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Archive for November 18th, 2011


Sonic CD Fanart Update – How to Draw Metal Sonic

Sonic CD

Our Sonic CD Fanart competition is in full swing and there is still plenty of time to create and submit new art! If you are still deciding what your artwork will look like or just need a hand in some of the finer details of the characters we have a treat for you. Kazuyuki Hoshino, Art Director at Sonic Team, has offered some tips in how to draw this fan favorite, as well as provide the original Sketch! I’ll let Hoshino-san fill you in on the rest…

Sonic CD Concept Art - Metal Sonic

This sketch takes me back! When I was new to Sonic Team, I was tasked with designing what was to be Sonic’s rival character. I was so excited!

Although some slight changes were made between this and the final design – for example, his eyes are rounded and the proportions of his body are different – for the most part, he was already Metal Sonic. This sketch was used as a draft for the character’s bitmap that you see in game so it’s rather simple, but it brings back a lot of good memories and is very special to me.

Tips When Drawing Metal Sonic
1. Remember that he is METAL Sonic so focus on giving him a nice metallic texture. You can do this by emphasizing the highlights and reflections on his body.
2. Try to position him in a way that will show off his iconic details like his glowing eyes, menacingly pointed fingers, and the large engine on his back.

I hope that these tips will prove useful and look forward to seeing all of your submissions!

Sonic CD Fanart Contest Ends Soon!

Truly an honor to have the original sketch and words from the original designer to share with fans! We hope to have more of these to share with you before the competition closes on November 29th! Now, get on those designs and submit them to your region to be entered to win. Full rules, details, and submission information is right here in this link, don’t stop, don’t delay!


Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games Races into European Stores

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

We are proud to announce that ‘Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games’ has been released and is available to buy today!

This gives fans the chance to take part in and compete in the event that they will be enjoying to watch next Summer as the Olympics comes to the UK for the 3rd time since its creation in 1896.

‘Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games’ will be released in Europe on the Nintendo 3DS on the 10th February 2012 and 14th February 2012 in North America.