tennis 4™ on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Playable from the moment you load up the game, PlayStation®3 tennis fans will be able to get their hands on tennis legends Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg and Pat Rafter.

And there is even more exclusive content for PlayStation®3 gamers to enjoy! Virtua Tennis aficionados can expect to experience two exclusive Mini Games: Pin Crusher and Net Blitz. Playable with control pad only, Pin Crusher lets you scatter bowling pins using your serve, and for the PlayStation®Move lovers, Net Blitz challenges people to rack up high scores by returning balls into increasingly small nets.

Additionally, a new mini-game is under development for PlayStation®Home Central Plaza and is timed to launch with the start of the French Open. If your score is high enough you will be able to check it out from May 22.

Virtua Tennis 4 is slated for release on May 10, 2011.

For more information about the game, please visit

New screenshots

To top it all off, we’ve also uploaded new screenshots of the game to our Flickr set! You can check them out here.

Are all of our PS3 owners out there excited by the news? Let us know in the comments (no matter which console you own), and we might just send a Virtua Tennis sweatband your way!


MLB Manager Online: Opening Day!

It’s opening day for Major League Baseball, and opening day for our MLB Manager Online!

If Spring means baseball to you, and if you love any kind of fantasy sports or manager sims, you’ll want to give this game a try: It’s live right now, and you can sign up for a team and get the hang of things in Practice League where you’ll be able to assemble a team drawn from the entire real-life MLB roster. The game is 100% free to download and play.

MLBMO starting pitchers

I have a longer description of the game here, posted earlier this week. For now, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • All real MLB teams, rosters, and managers
  • Totally FREE to play browser-based game, with additional options available for microtransaction — stay tuned for more details on this!
  • Create and manage your own team — set strategy, improve players, and compete against teams from all over the country
  • Compete in tournaments, play against your friends, and prepare your team for games that unfold live throughout the day

MLBMO double

There’s lots to talk about and look forward to with this game. For now head on over to and jump right into the action!

YouTube Preview Image

SEGA and Avalanche Studios Announce Renegade Ops!

Renegade Ops

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (30 March , 2011) — SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. are excited to announce Renegade Ops™, a new digitally downloadable military co-op shooter. Created by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios, Renegade Ops will unleash unprecedented mayhem and exhilarating destruction via Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation®Network and PC Digital Download in 2011.

Renegade Ops puts players in a mobile commando unit sent behind enemy lines to defeat Inferno, a madman intent on global domination. Defeat enemies across a range of stunning environments using a wide variety of vehicles, from dispersing electromagnetic shock waves to the deployment of a huge Gatling gun armed to the teeth. Players have the choice to fight alone in single player mode, team up offline with two-player split screen or join the dynamic 4-player online co-op experience. Blast your way through enemy lines by working together, or compete for achievements as you and your friends aim to top the online leader boards.

“Renegade Ops is Avalanche Studios’ first strategic step into the world of digitally downloaded games, but certainly not the last. With a strong foundation in our unique technology, we can allow our teams working on digitally downloaded games to unleash their creativity,” commented Linus Blomberg Executive Producer at Avalanche Studios.

“A number of developers in the studio wanted to try developing a smaller digital project, so we gathered a team, built a new IP and SEGA gave us the opportunity to carry this out. The IP is all about driving or flying around blowing stuff up while playing with your friends and that to us, is a dream-project,” comments Andreas Thorsén, Senior Producer.

Unleash your full arsenal of weapons and destroy anything that stands in your path as you battle to protect the free world in any way possible. Madman Inferno, the commander of a sinister terrorist organisation, has detonated a devastating bomb to demonstrate the power of his new deadly weapon. Furious at the world’s leaders decision not to fight against Inferno, General Bryant has recruited a crack team of military specialists, known as the Renegade Ops, from around the globe to wage war against Inferno’s promise of world domination.

“Renegade Ops is SEGA’s first new IP on the digital space and we are thrilled with the remarkable visual look and extensive features that the game has to offer. It has been a great opportunity to work with a team as successful as Avalanche Studios,”commented Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA. “Playing Renegade Ops with friends will be a hugely enjoyable experience which will stand out above other multiplayer online co-op games”


MLB Manager Online: First Look

Perhaps you’ve already had a chance to take part in either our closed beta or the current open beta, but if you haven’t, I’m very excited to get to share with you an upcoming game from SEGA: MLB Manager Online, debuting this March 31st — that’s just a few days away!

MLB Manager Online is a browser based Manager/Sim game, fully licensed with all real teams & players from Major League Baseball. Think of it as a cross between a fantasy league and a managerial simulation (like Football Manager), only with the ability to train and improve your players.

MLB Manager Online

The core of the game is built around drawing player cards and setting your team lineup and pitching rotation. Once you do that, you can get as in-depth as you want. SEGA had an internal beta test months ago and since then I’ve seen players of all levels get involved, from casual to hard-core.

Create and fine-tune your team in any number of ways: You can emphasize a strong defense and speedy base swappers, or you can build an offensive powerhouse.  Build a strong starting rotation or pour your resources into a deep bullpen and trade for the players you need to fill in the gaps — with every available player and a host of stats, the game is designed to let you find multiple ways to win.

Certainly a casual baseball or sports fan can plug themselves in and wield a team. I would not describe myself as a “casual fan,” however, and for me, baseball has that easy romantic feeling that leads to long descriptions of the smell of grass in Spring and the sounds of a game over the radio. That same easy romantic feeling has also led me to exploring this game since its early beta stages, and I’m happy to give you a preview of how the game works and what you have to look forward to:

  • Games are played live. You’re the manager and you’re in charge, and there’s a “Spring Training” period after you join to ease you in, and once you start it’s just like playing fantasy sports, or the real life MLB – set your rosters and get your players ready. Games are played every hour on the hour, starting at 5:00 AM (West Coast time) and continuing until 7:00 PM that evening. New “days” start at 8:00 PM and that’s when you get access to new packs of player cards (to add to your roster).

