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Archive for October 5th, 2011


Spiral Knights: Accessories, Lockboxes, and More Lockdown!

Attention, residents of the Clockworks!

A new update is live today for Spiral Knights. Here’s what’s in store.


Let it not be said that Spiral Knights have no sense of style.

Now, deck yourself out with hundreds of items, from hip technological gadgets to deadly looking armor spikes, with different items set to match the color schemes of different sets of armor – some super-rare accessories will even allow you to re-color them to your fancy!

This brings us to Bechamel, the Accessorizor: Find and visit this mysterious new craftsman on the West side of the Haven Bazaar: he will, as is his wont, permanently attach accessories to your armor, where they will stay, forever. Please note that removing an accessory will destroy it, so in real life, choose wisely what you accessorize with!

Spiral Knights

Unlock Lockboxes!

Now, for Knights who like finding valuable things inside of other things: lockboxes! Iron Lockboxes, once found, can be traded or sold on the Auction House, and are the only way to find accessories. To open lockboxes you will need a Silver Key, which are sold by Boost, the resident Special Items Merchant of Haven.

Spin Wheels!

If it’s more prizes you’re after, you are in luck! All Knights who complete levels in the Clockworks will now have the chance to spin the brand-new Prize Wheel: Displayed at the elevator as your Heat is tallied up, the wheel will turn-turn-turn, providing all kinds of prizes, from helpful boosts for your group, health, crowns … and lockboxes! The new prize wheel is, in fact, the only way to receive the new Lockboxes, giving an extra bonus to any Knight who makes their way through a Clockworks level.

Spiral Knights

More Lockdown!

Two new maps have been added to the brutal battleground of the Lockdown PvP event: Ramparts and Furnace!

In Ramparts, master the gated paths between bases to either allow passage to your enemy or to protect your own base. For Furnace, magical water orbs will help you carve new paths across a dangerous and fiery arena.


For additional notes and bug fixes, check out the official release notes.

Stay tuned for more soon from Spiral Knights!


SEGA at New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con 2011

New York Comic Con is coming up soon. What’s SEGA up to at the show? Well, we’ve got a few things up our sleeves. Although we don’t have our own booth on the convention floor this year, there will be SEGA games to play!

You can play Sonic Generations in the Archie booth (1630), as well as the Nintendo booth (1538). We had great crowds for the game at Archie’s booth at San Diego Comic Con, and we know New York can step up!

You can also play Shinobi in the Nintendo booth (1538).

Party with SEGA and Thursday Night

The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut

We’ve teamed up with to throw the Dead Man’s Ball for The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut! After preview night at Comic Con, get your House of the Dead costumes on (encouraged, but not required) and head over to Marquee to party with us!

Where: Marquee, 289 10th Avenue (between 26th & 27th St), New York NY

When: Thursday, October 13th from 9pm until midnight

Hashtag: #hotdnyccparty


It just wouldn’t be a trip to NYC without Aaron (RubyEclipse) and I having Junior’s Cheesecake at least once.. and this trip will be no exception.  I’ve been a fan of theirs for years, and at I introduced him to to the wonders of Junior’s at New York Comic Con 2009. It was a particularly stressful show for a few (not important) reasons, and as we walked back to our hotel after the last day of the show, I looked at him and simply said “follow me. You need cheesecake.” He resisted at first, but then we ended up with this.

A perfect way to end the trip

… and then last year at NYCC, there was this.


With many other slices of cheesecake (and even ordering it to be FedExed to us and bringing it home on planes) in between.

You can bet that we’ll keep the food blog going while we’re in NYC!



Sonic 4: The Windows Phone 7 Deal of the Week!

Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Episode I: On Windows Phone 7: in the palm of your hand, and now, racing in as the Xbox Live Deal of the Week!

This one-week promotion is live now, and is valid for all territories. The price drop is from $6.99 (USD) to $4.99, and lasts from Wednesday, October 5th until Wednesday, October 12th.

A good deal for a great game — the perfect time to shore up your collection for your Windows Phone 7!

Sonic 4 - Episode I (Windows Mobile 7)


Guardian Heroes Avatar Items & Wallpapers

Guardian Heroes Avatar Items

Sometimes, it’s not enough to play a game as your favorite character. You need to make your avatar look like them too. Well, Guardian Heroes fans, today is your lucky day because we’ve just released 13 (!) Guardian Heroes avatar items on XBLA Avatar Marketplace.


We have male costumes for Han, Randy, Ginjirou, and the Undead Hero for 240 MSP each.

We also have Female costumes for Serena, Nicole, Randy, and the Undead Hero for 240 MSP each.


If costumes aren’t your thing, we’ve got props for Nando (with Randy’s staff), Venus Flytrap pet, and an Undead Hero companion for 240 MSP each.


Not feeling the costumes, but still want to show your old-school SEGA pride? We’ve got a unisex Sega Saturn T-Shirt for 80 MSP.

See more images of the avatars, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff, in our Guardian Heroes set on Flickr.


It’s not just your Xbox avatars that need a little Guardian Heroes love, though! Grab one (or more) of these wallpapers from our Flickr and get even more hyped for the game to be released on October 12th!

Guardian Heroes Wallpaper

Guardian Heroes Wallpaper

Guardian Heroes Wallpaper

Guardian Heroes Wallpaper

Guardian Heroes Wallpaper

Guardian Heroes Wallpaper

Guardian Heroes hits XBLA on October 12th.


What Was Once Of The End is Now Dead Souls

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Bass Fishing & Space Channel 5 Part 2 Return on PSN & XBLA!

SEGA Bass Fishing

SEGA Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 Part 2 are now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network! Fans who have been waiting over ten years for the fish to return and to fulfill their passion for music and dance can pick up copies of these games for 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99 / £6.29 / €7.99 / AUS $12.95 via PSN.

Space Channel 5 Part 2

In SEGA Bass Fishing, players can cast their lines at eight different fishing holes, utilising 14 unique lures while battling realistic weather conditions that affect fish behavior. Players also have the opportunity to master their angling techniques to catch as many fish as possible in four tournaments, where the best of the best cross fishing rods! In addition, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to get that realistic fishing experience right in your living room with the PlayStation Move motion controller. Cast off and reel in with a simple flick of the wrist.

SEGA Bass Fishing

In Space Channel 5 Part 2, follow Ulala, a dancer and reporter from Space Channel 5, on her quest to take down the Rhythm Rogues and their leaders, Purge and Shadow. The dancing Dreamcast diva must prevent them from creating the all-powerful dance-control weapon and ultimately end their pursuit of world domination. Along the way, enlist the help of Space Michael, based on the King of Pop himself, to prove Ulala’s prowess in rhythm and rescue Space President Peace!

Watch the Trailers!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Fans of the originals will be happy to see both games digitally re-mastered with HD 720p graphics! We hope you enjoy the return of these Dreamcast games and look forward to your feedback!