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Archive for November 16th, 2011


SEGA Nominated for Two 2011 Video Game Awards!


SEGA has been nominated for two 2011 Video Game Awards from SPIKE! Captain America: Super Solider was nominated for Best Adapted Video Game while Virtua Tennis 4 received a nod in the Best Individual Sports Game category. Winners will be announced on December 10th during a live awards ceremony.

You can see who else was nominated over at SPIKE’s website.


Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Launch Trailer

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games is out now across North America, and will be out this Friday in Europe! Here’s our launch trailer showing some of the fun events you have to look forward to!

YouTube Preview Image

If you’ve already got the game (lucky you!), what are your favorite characters and events?



Shinobi 3DS History of a Franchise Trailer

Shinobi 3DS Logo

Our newest trailer up today for the now released Shinobi on the Nintendo 3DS goes into a deeper dive than our previous updates. The trailer is more of a behind the scenes, a look back at working on the product, and a more detailed look at the elements that brought the game from an idea, to an actual physical release. First up is History, which discusses what it means to be a Shinobi title, rather than just a ninja hack and slash, and how you go about modernizing the game while still keeping the core mechanics and classic appeal.

YouTube Preview Image

Like I said – detailed, but not exactly avoiding the tough questions about building a Shinobi game for the modern gamer either. So what do you think? If you’ve played the game, we certainly want to hear from you! We’ve seen a lot of strong feedback from those on other forums who have picked the game up and am loving it, look for a review update soon!


Sonic Generations Walkthrough: Seaside Hill, Act 2

Sonic Generations is out, and it’s so fun to see so many people playing and enjoying it! Now that you’ve made your way through the levels, you’re probably going back to find alternate paths and collect all the red rings. To help you out with that, we’ll be covering a couple levels in depth with help from the Sonic Generations Official Strategy Guide from Brady games.

We already covered Green Hill, Act 2 in our walkthrough for the speed run contest. Today, instead of focusing on speed runs, we’ll be walking through all the details of Seaside Hill, Act 2.

Map of Seaside Hill, Act 2

Seaside Hill Map

There are more detailed maps in the Official Strategy Guide, but this should help you get your bearings.


As you might spot while bouncing high from the first Springs, the path splits immediately just over the first rise. To continue along the “regular” route, simply continue forward. You’ll have to platform up a series of stone ledges to another Spring, run down the hill and launch from a ramp, and go through a stone Loop into the first side-view area.


The first Red Star Ring in this stage hovers above the top Loop of the double Loop near the beginning. To reach it, you must take an alternate route from the start. Bouncing from the first Spring, guide Sonic to the left and Boost through the Rainbow Ring on that side. Guide Sonic onto the grassy column nearby as other columns rise from the sea. Jump to the next column
before it rises too high to reach, then jump across the others and volley from the ramp at the end. Sonic lands on a small green ledge. Jump onto the highest ledge at the back. The camera angles to the right, revealing an Egg Pawn and the Red Star Ring atop the top Loop. Target and hit the enemy with a Homing Attack, then gently guide Sonic onto the top Loop to collect the item. There’s a rail here that he can use to take a fun alternate route to the beginning of the first side-view area.

Coming out of the first Loop, Sonic follows the curve to the left, runs up an earthen ramp and stops at a stone block. Do not proceed to the left across the bottom path. Instead, turn back to the right and drop off the ramp to find that columns have risen from beneath the water to form stone stairs, and enemies have settled above. Jump back to the top column, then turn left and Homing Attack the two Spinners and the Egg Pawn on the upper ledge in rapid succession.

Pass through the Star Post, jump up a level to collect more Rings, and then Boost from this platform all the way to the left. This effectively shoots Sonic past a series of trap columns that descend to crush him as he passes through. On the other side, Omochao explains how Sonic can use Wall Jump Panels to leap back and forth quickly from wall to wall, making his way to the top. Jump back and forth until Sonic leaps over the Wall Jump Panel to the right.

Homing Attack the two Spinners in this area to prevent future disasters. Jump up the moving platforms to the left. Stop on a long platform full of Rings above a row of Spikes. You must jump over the Spikes and land on a small metal crate, so aim carefully. Jump from the crate onto a large temporary platform, then quickly hop onto a moving platform above it. Jump to another temp platform and then onto the ledge above. Jump up and Homing Attack the Egg Pawn on the level above.