MLB Manager Online

  • You’ll play 15 games a day and the season lasts 10 days, plus a tournament from the top teams in all leagues. There’s lots of other events and mini-tournaments in the game, and if you don’t do well one season you can always gear up for the next. Each “season” you can advance to different levels of play, where you have more access to better players, but where the competition will be fiercer as well.
  • There are a lot of ways to improve your team. The main way is drawing special cards which allow you to improve player stats: Increase selective player abilities to help their defense, contact, power, speed, throwing, or even ability to perform in the clutch. Improve the raw power of your pitcher’s slider, amp up their fastball, or add to their breaking ball ability to make a decent curveball into a devastating one. Take your starting rotation and add to their stamina, then set your managerial strategy to keep in your starters for longer and wear down your opponents — pretty much any strategy you want to try will be available.

MLB Manager Online

  • Chemistry matters! The game uses a number of factors to reward you for building a quality team. You want your best players on the field, but you want to spend time making sure they compliment each other and fit well with your overall team strategy. A lot of this you don’t have to pay attention to too much, especially early on, but if you feel like spending more time with the game, this is one of the deeper areas to explore. The underlying point is, a lot of things can lead to a successful team, and the game absolutely rewards those who play around.

This game is totally 100% free to play, and you play in your web browser. It will be supported by Micro-transactions (small individual payments made for specific services), and while I can’t discuss details of these until they’re finalized and in-game, I’m very happy with what I’ve seen so far. No one wants a game to be unbalanced so that whoever spends the most will always win – what fun is that? You can compete in this game if you’re smart (and a little lucky), and if you’re willing to spend a little bit of coin, what you get is a chance to improve your team. The best part about this? It feels like you still have to be a skillful manager to use what you buy in a strategic way; you can’t just dump money into this game and have it reward you.

MLB Manager Online

Games themselves can be fast-simmed – at a few seconds per game – so if you missed a few days of action you can catch up. You can also, of course, watch each game unfold, live, in a flash-animated simulation that you can fast-forward or rewind through at will. Seeing your hand-picked players mount a stirring comeback or hold a lead in a tight game is one of the most rewarding parts of playing.

This brand new game will be available on Opening Day for this year’s 2011 Season — the same day my beloved San Francisco Giants begin the defense of their World Series, you will have the opportunity to join the game and create your team. Look for more information on this game soon, and get ready to play ball!


SEGA App Store Sale Raises $250,000 for Japanese Relief Efforts


Last week, SEGA held a sale across the App Store for all Sonic the Hedgehog and Football Manager titles. The proceeds from the sale generated over $250,000, all of which will be donated directly to the Red Cross for its Japanese relief efforts. SEGA wishes to thank everyone who participated in the sale for their support.

If you were unable to participate in the App Store sale and still want to donate towards the cause, we are also holding many auctions across as part of the Play For Japan efforts for a wide selection of rare and unique SEGA items. These have been donated by SEGA employees from their private collections to help aid those in Japan in need of assistance with all proceeds going directly to the Red Cross. Click here to see a list of items up for auction.

Many thanks again to all SEGA fans for their generosity, we are deeply moved by the support for Japan!


10 Years of Super Monkey Ball – A Retrospective – Part 4

Aha! Part 4! We’ve arrived at the last in our series of Super Monkey Ball blogs and today we’re featuring a ton of info on … Super Monkey Ball 3D for the Nintendo 3DS! Launching this Sunday, Super Monkey Ball 3D is the latest and greatest version of the series! A brief description of Super Monkey Ball on 3DS is that the game is effectively 3 games in one. The original game is still intact and the mini-games are expanded upon to add more replay value.

Super Monkey Ball Original Mode

Fans of the series will be happy to hear that the original Super Monkey Ball mode is intact and available to pick up right off when you start playing! Right from the start you can pick up and play from the 4 available worlds and jump into the action, new players will want to start with world one to get their bearings, and the hardcore can jump into later levels to get their fix too. Playing all levels unlocks more maps to play on and the challenge picks up as you get higher.

Super Monkey Ball 3D

To add to the overall replay value of the mode, hidden within each level are special bananas to find that will start off easy to grab and later become more challenging. Finding more of the special bananas will add to the unlockable characters in the other Monkey Ball modes! There are other special collectibles to find by performing other special actions throughout the game as well, hidden of course, so keep an eye out of what you can do to unlock these along the way!

Monkey Race

Super Monkey Ball 3D

As noted, this version of Super Monkey Ball offers two mini-games that are a bit deeper than previous game offerings. With Monkey Race you have a full fledged cart racer, complete with new characters and cars to unlock. The game itself is quite fun and often surprised a lot of the press we’ve shown the game too, especially when played in multiplayer as the heated talk picks up and the game gets serious! Best advice to win? Use the Spin & Dash ability to quickly move about through the level and bypass obstacles along the way. Also, don’t be fooled by the first level, which is as tame as it comes – the game quickly ramps up to offer some obstacles that are often as hard as the opponent’s your playing against. Great fun!

Monkey Fight

Who doesn’t love a good Monkey Fight? In this mode, the game is a bit different than that of previous Monkey Fight mini-games, instead of a 3D top down (ish) offering, the game is played across a 2D environment with a goal of tracking and holding as many Bananas as possible. The characters all play differently, each offering a playstyle and Monkey Fighting style that’s fitting for them. Baby, for example, stays true to his Futuristic roots by locking into a cyborg body and menacing opponents with speed and agility. Doctor, my favorite character, has a double jump that’s leaps and bounds better than the competition (aha! a pun!). As with Monkey Race, characters can be unlocked through a variety of means, both from the Single player game and competing in the mode itself.

Monkey Fight!

The Golden Barrel! I nearly forgot about this special item in the game – by finding and gaining this power up – your Monkey fighter will gain all new strength and abilities! My favorite, Doctor, unleashes an electrical attack in a wide range blasting the bananas out of nearby monkeys. To be the best Monkey, you’ll need to use all your skills to survive! Today we’re happy to unveil the newest trailer for Super Monkey Ball to help illustrate this mode – Monkey Fight!

