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Archive for April 1st, 2011


Announcing Super Monkey Cube!

Super Monkey Cube

April 1, 2011. Today SEGA of America & SEGA of Europe are proud to present to the world the newest title in the Super Monkey series, a title that’s ten years in the making, a title that’s six sides of awesome — Super Monkey Cube: Five Facets of Fun!

“Through our testing and experience, we tightened up the graphics a lot.” says James Bray, Global Brand Manager for all things Monkey Ball. “Just look at World 3, level 3, section 3; it’s a work of art, we’ve got some of highest resolution pixels you’ve ever seen!”

The Fan(s) Talked – We Listened

“Super Monkey Ball has always had too much rolling around and junk. I just want to kill something and do it across several turns, every Monkey Ball fan feels the same way – just do it already, you’ll make Billions!”

We’ve seen the feedback from MonkeyBaller1997 and are finally doing something entirely fan driven, for the fans, from us at Sega, who are fans of you – the fans! Super Monkey Cube is built from the ground up, based entirely on fan feedback. We’ve collected your thoughts from Twitter, Facebook, and our own Forums to design this game. The SEGATRON3000 has captured all data from these platforms (fact!), parsed it, and come up with the best possible game combination!

This isn’t how we roll

Super Monkey Cube

A realtime turnbased RPG with action elements, Super Monkey Cube is nothing like you’ve ever seen or played before! All your favorite Monkeys return – AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon and an all new friend – Poly! Gone are the restrictions of rolling, now gameplay revolves around a familiar grid based world! Take turns, read long story arcs, level up with confusingly intricate menus, discover a flat world unlike any other, and solve the whereabouts of the Golden Banana!

Super Monkey Cube: Five Facets of Fun launches in 225 moves on November 11th, 2011