Another Red Star Ring hovers above the roof, in front of a Wall Jump Panel attached to the next building. To reach it, jump to the highest platforms in this area as directed above and Homing Attack the Spinner. Afterward guide Sonic to land on the Wall Jump Panel behind it, collecting the item. With fast enough reflexes you can jump from the top of this vertical to one back to the right, and then jump again onto the rooftop. From there you can jump up through a series of Rainbow Ring to take a shortcut to the Star Post on the level above.

Failing to hit the Rainbow Rings above the rooftop (which is quite hard) you’ll fall to one of the levels below. Enter the building interior, destroy any enemies inside, and find Springs to bounce your way up to the grassy courtyard. Take out the two Egg Pawns and jump onto the ledge with Rings next to the Cannon. Leap into the Cannon and fire Sonic onto the platform above. Hop up to another Cannon and volley the hedgehog up to the high edge. Jump onto the ramp and pass through the Star Post. Flying from the ramp, Sonic leaps onto a large bridge across the water.

While crossing the bridge, jump and Boost to fly through any of the Rainbow Rings hovering over the edge. Perform a Freestyle Trick before landing on the high stone platform above the beach area. Running across the stones, Quick Step left and right as needed to stay on the path. Hit the Dash Panel at the end, bounce from the Spring and Homing Attack the Spinner above. Pass through the Star Post above, Homing Attack another Spina, and grab the Pulley behind it. Move to the edge of the next platform, wait for the Spinner hovering over the drop to lower its shield, and then Homing Attack it. Target and bounce from the Spring behind it to shoot through Rainbow Rings onto a path with Dash Panels. Hold the Boost Button as you shoot into the ramp; this propels Sonic above the line of Springs on the raised panel, to where you can spot a temporary platform and some Springs beyond. Guide Sonic onto the nearest platform, jump before it falls, land on the next, then jump and target the rail in the nearby cave. When Sonic flies to the rail he collects a Red Star Ring. Consequently this rail takes Sonic to the dangerous inland area, where he must Homing Attack enemies along the right hand wall to get through quickly and safely. Bounce from the Springs at the end to reach the “upper” dirt road, as described below.

If you fell from the upper level, then you’ll have to rejoin the lower route according to this description at whatever
point you find yourself. Collect the hordes of Rings on the sandbar and use the Dash Panels to fire Sonic across the water. Hold Boost to continue running across water and directly through a couple of Spinas. Bounce from the Springs to the air above the higher ledge, and Homing Attack a couple of Egg Pawns. Then target and Homing Attack from the Springs, fly over the ledge and hit the Dash Panels to travel at high speed down to the side beach. Take out more Egg Pawns in your way and jump into the Cannon at the back.


The Cannon fires Sonic through a series of Springs to an aerial position just shy of the final platform. Quickly Homing Attack two Spinners to reach the grassy Dash Panels and ride the center of three rails. Tilt the Walk/Run control right immediately to jump to the next rail over, and collect a 1-Up on your way to another platform. Hitting either Dash Panel on the next platform shoots Sonic onto another rail to the left, carrying him over to a Cannon on a platform.
Any side beach Cannon fires Sonic high above two dirt roads. The preferable road is the upper one, which you can still reach with a quick midair boost in that direction. Each of these roads ends in a trio of tracks that go off to different destinations. The signs above the tracks change to indicate where that track will take Sonic: either to a Cart racetrack or to a tough series of platforms you must navigate at a sea turtle’s pace (hence, the green turtle indicator). The tracks at the end of the lower dirt road give you two chances at the sea turtle platforms and only one chance to hit the Cart race. However, the upper dirt road’s tracks provide two chances at the Cart race! That is why you want to be on the upper road.


If you hit the turtle platforms, simply make your way across. Homing Attack enemies to get across gaps you couldn’t otherwise. Head through a beach cave, take out the Egg Pawn on the other side, and Boost across the water. Climb over the layered levels and then Boost again across the water to reach the beach below the underwater temple. Boost again to break through the heavy stone doors.