YouTube Preview Image

10 Years of Super Monkey Ball – A Retrospective – Part 3

Continuing in our series on the Super Monkey Ball franchise, today we’re going to drift a bit beyond the norm and then dive in the Wii versions of the title. Having a chance to write about these games has sparked a bit of nostalgia in me, because it’s kind of crazy that it’s been ten years since this game launched. This sentiment is echoed across our Facebook and Twitter as the updates go out. Yes, it’s been ten years – where did the time go? I still remember watching friends play these games in our QA group here at Sega and honestly that feels like a lifetime ago – so much has changed in my life and it’s fun to drift back and recall these games. Heh, enough of that then, let’s pick up where we left off yesterday… I believe I skipped and omitted a few games to get into the iPhone stuff I adore so much!

Super Monkey Ball Adventure

Super Monkey Ball Adventure

This is the break from the norm I was talking about, and it’s a break for a two reasons that I can think off (if more, fill me in from the comments below!). For starters the Monkey Ball series took a bit of a change in direction with Adventure, making it … well, and Adventure game! Ok, so I guess that’s not a huge surprise, what is interesting is the shift in development to the Traveller’s Tales team away from the Japanese developers. The result was interesting, to say the least and not as well regarded as the other titles. Why mention it? It is a part of the Monkey Ball series, even if it does deviate a bit from the format. Even being an adventure style game, it did contain some of the original modes, including challenge stages and multiplayer games.

Super Monkey Ball AdventureSuper Monkey Ball Adventure

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
The first Nintendo Wii offering for the Super Monkey Ball series and a launch title at that, Banana Blitz stayed true to the series roots but added a few changes to the gameplay and a host of new characters. Gameplay wise, the game was the first to implement the ‘Jump’ action! This gave the Monkeys a new skill to combat the ever changing environment and tackle new bosses – yes bosses! The challenges of the levels also had a smoother learning curve, which definitely aided in bringing in new people to the series. New characters were also introduced that appear through a new story arc, involving evil Pirate Monkeys – an idea, I’m still quite fond of.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Banana Blitz also launched with the largest collection of mini-games in the series thus far, with a total of 50 different games! Old classics returned with Monkey Target and Monkey Bowling as well as new challenges with Asteroid Crash and Banana Thief. Ok, I just wanted to say Banana Thief because it makes me chuckle. Having 50 games definitely upped the ante a bit for offering some fun among friends with the Monkey Ball series and no title to date has been able to offer as many games in a single title release.

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll

YouTube Preview Image
By now, as either a fan of the series or a reader of the blog, you can see the Super Monkey Ball team likes to develop around new technology. With Step & Roll the new challenge was to work with the Wii Balance Board and craft a Monkey Ball experience to match. Also playing off the fitness angle of the Balance Board, players could burn Monkey Calories (not described was the ratio between normal calories and Monkey Calories – the assumption was that they were close enough to not matter)! Additional fun involved a coop mode where players could help their Monkey companions by blasting away obstacles along the way.

See you tomorrow for our last blog on Super Monkey Ball, focusing on the 3DS version! Woo!


eBay Auction for Japan Relief – Part 2

DCredcrossThanks to Raki from SegaShiro for making this sweet Red Cross/Dreamcast/Play for Japan graphic for us!

Earlier this week, we listed several items on eBay for auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan. The response was overwhelming — we received several thousand dollars in bids, with many items going for $300 or more. Thank you to all who bid, and will continue to bid, on these items.

We sent an email to all employees at SEGA of America to let them know what we were doing, and many people wanted to help out. Yesterday was a parade of people coming by our desks with items to donate for auction. Many of these items are from their own personal collections, and are things that they’ve held on to for years. We also got some people internally to sign items in the hopes that it would increase the auction value. Everyone at SEGA has pitched in to help with this, and we just can’t thank them enough. We’re honored to work with amazing people here at SEGA.

One of the things we heard from a few folks after our first set of items went up was that they would like to bid and contribute, but they didn’t have enough money to bid on items that were listed. Because of that, we’ve listed some smaller/less rare items in the hopes that everyone will be able to find something that fits their interest and budget. Even if you can’t or choose not to bid, we need your support! Please help us in spreading the word to friends, family, and fellow gamers about our auction.

Not all of our items are on the smaller scale, though. We’ve got several really valuable items, including a prize so awesome that I still have a hard time believing that we’re giving it up. You can see all of our new prizes in the photos and item descriptions, along with links to bid, below.

We will be listing even more items in the coming days, so keep watching for new stuff! And thanks again for all your support. SEGA fans ROCK!!


YouTube Preview Image

Official Bayonetta Costume

Bayonetta on the Show Floor

Seriously? Seriously.

We are incredibly excited to offer this for auction. If you were at E3, Comic Con, or saw coverage of events where we had our live Bayonetta model, then you’ve seen this item in action. This is the completely original, totally custom-made, incredibly accurate and detailed Bayonetta costume. It’s truly the only one like it in the world.

The costume does include the wig (and foam head) with ribbons and chains, the bodysuit, the gloves and the boots. This costume does NOT include the glasses or the guns. The bodysuit has all of the details you’d expect from an accurate representation of the character, including the round chest piece, chains on the front and back of the costume, and more.

Because it was custom-made to fit our Bayonetta model, we don’t have a numbered size for it. However, you can examine the photos above and below to see the size of the bodysuit. The boots are a size 10. The wig should fit most heads. The gloves should fit most hands/arms.

Bid on this item!

Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary Figurine

Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary Figurine

What you’re looking at was part of a figurine series created to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 15th Anniversary back in 2006. This figurine is about 4 inches tall, and is of excellent quality and detail. It was owned by a SEGA of America employee, who took care of it at his desk, and is now donating it to help with Japan relief efforts.

The figurine features modern-style Sonic and comes with a black base that reads “SONIC” on the front. On the top of the base, just in front of where Sonic stands, is the official Sonic 15th Anniversary Logo, marking the piece as part of the 15th Anniversary Collector’s series. Sonic’s arms are slightly bendable, but this figurine is meant for collectors, and is not recommended for playing with, chewing on, or using to save the world. (That said, sometimes Eggman just needs a good beating!)

As part of the 15th Anniversary set, this figurine is also unique from the Sonic Statue, which is larger and limited to a run of 2500. (We also have one of these up for charity auction – check our full listing page for info!)

Bid on this item!

