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Archive for September 28th, 2011


Aliens Infestation Developer Diary 3 – Developing Unique Marines

Aliens: Infestation Logo

Alien Infestation is nearly here, launching in European territories on September 30th and arriving in North America on October 11th! With only a few days a way, we’ve got another developer diary from the good folks at WayForward to help ease the pain of waiting. This week’s blog features the development of the characters, the Colonial Marines, the folks you’ll be guiding through the sidescroller Alien Infestation.

We’ve got a small preview of the blog here, with the full text appearing on, fansite for all things Aliens, Predator and an excellent reference for all things in between, enjoy!

Adam Tierney (Director, Wayforward):

So we’ve talked a lot about developing our tiny Marines. But what exactly went into that? Just how fleshed out are these soldiers, and why should players care when they die if there’s always another one right around the corner, waiting to take their place?

The game features 20 Marines: 19 of which are playable, and one which is your Commanding Officer, Patrick “Stainless” Steele. Steele contacts you via radio throughout the adventure to offer intel, and to give the playable character someone to chat with (in what would otherwise be a pretty quiet game).

Because of the tremendous amount of animations required for our Marines (multiplied by every type of firearm), it wasn’t feasible to actually animate 19 different character sets. If we’d attempted that, we’d still be animating the game right now. So instead, we decided to differentiate characters in the following four ways…


To be Continued – Right Now!

If the above has you interested, you’ll want to catch the rest over at Read up on the rest of the character’s developer diary and also check out individual character bios detailing backstory on a few of the marines you’ll be playing as!