If you attain the Cart race, Sonic boards his vehicle immediately. Steer left and right to collect Rings. Use Dash Panels, Jump Panel and your own Boost to speed to the end. Hold either trigger or lower shoulder button to drift into your turns, making them smoother and easier to control. Avoid Spiked Iron Balls along the track. At the end, Sonic crashes into a barrier and flies over it, finding himself on foot again.

A Red Star Ring lies on the left side of the Cart track. To collect it, don’t go up the last Jump Panel; instead veer to the left without hitting the Spiked Iron Balls and drift left into the curve to scoop it up.

Having finished the race and crashed into the area beyond the barrier, jump up and bounce from the red Springs nearby. Homing Attack an Egg Pawn on the level above to put Sonic back on solid ground. Then hit the Dash Panels and fly onto a rail. After a quick Loop the rail launches Sonic into a horizontal wall run. Quick Step left and right to go up and down the wall, and avoid barriers while collecting Rings. If you make it all the way to the end, steer Sonic toward the Rainbow Rings in the center. These fire him over to the upper entrance of the underwater temple, which is the preferred route for a
number of reasons.


The route through this temple varies greatly depending on whether you entered via the upper or lower entrances, and whether you can stay on the upper level if you started there. It’s an extremely difficult area to cross, and nine times out of ten you’ll end up in the underwater depths. The key to keeping Sonic alive is to Boost through underwater areas without hitting Spikes, and surfacing as soon as possible. If you can stay on the upper level and exit, then Sonic drops onto a beam leading directly outside; if not, or if you drop from the beam, then you must defeat three Egg Pawns around a Cannon and then fire yourself back to the upper level.

The last Red Star Ring in this stage is located at the very top of the second side-view area. To reach it, you must enter the underwater temple through the upper entrance, via Rainbow Rings at the end of the horizontal wall run. Run up the ramp until Sonic launches onto a Wall Jump Panel. Jump back and forth until Sonic is at the very top on the upper sideways-moving column. Bounce onto a series of moving columns that quickly rearrange themselves to prevent Sonic from jumping right. Ride the platform up, jump off to the left, across two sets of Spikes while columns descend from the ceiling. The two rails lead directly to the Red Star Ring. Jump up to grab it, then drop down a level to exit.

Upon reaching the beam on the upper level, Boost to exit quickly and fly up the ramp. Massive Giant Spheres roll back and forth across the final roadway, hoping to crush Sonic. Maintain boost, pick up Rings along the way to prolong your burn, and zip through the wheels as safely as possible. Quick Step left or right to dodge incoming stones. The most dangerous part is inside a dark tunnel, so hopefully you have some Boost remaining to get through. Score some extra points at the end by hitting the Trick Jump Panels to the left or right and perform a Freestyle Trick before landing. Run up stairs to the Goal Ring to complete your vacation at Seaside Hill!


Get More Walkthrough Content in the Official Strategy Guide

Want more walkthroughs? Pick up the  Sonic Generations Official Strategy Guide from Brady games for detailed walkthroughs like this one for every level of the game, all the rival fights, and all the boss levels.


We’re Thankful for Sales on PSN and XBLA

Looking for something to keep you occupied during the Thanksgiving holiday? Sure, you could talk to friends and family, but who wants to do that when you can play video games?!


PlayStation Network Sale

Comix Zone 02

From today through November 29, North American PlayStation Network gamers can enjoy a feast of savings on SEGA classics including:

Comix Zone: $2.99 (was $4.99)
Streets of Rage 2: $2.99 (was $4.99)
Golden Axe: $2.99 (was $4.99)
After Burner Climax: $4.99 (was $9.99)


XBox Live Arcade Sale

Outrun Online Arcade
Starting November 22 and lasting through November 28 Xbox Live Arcade players worldwide can be thankful for six select SEGA titles on sale for 50% off their usual prices:
Crazy Taxi: 400 Microsoft Points
SEGA Rally Online Arcade: 400 Microsoft Points
Streets of Rage 2: 200 Microsoft Points
OutRun Online Arcade: 400 Microsoft Points
Happy Tree Friends: 400 Microsoft Points
Phantasy Star 2: 200 Microsoft Points