Signed Vanquish Art & Statue

Vanquish Statue and Signed Art

What you’re looking at is a signed glossy art piece from the PlatinumGames team featuring Inaba-san and Mikami-san signatures and a very special and highly detailed statue from the Vanquish Videogame. The signed art images were hand signed by the development team in preparation for the game release. The Vanquish statue was part of the original pre-order offering in Europe. This particular statue was donated by our marketing director and has been unopened, still in its original packaging!

Bid on this item!

Super Monkey Ball AiAi T-Shirt

Super Monkey Ball AiAi Shirt

Super Monkey Ball AiAi Shirt

This is one of a few hundred AiAi shirts made for Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll. It is a replica of the shirt that AiAi wears in the game. These were given out to Nintendo World Store employees that worked our launch event at the store, as well as internally to SEGA employees. It is a size Medium.

Bid on this item!

Project Needlemouse “Team Needlemouse” T-Shirt

Project Needlemouse "Team" T-shirt
This is a limited edition, super-rare Project Needlemouse t-shirt that was created for SEGA employees working on Sonic 4. If there was one T-shirt that Sonic fans are constantly asking about, this is it – and for good reason, too: only about 250 of these T-shirts exist in the entire world, and most of them were given out at Comic-con and internally to the teams working on Sonic the Hedgehog 4, back when the game was code-named Project Needlemouse.

This is one of our last remaining new Project Needlemouse t-shirts here at SEGA, and we think that there are few better reasons to donate it than to help Japan in this time of need.

The shirt features the Sonic Silhouette and reads ‘PROJECT NEEDLEMOUSE’ above it on the front. The left sleeve features the SEGA logo, and the right sleeve reads “TEAM NEEDLEMOUSE – 9.09.09″. This date is a reference to two things: the first reveal of Project Needlemouse, and also the original launch of the Dreamcast, which launched on a similar 9.9.99 date.

The shirt is size XL.

Bid on this item!

Ryo Hazuki Figurine – in Forklift!

Ryo Hazuki Figurine

Attention Shenmue fans! This figurine of Ryo Hazuki in his forklift is one of only 1,000 in the world! They were made to promote Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, which features Ryo and his forklift as his All-Star move. Now is your chance to own one! The figure is 5 inches tall.

Bid on this item!


Original MADWORLD T-Shirt

What you’re seeing here is one of the first edition T-shirts in SEGA’s popular MADWORLD series. While later versions of this popular shirt would show up at NYCC, this is a new, unworn, original T-shirt, given only to select press and SEGA employees back when SEGA and Platinum Games first announced their major partnership in San Francisco. It is a size Medium

The shirt is a play on the quirky nature of MADWORLD – and the fact that you can stab people in the head with CAUTION signs. Beyond being part of the super-limited first run, you can also tell this shirt apart from the later variants by the sheer size of the “CAUTION” sign on the front, which is huge and bright on the first edition set.

If you’re a fan of MADWORLD or Platinum Games, this is your one – and perhaps only – chance to score one of the first edition promo items from one of the most graphic games on the Wii!

Bid on this item!

Japanese Bayonetta for X360 and PS3

Japanese Bayonetta

You are bidding on two Japanese copies of Bayonetta on PlayStation3 and Xbox 360, as donated by our PR Team to help Japan with relief efforts. The games are both sealed and never been used. The Xbox 360 version requires a Japanese Xbox 360 to play, however if so desired, the PlayStation3 version is region free and should work in any console. A collector’s item for anyone looking to expand their Bayonetta collection!

Bid on this item!

Sonic Colors Soundtrack from Japan – Signed!

Sonic Colors Soundtrack from Japan

This is the original soundtrack to Sonic Colors/Colours from Japan! These are not available for purchase outside of Japan, so this is your chance to get one! It is a 3 disc set, with 83 songs in total. To make it even better, the Sonic Colors marketing team from SEGA of America (Judy, Thu & Kellie) has signed the insert!

Bid on this item!

MegaDrive Collection Vinyl

MegaDrive Collection Vinyl

What you’re looking at is a very special and extremely limited Megadrive Ultimate Collection Vinyl Record. Originally offered as a pre-order incentive for Australia for the Megadrive collection, this record has never been listened to and comes in near mint condition. This is a massive collectors item for anyone that loves Megadrive / Genesis and wants to celebrate some of the classic tracks from years gone by. This particular record was donated from Derrek P, Brand Manager here at Sega of America who worked on the title release.

Details about the album:

* Extremely RARE Megadrive / Genesis Limited Edition Vinyl Soundtrack
* Never been listened to, extremely good condition, #85
* Vinyl color is SEGA blue!
* Tracks include: Space Harrier – Main Theme, Ristar – Star Humming, Vectorman – Day 3 (Tidal Surge), Golden Axe – Turtle Village, Phantasy Star II – Restoration, and Vectorman 2 – Scene 18

Bid on this item now!

Samuel L. Jackson Signed Iron Man 2 Promo Card

Samuel L. Jackson Signed IM2 Promo Card

This is a thin cardboard (posterboard) promo card for the Iron Man 2 game, signed by Samuel L. Jackson.

Details about the card:

* Authentic, original signature
* Signed by Samuel L. Jackson
* Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches

Bid on this item now!

Sonic the Hedgehog Notebook from 1993

<a href=”” title=”Sonic the Hedgehog Notebook by SEGA of America, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”375″ alt=”Sonic the Hedgehog Notebook” /></a>

Sonic the Hedgehog Notebook
Art inside the Sonic notebook
Art inside the Sonic Notebook

Take note, Sonic fans – or take lots of notes, because this rare Sonic notebook from 1993 is completely unused and in awesome condition. And, unless you happened to live in Brazil in 1993, chances are this is one piece of Sonic merchandise you don’t already own!

Inside the book is some Sonic art from the early 90’s era, including everyone’s favorite sidekick – Tails!
Whether you’d like to write in the notebook, or add it as the latest part of your Sonic collection, one fact remains – this thing is pretty awesome!

Details about the Sonic Notebook:

* Made in 1993, and still in great, unused quality
* Features classic Sonic and Tails, and a whole lot of space to write.
* Rare, imported from Brazil

(Thanks to all of our fans who pointed out this was from Brazil, not Mexico. )

Bid on this item now!

