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Archive for April 22nd, 2011


Support Japan with this Dreamcast PlayStation 3 Theme! (Updated!)


Throughout the month, SEGA has been listing items on eBay to help with the Japanese relief efforts. The items have ranged from signed games and gear, to extremely rare bits of swag, to even rarer internal prints of advertisements. The response has been overwhelming; we’ve already raised over $20,000 and still have several auctions up with ultra-rare items! A very big thank you from all of us at SEGA to you, the fans, who have helped us raise this money for all of Japan.

The Dreamcast PlayStation 3 Theme

To help celebrate this effort, we are offering a download for a special Dreamcast styled PlayStation3 theme. The theme was created by Maher and Souha Al-Samkari of modus Productions and I’m absolutely in love with the results. Featuring the icons from the original Dreamcast system and a Good Luck Japan (Ganbare!) sentiment – the theme is a perfect thank you to everyone who helped out. The themes are available in both European Dreamcast Blue and North America Dreamcast Orange, please click the preferred image below to download the theme!

Dreamcast EU Theme
Download the European Theme here! (Updated: Now includes both!)

Dreamcast US Theme
Download the North American Theme here! (Updated: Now includes both!)

Like what you see? modus Productions have a thread over at NeoGaf showing off all of their SEGA themes and discussing their projects. We encourage everyone to drop by and say hello!

Install Your New Theme!

You can install from external media, such as a flash drive, but it has to be in a specific folder, follow the steps below:

1. Change the files you download to add a .p3t extension. To do this, click the filename to highlight the name of the file, then add the .p3t to the end. The themes WILL NOT WORK without the p3t Extension! More info on changing file extensions within windows can be found here.

2. Create a directory within a flash drive with the following in UPPERCASE


3. Pop this into your PlayStation3, copy to the system, and there you have it – a really cool new theme!

Ongoing eBay Auctions

If you’ve not had a chance to participate in the auction, please do head over to our eBay listings and take a look at what is available. Right now we have a very special Shenmue game signed by Yu Suzuki, and a SEGA themed Employee mug – the official You-Just-Got-Hired-at-SEGA mug.

Also, if you love the theme and want to contribute, please visit the Red Cross website for ways to donate towards the Relief Efforts. Thank you for your support during this difficult time, we send our best to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.

4/26 Update: We’ve made an adjustment to the files which should help anyone who was unable to grab them before. You can now find a zip file with both themes in the links above, or right here!


Sonic Spotlight – The fantastic fan remixes of Ubergrau

Of all the Sonic remixes we’ve had the pleasure of hearing, there are a handful that stand out as truly impressive works of art. One of those artists can be found on YouTube by the name of Ubergrau.

As we all head home for the holiday weekend, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite remixes from his collection. Take a listen below, and if you like what you hear, you can find his full set here!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Have an excellent, chocolate-egg-filled Easter weekend, everyone!


Conduit 2 Launch Trailer

Conduit 2 is here and we’ve got a new trailer to show off the game and tease you a bit at what you’ll encounter with the newest from SEGA and High Voltage Software. Bigger firefights, more intense enemies with that will keep you guessing, and a story that spans the entire globe – Conduit 2 is THE shooter to own on the Wii!

Story not your thing? Perfectly fine – we know what you want and have it with the robust Multiplayer. Over 10 multiplayer modes, countless upgrades, achievements, improvements, and battles across top notch maps!

YouTube Preview Image

Conduit 2 is awesome and if you are playing it – you know this already. If you aren’t, we’re waiting for you. Bring it.