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Archive for September 26th, 2011


Guardian Heroes: Nicole


Guardian Heroes is coming to XBLA on October 12th, and to get you ready, we’re sharing character bios and exclusive character art until the big day!

This week, as you may have guessed already, we’re focusing on Nicole. (Last week, we focused on Ginjirou.)


A young cleric and hero in Treasure’s Guardian Heroes game. Whether by accident or design, probably the most formidable playable character in story mode.
Nicole comes across as a fairly ditzy, lighthearted and fun-loving character, if somewhat grumpy at times. She appears to be quite clumsy too, given that she falls over at random, and that the effects of her spells are somewhat randomized.


While players first trying out Nicole might be forgiven for thinking that she mostly just functions as a support character, given her healing magic, barrier and lack of any obviously powerful attacks, she is the best character in story mode when it comes to both attacking and defense. Her most lethal tactic is to sandwich an enemy between the edge of the screen and her barrier move, as neither the target nor Nicole will be knocked out of range of one another. This technique is probably the most damaging in the game.


In addition to this, Nicole is the only playable character in Story Mode who can restore her own health, a major advantage given that unlike most beat-em-ups, Guardian Heroes doesn’t include health-restoring power ups.



Get ready, because Guardian Heroes is hitting XBLA on October 12th!



Gordon Freeman Joins the Renegade Ops


Today we are delighted to announce Gordon Freeman’s Buggy from the seminal title Half-Life 2 will be available in Renegade Ops via STEAM! Renegade Ops launches on 14th October for $14.99, £9.99, €12.99, AUD$ 20.00.

Those who purchase the game on Steam will be able to take control of the Half-Life 2 Buggy as Gordon unleashes the Antlions to aid the Renegade Ops as they fight their enemies.
“Working with Steam and the Half-Life team makes this game extra special.” said John Clark Director of PC Digital “Gordon Freeman is a deeply-established character in the gaming world and we are proud to have him included in Renegade Ops.”

A brand new thrilling trailer debuting Gordon Freeman’s buggy in Renegade Ops can be seen below:
YouTube Preview Image