Don Cheadle Signed Iron Man 2 Promo Card

Don Cheadle Signed IM2 Promo Card

This is a thin cardboard (posterboard) promo card for the Iron Man 2 game, signed by Don Cheadle.

Details about the card:

* Authentic, original signature
* Signed by Don Cheadle
* Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches

Bid on this now!

SEGA Branded Ladies Watch

SEGA Ladies Watch

Hey Ladies, what time is it? It’s time to bid on an extremely RARE SEGA watch! This watch was created for SEGA of America employees as a holiday gift, only a handful were created and distributed, however the exact number is unknown. The watch was donated by Judy G, Brand Manager here at Sega of America and who might also be late to tomorrow’s meeting!

Details about the Watch:

* Extremely RARE Ladies style SEGA Watch
* Never worn or used
* Fully functional
* Tells time!

Bid on this item now!

Sonic Free Riders Soundtrack from Japan

Sonic Free Riders Soundtrack

This is the original soundtrack to Sonic Free Riders from Japan! These are not available for purchase outside of Japan, so this is your chance to get one! The CD has 12 tracks on it.

Details about the soundtrack:

* 12 songs
* Not available for purchase outside of Japan
* Still in the original shrink wrap

Bid on this item now!

Sonic the Hedgehog Boombox

Sonic the Hedgehog Boombox
You are bidding on an official Sonic the Hedgehog CD Boombox, with AM/FM Radio. Plug your head phones in! Works with your MP3 Player! Listen to all your favorite Sonic classic songs (not included) and impress your friends with this awesome Sonic merchandise!

Bid on this item!

Sonic Colours UK Limited Edition Pack – DS

Sonic Colours UK Limited Edition Pack - DS

This is a limited edition Sonic Colours pack that was only available in the UK. It contains the Sonic Colours game for the Nintendo DS as well as a Sonic figurine and several Wisps from the game. The game’s cover and manual have been signed by the Sonic Colours marketing team at SEGA of America — Judy, Thu, and Kellie.

Bid on this item now!

Super Monkey Ball & Valkyria Chronicles Pins

Super Monkey Ball & Valkyria Chronicles Pins

Looking for a hip way to show off your SEGA pride, donate to a good cause, and not break the bank in doing so? Perhaps these limited edition Super Monkey Ball & Valkyria Chronicle pins will help you get there! The pins were created for promotional use at the Penny Arcade Expo and given out to fans who visited the SEGA booth.

Bid on this item now!

Sonic Colours UK Limited Edition Signed – Wii

Sonic Colours UK Wii Pack

This is a limited edition Sonic Colours pack that was only available in the UK. It contains the Sonic Colours game for the Nintendo Wii as well as a Sonic figurine and several Wisps from the game. The game’s cover and manual have been signed by the Sonic Colours marketing team at SEGA of America — Judy, Thu, and Kellie.

Bid on this item!

SEGA Director’s Notebook

SEGA Director's Notebook

SEGA Director's Notebook - Inside

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a special, SEGA Branded, high-class professional-style notebook. Until today, it was owned and used by SEGA of America’s own Marketing Director. Now, you too can feel the awe-inspiring power of a SEGA director by possessing their book! (… or something like that.)

The notebook itself is a black and a light, iridescent blue, and features a zipper protecting the paper and pockets inside – and this thing has a lot of pockets. It’s perfect for jotting down notes about the next upcoming SEGA game, how awesome the SEGA of America Community Team is, or how you’re totally planning to give them a raise in the next fiscal year. (Because, you know, that’s what Directors do!)

Rumor has it this Notebook was even down through generations from each SEGA Director to the next over the last two-hundred and fifty years. Other rumors state that it holds the power to create world peace, and that using this notebook while wearing a “three wolves howling at the moon” shirt will amplify your natural Director powers, instantly transforming you into a qualified, bona fide leader. Please note that we have not tested either of these rumors to confirm their validity.

In short, it’s a sweet, classy, SEGA branded Notebook, once owned by our Marketing Director.

Details about the Notebook:

* Owned and used by a SEGA America Marketing Director
* Will make you feel just like a real SEGA Director!*
* Use this Notebook while wearing a “three wolves howling at the moon” shirt to amplify natural leadership powers!

*: Effectiveness at transforming regular people into SEGA Directors has not yet been fully tested. There’s a slight chance you might feel just like a normal person holding a very, very special Notebook.

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SEGA Saturn Game Gloves

SEGA Saturn Game Gloves

SEGA Saturn Game Gloves

Planning on a long gaming session of your favorite old school SEGA classics, but lack the proper attire? Look no further, we have a very special and extremely rare auction for a pair of Saturn Game Gloves. These were donated by one of our SEGA producers, Omar W., who held on to these gems for several years, waiting and training to be the best gamer there ever was. Now, this pair of gloves can be yours, complete with padded thumbs!

Details about the Game Gloves:

* Branded SEGA Saturn
* Super Cool Gloves for Video game play, bike riding, playing sports – or just having fun!
* Padded thumbs
* Fits ages 14 and up

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Sonic the Hedgehog Backpack

Sonic the Hedgehog Backpack

What would it be like to give Sonic a piggyback ride everywhere you went? You can find out with this Sonic the Hedgehog backpack! Thanks to adjustable straps connecting Sonic’s hands and feet, Sonic can be with you all day to help you carry your stuff. Not a lot of stuff though… the backpack portion is accessible through a zip pocket in Sonic’s stomach and doesn’t really hold more than a few items. But still — an adorable item for any kid, or just a kid at heart.

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Sonic & Knuckles Race Set

Sonic & Knuckles Race Set

Fan of Sonic & Sega’s Allstars racing and looking for even more Sonic racing action? Look no further! Now you too can join in the fun with Sonic or Knuckles in this racing set, featuring 8 feet of track! What fun!

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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing – Tails & Plane Figurine

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Tails & Plane

Tails flew his plane in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, and that’s commemorated in this figurine set.

