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Archive for October 4th, 2011


SEGA’s September Noms

There are a lot of fun parts to being a community manager at SEGA. We get to work on great games, with fun people, and interact every day with our amazing fans. We also get to travel to different events, conventions, and to visit our colleagues around the world. And of course, when we travel, we have to eat.

Julian (ClumsyOrchid), Aaron (RubyEclipse), and I had been talking about starting a food section on this blog for a long time — at least a couple years. We get to eat some amazing stuff when we travel (and at home, too) and as we’ve traveled to places over and over again, we’ve started to develop some real favorites. But we also are adventurous and try new stuff, too. Julian finally kicked the food blog off with his TGS travels in Tokyo. And we intend to keep it going. So in that spirit, here’s some of what we ate in September.


Last month, some of the communications team (of which the community team is a part) went to London to visit our office there and meet with our colleagues. One night, we went to this really cool Italian place where we made our own pizzas. This one is mine (before it was baked). I put sauce, cheese, mushrooms, salami, caramelized onions, and anchovies (don’t hate!) on mine.


This is Thu, one of the PR managers at SEGA of America, making her pizza.

Thu Making Pizza

The next night, Thu and I went out for dinner and ended up at a great French restaurant. It was here that we discovered that we both love escargot (yes, those are snails… again, don’t hate!) and mussels. I remembered to get a photo of the escargot, but we were so hungry that we just dove into our mussels without taking a photo.


We had to get to the airport in London a bit early, so we had some time to kill before our flight. While I was there, I ended up with a teeny tiny can of Pepsi. It’s slightly less than half of the size can you’d find in the US.

Tiny Pepsi

Dessert Friday

If you follow our Twitter, you may have seen us tweeting about desserts on Friday. That’s no coincidence, because in addition to Friday being Free Stuff Friday for you guys, it’s also Dessert Friday for us in the Sega of America office. This was started by Aaron (RubyEclipse), which will not be a surprise to any of you that know him, because you probably know that he really loves sweets. I once saw him eat 8 scoops of ice cream and 8 churros in one sitting (seriously), but that’s a story for another day. But every Friday, someone brings dessert into the office to share with our co-workers. Sometimes it’s cake, sometimes it’s cookies, sometimes it’s ice cream floats. You just never know. (We even had some Junior’s shipped to us from New York City once!)

Last Friday, we had chocolate cake. Our Senior PR manager was celebrating her first anniversary here at SEGA, so she brought in a cake to share with everyone. They might not have gotten the SEGA logo quite right, but it was still pretty tasty.

Dessert Friday Cake

I hope you enjoyed this blog! We look forward to bringing you more behind-the-scenes content from SEGA in the future — seeing the people who work here, the fun that we have, and yes… what we’re noshing on.


Guardian Heroes: Undead Hero

Each day, we’re getting closer to the release of Guardian Heroes on XBLA! Today, we’re taking a look at the Undead Hero.

Undead Hero

Also known as the Undead warrior, the Golden Warrior, and Goldie, this imposing skeletal warrior is an undead knight called back from the grave by the magical sword that he once wielded. Inadvertently revived by the game’s protagonists when they bring his sword to his burial place, he remains by their side throughout the course of the game and follows their commands.

While the exact origins of the sword are never clearly disclosed, it is suggested that it was given its power by a curse enacted by the previous king as he died, or that it was created by the enigmatic Celestial beings, the Sky Spirits.

Nevertheless, it is a powerful artifact, and the catalyst for much of the game’s story, as well as the major objective of the sorcerer Kanon during the game’s first half.

Undead Hero

The Undead Warrior is very powerful, but mindlessly aggressive. He attacks one of the game’s heroes, Serena, almost immediately after his revival, and left to his own devices will mow down the helpless, the elderly, the young, and just about anything else he can get his hands on. He even goes on to assault God in several of the game’s endings.

Undead Hero

The Undead Warrior may have been created for the game’s story mode to ease the burden of fighting so many enemies at once. While most beat-em-ups see the player outnumbered in most encounters, the number of enemies in Guardian Heroes tends to be particularly high, and given that even the weakest of enemies can run, block, double-jump air guard and so on, additional assistance might be required.
And assistance could likely come in no better form than the Undead Hero, whose wide-swings, frenzied slashes and screen filling explosion are enough to handle most of the game’s opposition handily.

Undead Hero

As another advantage, albeit a subtle one, he has some very unique hit-boxes, which mean that only his head, waist and feet are viable targets.

According to Han, he weighs three-hundred pounds, which is quite an accomplishment for a skeleton.


Get ready, because Guardian Heroes is hitting XBLA on October 12th!