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Archive for September 19th, 2011


MLB Manager Online – September Newsletter

It’s September — that means the pennant races are heating up in MLB as we steam towards October baseball, and it’s now time to report on the results of another round of championships for MLB Manager Online!

First though, a big welcome to two new regions added to MLBMO’s competitive universe — the game is now available in both Korea and Hong Kong! This is good for our U.S. users, mainly because it opens up the pool of potential players to trade with, meaning it is now a lot easier to find someone to trade with. And if you happen to have one of the tremendously popular players born in either of those locales, you can likely name your price for them!

Now, on to the championship news for this month.

World Tournament US101

Capper5 – 4

A tournament regular, POWERFULL took home the trophy for US101 with a narrow victory in the final match. The key moment likely came during a 3-run 3rd inning, capped by Adrian Gonzalez hitting a two-run home run.

Capper5 made a valiant comeback attempt in the 8th inning, with consecutive doubles from Yadier Molina and Michael Bourn and a walk by Derek Jeter. Carlos Gonzalez doubled to make it 4-5, but that’s as close as they got, and Powerfull took home the US101 WT crown.

World Tournament US102

Dreamer – 9
Binghamton Mets – 0


Dreamer, meanwhile, ran roughshod over the Binghamton Mets, winning 9-0 – winning his second straight World Tournament in the process.  Dreamer scored all the runs needed in the 4th inning with doubles from Robinson Cano and Carl Crawford, and a triple from Nick Markakis. Dreamer tacked on another 7 runs though, capped by a three run home run from Markakis.

The offensive explosion was backed by a brilliant performance from Doug Fister, who pitched 6 shutout innings, with the Binghamton Mets managing 3 hits total against Dreamer. The strategy here is worth noting – Doug Fister is a 4* contract pitcher, and having him hold his own with richer contract pitchers gives a team more flexibility to fill out their rosters.

World Championship Tournament

Dreamer over Woocaster

WCT Box Score 002

The last World Tournament for US102 was won by Dreamer, but they were knocked out of the World Championship Tournament – this time though, Dreamer took home the World Championship Tournament title over Korean representative Woocaster.

This was the second World Championship Tournament win for the U.S., and for Korea, the first opportunity they had to be in the finals. To recap, the World Championship Tournament – or WCT – is a bracket –style tournament that collects the winners from each server’s end-of-cycle winners. Now that MLBMO has opened in Korea they have joined Japan and the U.S. in the WCT (with Hong Kong soon to join as well).

Dreamer walked away with a decisive 3-1 series win powered by lots of runs scored; to their credit Finals opponent Woocaster made each game close. But in the end Dreamer walked away with the win, taking the 4th and deciding game of their series by a score of 9-5.

The decisive inning came in the bottom of the 8th, when Dream scored 4 runs, breaking their 5-5 tie and going ahead for good. Carl Crawford opened up the inning with a double, and a single and a walk from Nick Markakis and Ryan Braun loaded the bases. Hanley Ramirez then drove a 3-1 pitch off the right field wall for a triple, clearing the bases and giving Dreamer’s fans cause to celebrate their championship!