Details about the figurine:

* High-quality, detailed Tails figurine
* Part of the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Set
* Size: 5 inches tall

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Valkyria Chronicles JPN

Valkyria Chronicles - Japanese Limited Edition Set

For Gallia – and Japan! This super-rare Limited Edition box set for the epic PS3 game Valkyria Chronicles is being auctioned off straight from SEGA to help raise funds for Japan relief efforts.

The box itself is in almost-new condition, and includes a special Alicia figurine, an extremely detailed Edelweiss Tank figurine, the Japanese edition of the pre-order Artbook, and the game itself. Only available in Japan, the copy of the game will also work in US and European PS3 systems.

The Alicia figurine is also a unique version not available in other Valkyria Chronicles figurine sets. The only way to pick it up is through this Box Set!

Details about the Limited Edition Box Set:

* Rare, Limited Edition Box Set from Japan.
* Includes the Game (PS3, JPN), Alicia Figurine, Edelweiss figurine, and Artbook.
* The perfect addition to any Valkyria Chronicles collection – especially if you like tanks!

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SEGA Cards, Dreamcast Postcards, and SEGA Pen

Holiday Cards, Postcards, and SEGA Pen

This set includes two SEGA holiday cards that were sent to friends, partners, and business associates at the end of the year. One features Sonic the Hedgehog on a snowboard, and the other features Bayonetta, AiAi, Sonic, and the Alien from AVP – all kickin’ it by the fire in holiday sweaters (of frankly questionable taste).

This set also includes 6 Dreamcast-era postcard – 3 of each style. The first features Seaman and the quote “Get a life, fruitcake.” That lovely holiday sentiment is followed up by a lady in her recliner, speaking to Seaman on her Dreamcast microphone.

You’ll need something to write on all this paper with, so we’ve included a SEGA pen.

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Sonic the Hedgehog MP3 Player

Sonic the Hedgehog MP3 Player

This Sonic the Hedgehog MP3 player holds 500 songs (it’s 2GB) and comes with earbuds. What else could you want in an MP3 player? Well, I’ll tell you. It opens and closes.(!!) I know, It’s crazy. But I know it’s true, because it’s right there on the package. What is the world coming to.

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Planet 51 Movie Art Book – Signed!

Plane 51 Movie Art Book

Plane 51 Movie Art Book

This is a hardcover, full-color book featuring art from the Planet 51 movie. If you’re into animation, this is a great item to have. The front of the book is signed by Marcella Churchill, who was the Brand Manager at SEGA of America for the Planet 51 game.

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Crazy Taxi Art – Signed

Crazy Taxi Signed Art

This rare piece of art was signed in late 2010 to celebrate the release of Crazy Taxi on PSN and XBLA. If you’ve got crazy money (or just the highest bid), it’s yours!

Details about the art:

* 8.5 inches x 11 inches
* Glossy artwork
* Signed & dated

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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Cover – Signed!

Sonic Chronicles Package Insert

This is a cover for the Nintendo DS game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It is signed by the entire BioWare dev team that worked on the game. And it is awesome.

Details about the cover:

* Cover of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
* Signed by entire BioWare Dev Team
* Awesome

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The Epic Soniclock!

The Soniclock



***Own the most epic, rare Sonic Clock in the history of the world!***

You probably thought we were joking about that whole “Most epic Sonic Clock in the whole world” part, right? To understand the value of this masterpiece, one first needs to know its history…

This clock was originally given out for free to a SEGA event attendee last year. Apparently that person wasn’t a huge fan of Sonic, and in a gesture that was probably meant to insult us, he destroyed part of the clock and then put it up on Ebay. The rest of the Sonic community was appalled, until…

One of the other attendees from that same event bid on the clock – and won it. And then the story got 10x better: The winner wrote around the edges of the clock, in a personalized message to SEGA and our Sonic 4 Brand Manager Ken: “The Sonic(lock) Cycle as you truly imagined it!”

For Christmas that year, we here at SEGA received a package – and within it, we got our clock back. You can check out the full blog detailing the awesome return here:

Now, we have decided to end (or continue?) this story where it began: Ebay. We’ve upgraded the clock, adding a new “Biker-Balough” picture to the 12:00 spot, and have repaired the rest of it through large amounts of super glue and excessive strips of tape. The Soniclock has been upgraded to a new level, and by bidding on this piece of SEGA Community history, you can also help those in need in Japan!

Details about the Soniclock:

* Features Ken “Biker” Balough at 12:00!
* Signed by Ken Balough on the side. Reads: “It’s Biker Balough O-clock! -Ken”
* Also signed by Community member Skyler, who originally saved the clock here on Ebay.

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Virtua Fighter 5 – Signed

Virtua Fighter 5 - Signed by the Developers

Signed by the Japanese development team, this rare copy of Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3 is among some of the rarest items we’re auctioning off to support Japan. As you can see in the picture, a number of big names from the VF team signed in silver, and this copy is truly one-of-a-kind if you’re a collector of rare SEGA or Virtua Fighter merchandise.

Both the signed case and the actual game for PS3 are included in this auction. To all our Virtua Fighter addicts out there – good luck!

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That’s all the items in our second batch, but we’re already collecting more for a third! We’ve got some good stuff coming up too… stay tuned!


10 Years of Super Monkey Ball – A Retrospective – Part 2

A decade of Super Monkey Ball, day two! All week long we’re taking a look at the past ten years of the Super Monkey Ball franchise, showing off a bit of nostalgia for those who remember the titles of the past and bringing in some new fans who might have missed out. Looking forward to your feedback as always, now let’s get back on track …

Super Monkey Ball Jr – Game Boy Advance (2003)

Super Monkey Ball Jr.

