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Archive for November 15th, 2011


Shinobi 3DS is Out Now!

Shinobi 3DS Logo

Today is Shinobi launch day here in North America and our lucky European folks have had Shinobi for a few days already! We have a new launch trailer detailing some of the 3D focused gameplay, including some of the tougher level sections that you’ll be encountering in the game! Keen eyes may spot some secrets too, but you’ll have to view it for yourself to catch them…

YouTube Preview Image

If you’ve caught our recent updates, you’ll already be pretty familiar with the game. For those that aren’t, Shinobi returns as a full featured title for the Nintendo 3DS. The campaign will challenge you, introducing some new tactics and abilities. Don’t get scared purists, they’ve added a push-to-block parry that enables you to block everything in the game, providing you can time it correctly. Easier at first, then building and building into some intense challenges. There’s plenty more including

One-hit-one-death Street Pass maps that unlock through proximity to other ninjas in training.
Challenge maps from tokens found around the campaign, tucked away in areas you’ll have to discover, and unlocking maps with unique enemy layouts and intricate designs.
60+ achievements that unlock everything from concept art, music, cheats and more…

Shinobi 3DS - TheDuo

We’re really excited to see the game release and can’t wait to see the feedback from fans. Also, for those that have the game – I want gameplay videos of the Challenge / Street Pass maps, get uploading and post them here!