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Archive for April 29th, 2011


New weapons and Rose Regalia armor arrive in Spiral Knights!

Are you playing Spiral Knights? If not, you should be – this MMO PC game is free to play, and exciting times are ahead!

Today we’ve released a brand new set of Limited-time armor called the Rose Regalia armor.

From now until May 6th at 3PM PDT, knights who purchase at least $9.95 worth of Crystal Energy will receive a free piece of the Rose Regalia!

These brand new costume items are also well-suited to combining with the Flourish line of Piercing swords.
There are six pieces in all: three chapeaus and three tabards. Collect the whole set today!

You saw it above, but how does it look in-game? A little something like… this!

From left to right: Full Regalia of the White, Red, and Black Roses

The feathers in the chapeaus are also customized, based on the primary color you selected for your knight!

Looking for any excuse to hit up an arena, a few guildmates and I got together to grab some shots of the flourish swords in action:

Bottom Knight: “Because I know something you don’t know…”

Top knight: “And what is that?

Bottom Knight (switching the blade) I… am not left-handed!”

Middle Knight: “Oh, there’s something I ought to tell you…”

Right Knight: “Tell me.”

Middle Knight (also switching): “…I’m not left-handed either.”

See you on Spiral Knights this weekend! ( If you want to run, add me as a friend: Rubyeclipse)

The first person to post with the name of the movie referenced above, and also the first, second, and twentieth comments all get a free 2000 crowns from my personal stash. Have fun, and we’ll see you in-game!


Win free Yakuza merchandise at SEGA Bits!

Yakuza – one of SEGA’s crowning franchises in the last ten years. When the haters claim that SEGA doesn’t make good games anymore, this is one series we add right up there with Valkyria Chronicles and so many others to prove them wrong.

The latest entry in this franchise, Yakuza 4, is out now, and we’ve also just released a free DLC pack for the game – as soon as PSN is back up, we invite everyone with a copy to pick it up. This is on top of the free bonus content you’ll find within all US copies of Y4. Consider it our thanks for sticking with us and being a loyal member of the Yakuza fanbase.

Though the game may be out, our duty as fans to support these franchises and to help ensure their continuance here in the west remains as vital as ever. To start off our community campaign, we’ve teamed up with the fansite SEGA Bits, run by an awesome crew of hardcore SEGA fans, to give away all sorts of exclusive Yakuza merchandise!

Win free Yakuza Merch for a week at SEGABits!

We should also give SEGA Bits commendation for going an extra mile to support this series, too – they’ve completely re-skinned their site to feature Kazuma Kiryu and to help promote the game while their full week of giveaways continues.

So let’s do it, members of the Yakuza community: I challenge you all to find ways that you can lend your support to this series. Be it telling a friend, picking up a copy, or finding your own creative way to get it out there. And, in the meantime, get to SEGA Bits for free giveaways and merchandise, and a a new reason every day why Yakuza 4 is one SEGA game you absolutely need in your collection.

Special thanks once more to Sharky and the entire team over at SEGABits for doing their part to support this series!