Continuing in our look across the Monkey Ball series, we’re going to pick up right where we left off yesterday and roll directly into Super Monkey Ball Jr for the Game Boy Advance! Thinking back this title was a favorite of mine, particularly because of the portability and being a fan of the series from day 1. Super Monkey Ball has always been available on the new tech in some form or another and I felt this was a decent outing for the gang. Granted, not top of the top graphics wise, but still entirely playable and familiar. Only drawback was the lack of analog – but I’m selectively forgetting about that…

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe – Xbox / PlayStation2 (2005)

Super Monkey Ball Deluxe

This was the first time the series had appeared outside the Nintendo platforms, well aside from the Arcades – but those don’t count, right? Right? … The Deluxe version was actually something of a compilation from Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2, but built with some additional content that didn’t appear in either version. Featuring over 300 levels of Super Monkey Ball, the game offered the most comprehensive version of the series for the time.
Super Monkey Ball DeluxeSuper Monkey Ball Deluxe

Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll – Nintendo DS (2006)

Solving the lack of Analog problem from the original handheld JR release (ok, I’ll remember it, fine!), the Nintendo DS version allowed the player to navigate through the world using the touch pad. Though the d-pad was still supported, the true way to play the game has always been with a precarious analog stick. Touch & Roll also modified the look of the original crew of Monkeys a bit, the look became a bit more cartoon-like.

Super Monkey Ball Touch & RollSuper Monkey Ball Touch & Roll

Super Monkey Ball – iPhone & iPad (2009)

Ok, a bit of a jump here, we’ve skipped over Banana Blitz, but I plan to return to the game tomorrow. Instead, we’re going to focus on the iPhone and iPad versions of Super Monkey Ball because, but don’t worry, we’re back on track tomorrow. So, the reason I wanted to delve into iPhone stuff was frankly because the version is so excellent, and as a fan of the series, I just didn’t want to wait and extra day and not talk about them.


Super Monkey Ball on iPhone stands as one of the best games for the platform to this day. It was probably the first real game that I played on the iPhone and was one of the most fun and challenging offerings too. As a commuter, playing games on portable devices is a big part of my life and the iPhone version killed my battery time and time again as I trekked back home. Being that you move the world in Monkey Ball to find your way about the environment, what better way than to use the phone’s accelerometer to do exactly that. The experience is perfect.

Super Monkey Ball 2 - iPhone

How perfect? My father is not at all gifted when it comes to games, though to his credit he does try or feign interest while I try to get him to give it a shot. Monkey Ball was one of the first games that he ‘got’ and instantly was having fun. The best part is that I never had to do anything to show him how – I just handed him the device, sat back, and watched figure it out and mere moments. His face changed from scowling / expecting frustration to pure delight and he couldn’t put it down – perfect, I say!

Spanning three versions, Super Monkey Ball first appeared on the iPhone and again shortly thereafter with a sequel. The two versions were very similar in presentation, however the sequel fixed and added a lot of requested features based on fan feedback from the original. Adding in a way to center the device and adding in a less steep learning curve helped make Monkey Ball 2 on the iphone a much tighter overall experience. Let’s also not forget the iPad version, Sakura Edition, which appeared alongside the iPhone sequel. With improved visuals, HDified for the iPad, the Sakura Edition is another favorite for its smooth controls and excellent gameplay.

I honestly could keep writing these all day, but trying to keep them in bite sized chunks! Tomorrow I’ll be back for part 3 and another look at the Super Monkey Ball series – more to come!


SEGA Auctions for Charity!

Today, it’s time to give back!

People across the world have felt the effects of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As someone who was there when it all happened, we saw firsthand many of the challenges that the Japanese people are now going through. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we all do our part to help those who truly need it.

Here at SEGA, we’ve decided to gather some of the rarest, most unique items we could find, and we’re auctioning them all off right now, donating 100% of the funds to the Red Cross to assist in Japan relief efforts.

If you’re a SEGA fan, this is your chance – bid on super rare SEGA merchandise, and do your part to help Japan in this crucial time of need.

To all those in the SEGA Community – let’s get this started!

Yakuza Track Jacket

A super-rare, high-quality Yakuza Track Jacket!
Originally valued at over $200, we’ve started the bidding at .99 cents! This jacket is officially licensed from Ryu Ga Gotoku, or “Yakuza” here in the west. It looks and feels like one of the most epic jackets you could ever own – and, if Nagoshi himself is willing to wear it, it probably is.

You can also see this item in today’s edition of “On the Spot” over at Gamespot!

Bid on this item now!

Dreamcast Hoodie

SEGA Dreamcast Hoodie

Dreamcast Sweatshirt

We created these for the recently-release Dreamcast Collection, and they’ve been super popular ever since. We’ve given away many of them through Free Stuff Friday and partnerships with other sites, but we still get asked all the time how people can buy one of them. Until today, the answer was that you can’t. This is your chance to pay for a hoodie — just be the highest bidder, and its yours. We have sizes XS, M, L, and XL (sorry, we’re out of smalls!).

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Dreamcast Bag

SEGA Dreamcast - Original Dreamcast handbag

This is from the Dreamcast days… a big bag to hold all your stuff. We found this in our old office, rescued it, and have been hanging on to it for several years now, just waiting for the right occasion to part with it. This is it! It is a big bag (about 17 inches wide and 15 inches tall) and was originally intended to hold your Dreamcast console, controllers, etc. It could be used for that, or as a cool computer or book bag. There is one zippered pocket on the front (just above the logo), and it zips open to reveal one interior front pocket and 4 smaller mesh pockets on the back to organize your stuff. It has two handles at the top for hand carrying, a shoulder strap, and also some backpack straps, if that’s how you choose to roll.

Bid on this item now!

Yakuza 4 Officially Licensed T-Shirt from Japan

Yakuza 4 - Rare imported Golden Dragon long-sleeve shirt (front)

Yakuza 4 - Rare imported Golden Dragon long-sleeve shirt (back)

This is an amazing shirt. It’s officially licensed, and has the Ryu Ga Gotoku tag still on it. It’s a black long-sleeve shirt in a size XL, but it’s a Japanese XL so it’s smaller than a US size XL. But you may not even want to wear it, because it’s so pretty! The front, sleeves, and back have a tattoo design in gold — as you can see, it’s very intricate and shiny. This shirt sells in Japan for approximately $110 US, so it’s definitely rare and valuable!

Bid on this item now!

Valkyria Chroncles – Signed copy for PS3

One of SEGA’s best games for the PS3 – and perhaps one of the best games on the console itself – this is a rare chance to pick up a shiny copy of Valkyria Chronicles, signed by two key members of the Japanese development team. This includes Ryutaro Nonaka, the game’s producer from SEGA of Japan! The winning bid scores both the open case and a brand-new, unopened copy of the game, still in its original shrink-wrap. How’s that for awesome?

