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Archive for October 24th, 2011


Highlights from Sonic Generations of Skate

Sonic Generations of Skate

It was a foggy day in Venice Beach, CA on Saturday, but that didn’t stop 12 skateboarding pros from rocking it on the half pipe to compete for the winner’s title.

Some of the best skaters, including Sergie Ventura, Sandro Dias, Mitchie Brusco, and Tony Hawk, competed in a team-based challenge for the win. There were 4 teams, each consisting of 3 skaters — one from each “generation”. Skaters competed in different challenges, including high air,  best trick, individual run, and team doubles. There was some impressive skating all around, including Sandro Dias landing a 900 – the first time he’s ever done so.

The full competition will be shown on Fox Sports Network on November 25th, but here’s a taste of what went down.

YouTube Preview Image

Here are some images from the day, and you can see more on our Flickr.

Sonic Generations of Skate

Steve Caballero - Sonic Generations of Skate

Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, and Mitchie Brusco

Tony Hawk & Andy Macdonald - Sonic Generations of Skate

Lincoln Ueda - Sonic Generations of Skate

Sandro Diaz - Sonic Generations of Skate

Thanks to everyone who came to see the event!


Shinobi 3DS Digital Comic Reveal

Shinobi 3DS Logo

This week we have a special reveal of something I am very excited about – a digital comic that serves as a mini-prequel to the story of Shinobi 3DS. You might have caught some of the art amongst our updates, such as the Comic-con poster we printed on site. The art is from Griptonite lead designer Kris Durrschmidt and is fantastic, highly detailed, and a true fit for the Shinobi franchise. We think you’ll agree.

Facebook Comic Reveal

We’re starting with the first three panels today and will be rolling out the rest across Facebook until Thursday. Click page 1 below to be whisked away to the Facebook page with panels 2 and 3! Check back each day for an update, we’ll have updates each day until Thursday!

Shinobi Prequel Comic - Cover


Love Us? Why Not Nominate Us for a Mashable Award?

The nomination period for the 2011 Mashable Awards is underway. If you like reading our blog, catching our tweets or interacting with us on Facebook, we’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to nominate us a Must-Follow Brand on Social Media. You can nominate us once a day through November 21.


Nominating us is easy. Here’s how to do it: go to the nomination page and login with either your Twitter or Facebook account. Then just put SEGA (or (@SEGA, either works) in the brand name box, and set the category to “Must-Follow Brand”, then submit. It’s that easy! You’ll have the option to promote your nomination on Facebook or Twitter. If we get enough nominations, we’ll make it through to the final voting round. Thanks everyone!


Name That Game Winners Announced!

Daytona USA

Did you name that game correctly? I know we had tons of submissions – quite possibly if we printed each individual submission and put them on a scale, it could be be an actually ton! But we’re into saving trees and all that good stuff, so we’ll just assume it was a lot no matter how you judge them. Speaking of judging, we can only have so many winners, all of which are listed below – congratulations!

Name that game WInner's List

For those that didn’t win, don’t worry! Daytona USA comes out tomorrow, which is a win for fans everywhere!


Go Bananas! Super Monkey Ball 2 Free for 24 Hours!

Super Monkey Ball 2 - iPhone

Happy Monday everyone! Just wanted to give you guys a quick reminder that as I mentioned on Friday, Super Monkey Ball 2 will be available for iPhone and iPod in the App Store for free (!!!) until 1 p.m. this afternoon, courtesy of AllAppStar‘s Champion Week. Go forth and download!

Click here to check out Super Monkey Ball 2 on the App Store. To stay up to date on the latest daily deals in the App Store, download the AppAllStar App.


The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut – Exclusive Levels Trailer

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