Bid on this item now!

Yakuza 4 US Promo T-Shirt

Yakuza 4 - Promo T-shirt

While less rare than the Yakuza shirt above it, this is still a pretty rare item. We made 500 of these shirts to promote Yakuza 4, and just because they are more subtle than your average game t-shirt doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome. We have these in size M, L, or XL (winner picks their size). It’s a black short-sleeve shirt with a tattoo design over the shoulder, and the Yakuza 4 logo on the opposite sleeve. The screenprint design continues over the shoulder and on to the back of the shirt.

Bid on this item now!

Sonic Colors Kiosk Art

Sonic Colors - Promo Station art

This is art that was originally placed in demo kiosks for Sonic Colors. Now it could be yours! There are 6 pieces in total, each with a different design of Sonic and his Wisp friends from the game. Each piece is about 28 inches tall and 9 inches wide, and they’d look great hanging on your wall!

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Virtua Tennis Sweatbands

Virtua Tennis 4 - Promo Sweatbands, full set

These are some brand-new promo items for the upcoming Virtua Tennis 4 game. Keep your forehead dry during long jogs or some marathon gaming sessions. You get 5 sweatbands in total — one in each color we made — to keep yourself cool.

Bid on this item now!

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Promo Poster Art

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll thick wall artwork

This is a piece of promo art that we used at several locations during the promotion of Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll. It’s a really big poster — 28 inches wide and 35 inches tall — and it’s mounted on heavy 1/4 inch foam core. This is a piece of art that will stand the test of time!

Bid on this item now!

OutRun Art – Signed by Yu Suzuki

OutRun Art - Signed by Yu Suzuki

If this looks familiar to you, you’re probably a frequent Free Stuff Friday viewer/participant. This was one of our prizes for last week’s giveaway. The winner contacted us and asked to donate it to an auction to benefit relief in Japan, and we were happy to oblige. Thanks to @bdavid81, who gave up his prize for auction.

Bid on this item now!

Yakuza 4 – Model Car Kit

Nothing says “I was once top boss of the Tojo clan” like a painmobile. (Well, that’s the literal translation, at least.) This rare Yakuza Model Car Kit comes to us from Japan, and includes a ton of awesome car stickers for use as decals! Instructions might be in Japanese, but thankfully, the box itself has enough English to tell you what you need to get this model put together and painted up.

Bid on this item now!

The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Promo “Meat” Package

This is a medium-sized (12 inches by 7 inches) package wrapped in brown butcher’s paper and packing tape with a House of the Dead OVERKILL logo sticker on the front. Inside is a styrofoam tray similar to what you’d find in a butcher shop. On that will be a fake body part of some kind — a hand, a foot, an internal organ — we don’t know what it is, because the package is unopened! So, have a heart, and you may get a heart in return!

P.S. – Not for kids!

Bid on this item now!

Sonic the Hedgehog Limited Edition Lanyard

This is a black ribbon-style lanyard with the running sprite animation from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. We made these for PAX Prime 2010, and they were a monster hit. If you didn’t get a chance to pick one up, you can do so now — and for a good cause, too!

Bid on this item now!

MADWORLD Gamestop Manager’s  Pre-order Kit

Better watch your step! This is a kit that was handed out to GameStop managers and employees before the launch of MADWORLD. It is a MADWORLD-branded box, that has the SEGA and GameStop logo on it as well as “MADWORLD Employee Kit” on it. Inside, there is a big red plastic button (like the Staples “easy” button) that takes 3 AAA batteries and makes a chainsaw noise when pressed. The kit also contains a bag of “Pre-Order Today” buttons with the MADWORLD logo on them, and a package of MADWORLD stickers. These stickers have the “Caution” sign design that was used throughout the marketing campaign. The box also includes a flyer for GameStop store managers.

Bid on this item now!

Sonic Classic Collection – Signed by Ken Balough

The cover of this game has been autographed in silver pen by Ken Balough, who many Sonic fans know as the SEGA Brand Manager for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I. The front cover says “Sonic 4 games in one as you truly imagined it – Ken”. This is a blend of two recurring jokes: The first came about from the SEGA US community managers teasing that this was “Sonic 4 … games in one”. We made this joke several times on our blogs and Free Stuff Friday videos, and it’s possible that it is only funny to us. The second part, “as you truly imagined it” is a quote from Ken himself, and it became a meme within the Sonic community. Ken is a great guy, and doesn’t mind laughing at himself, so he signed this on the game for a lucky fan to cherish.

Bid on this item now!

Valkyria Chronicles – Rare Promo Poster Art

What you’re looking at is one of the rarest pieces of original Valkyria Chronicles promotional merch in the west. Featuring Welkin Gunther, Alicia Melchiott, and their tank the Edelweiss, this beautiful piece of art was printed on a huge piece of glossy, thick posterboard, and was one of three pieces of promo Art used at the Valkyria Chronicles Launch Event in San Francisco.  Now you can bid on this exclusive piece of promo art and help Japan at the same time!

Bid on this item now!

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Pillowcase

Dream delight! One of the more unique pieces of promotional merchandise we’ve ever created, this NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams pillowcase is the perfect addition to any NiGHTS fan’s collection. (Not to mention, you can actually sleep on it!)

Bid on this item now!

Yakuza 4 Japanese Promo Fan

Yakuza 4 - Rare Tokyo Game Show fan (back)

Yakuza 4 - Rare Tokyo Game Show fan
This is a fan that we picked up at the Tokyo Game Show in 2009. It’s got a tattoo design and the Japanese website for Yakuza 4 on one side, and the Japanese logo for the game on the other.

Bid on this item now!

Check them out on video!

YouTube Preview Image

Want to see some of the items above on film? Check out the video we’ve put together to show them off on YouTube! Almost all of the items listed are shown, though we’ve had even more items join the auction pool after filming.

Good luck, and happy bidding!

On behalf of all of us here at SEGA, thank you to everyone to who bids and donates to help Japan in this time of need. Good luck on all those rare pieces of SEGA merchandise – we hope you’ll give each and every item an awesome new place to call home!